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hi all..


first posting..


firstly let me say i'm no expert on (far)...


this posting is purely from a marketscan..


they are looking very hot...have done for a longtime


may break the 10 cents price in the next few trading days..


worth having a look at...





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hi flash...


had a small win on the options this morning...


looks as thou punters might have thought (far) had commenced drilling.


when (roc) had an update, noticed that they'd said drilling will start mid/late march.


hence price fell after that announcement..


just shows you what can happen..


still, when drilling does start you might see the price go over the 10 cent level. if it's not over that before..(seeing how punters thought it was today)..


comments from (far) people would be appreciated..






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Carbroker and others..I know leading up to drilling you often see a rise in SP but fro August this baby has been going up and up...whats driving this?? When do you suspect drilling will begin and can you see further gains in SP? regards, grommit
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with the first well of the ROC / PSA / HZN / FAR well abandoned as a dry hole, I thought that it may be an interesting exercise to compare today's falls with the "leverage" previously suggested by Mosaic1996 in a previous post :-


"I have updated my rough model for current share prices new capital issued. The new figures are as follows:

PSA @ $1.26 => 11.5%

HZN @ $0.125 => 33.2%

FAR @ $0.075 => 15.9%

ROC @ $1.73 => 11.9%"


PSA today down from $1.64 to $1.40 (14.6%)

HZN down from 12.5 c to 9.3 c (25.6%)

FAR down from 11 c to 8.3 c (24.5%)

ROC down from $1.57 to $1.54 (1.9%) but issue clouded by rights trading & placement.


R / DaJ.

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