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Congrats Melua,

good to see you're not a nervous Nellie, who drops her bundle on some vague fears that somewhere something might come unstuck.


On the Weekly, SYR is in the process of breaking out of yet another Darvas box with $1 the defining breakout level.


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SYR: Buying

CSE: Buying

BCC: Selling


Well I got back from golf at Robina Woods and had a swim at Broadbeach before logging on to see how my trades went. Averaged selling 5.6c for BCC so happy with that as it closed 5.2c and looking very weak.

Bought another 100,000 CSE at 13.5c and added another 50,000 SYR at average $1.06.


My buying is finished in both stocks. Having a nice chardy now and will sit on both stocks and see how we go.

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And good on you! I'm enjoying a pale ale from Port Macquarie! A Wicked Elf which is very nice! :biggrin:


P.S. Agree with two of your moves! Good luck with your SYR. You could make a hell of a lot of money if the drilling comes in! :biggrin:

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Geez MME , bizarre but tried that Wicked Elf on Saturday at the old Pumphouse in Sydney !!!! having never heard of the stuff prior to that...very tasty I must say !!!!!






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Funny how the doomsday merchants come out when SYR has a breather. It's run that hard today's drop was hardly a surprise. It's still only up 1125% from the 8c low of a few months ago.

Too risky for me to be trying to trade this right now. Happy to be holding what I am at my average price. You're either a believer or not. I'm a believer.

The better value play of the stablemates is probably CSE right now as it's only valued at cash backing plus SYR shares.


If SYR fills the gap at 80c, I'll break my rule and buy another 100,000.

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