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It's pretty obvious from reading the Credit Suisse research report that TON has a long way to go in proving up an economic resource. Perhaps they will get to production but lots of boxes need to be ticked first hence the huge disparity in the market caps of TON and SYR?


What SYR has going for it is a world class resource (proven) and a very loyal tight register. Without that tight register we would have seen the price fall well into the 2s IMO.

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Ahh been looking for you everywhere Katie...


Dear SYR holders... I hold a lot of TON and I have a real hope that our two resources - SRY and TON - prove up the region as the new Pilbera of Graphite and Vanadium. As you know TON has recently JORCd numbers similar to SYR and regardless of the rhetoric BOTH resources have to goods. My main concern is that the SYR SP stays high and hopefully goes higher because at some point both companies are going be valued by the same ruler meaning TON will move a lot higher or SYR will move a lot lower or something inbetween. I hope SYR goes up which inturn would have a very positive effect on the TON SP, so my key message to you is hold tight or buy more SYR but only buy TON with spare cash if u want the leverage... To sell SYR to buy TON may reduce both co's full potential.


As u can see here it's a real threat.





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I've read the report and I'm not 100% happy, especially because of the delays of the offtake agreements and the feasibility study without any real explanation, but I think they are still ticking the boxes.

The offtake agreements are still on track and aren't canceled. It seems that they had to change some contract details including pricing and flake size specifications and that they are still waiting for final samples which are currently being prepared by various laboratories. There was also a sentence that when the first offtake agreements are made, that further agreements will likely be follow shortly.

The pilot plant is also purchased and the infrastructure regarding electricity, roads and water is nearly finished.

New was for me that the nearest port is likely to small for the planned business. But they have an alternative solution with the Port of Nacala and ongoing talks.


Regarding the Vanadium Scoping Study they were able to further optimize the results. The first results were 98,5% pentoxide, now they are able to produce 99,9% quality which is a big positive market factor. It will be in the focus of the feasibility study.


So...yeah...I'm patiently waiting for more news about the final contracts and the study. Too bad that no real timeframe is made, but I think an older news said something about the 1. quarter 2015. And I'm still a little bit upset about the delays without further explanations. And I'm still wondering what the Glencore rumors were about and the "nice" answer by Syrah like "Yeah, we had some talks. But we are talking with many companies, so no big news". Are there still any takeover talks!?


But I have 2 questions for the community and want to ask for some help:

  • Is there a difference between a Feasibility study and a Difinitive Feasibility study? I've read the term the first time.
  • Did someone check the financial data? All fine?
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Hi Di, How are things going in the shaky isles? I haven't bought a share for ages but have time on my hands again, so thought I,d dabble a little. A friend gave me three tips TNG ERA and this so I did a little reading and grabbed a small parcel. Just in time.


Is there more upside or should I quit ??









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