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who requested for this ?!?!



a director "Adam Rankine-Wilson" bought 63,741 shares @ 55 cents on

the 4th of MARCH

valued at $35,058 !!

and on the 2nd of MARCH

"Adam Rankine-Wilson" bought 87,500 shares @ 55 cents too

valued at $48,125 !!


HE seems to be CONFIDENT !!


at research report from EUROZ posted on their website

back in jan rated this one as a BUY at 48 CENTS !!

and stating that it is vauled at 63 cents !!!!



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Well well well, sitting at 1.00 at the moment and the news still has to come out. Looks like they are sitting on a huge Magnetite Iron ore reserves at Southsdown. All the directors have been buying now so it must be good. Can not wait for the 1/2 year comes out. Also heard they are working on some projects in Indonesia and malaysia, they have a strong malaysian shareholder. Looks like the stock is thightly held so very hard to build a sizeable stake unless they start doing placements. But the company has 15 mln cash and a good royalty income stream..so they have everything what is needed for more upside potential. Management is also very capable (wedlock/rankin/etc.etc.) let's wait and see.
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strong move up today for GRR with good volume - looks like it may close on/around its high. Entered last week @ $1.20 and looking good now.


Sell depth (86K) is thin considering the 40k @ $141.00 may be a tad optimistic atm. http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif



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