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Gold...............history will tell you gold has always been a favorite with the world. things get jittery...get gold.....things get affluent.......get gold.


Not many brand spanking new area's/locations have been identified as gold bearing.


The winners in gold have been the long term gold fields of the world which rediscover better material (new explorer's) in old gone over ground.

These area's are proven winners. There's a lot of gold out there to be found.




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how can anyone go past PRU?


3m oz resourse so far.


soon to be upgraded to 5m oz.


one prefeas study due next week on a heap leach plant that will produce 50-80k oz pa at cash costs below $300. plant in place.


one sizing study due in sept with a estimated operation of 2-5m oz CIL. possible 200-250k oz pa operation with sub $400 cash costs.


resource upgrade for new discovery in late sept that " is significantly larger" than previously thought. think multiple drills over 100m at more than 3gpt.


3 countries. 3 projects. all tiger country.


only market cap of 150 odd mill. takeover value alone on recources in ground would be 4-500mill.


strongly recommended



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NAV was sharescene favourite a while back. Other specs include HTM, WES, ZGM,GDR. But I still like the bigger caps. I'm kind of cautious in this wobbly market.

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In reply to: JONS on Friday 14/09/07 01:46pm

Bought NEM today. GOLD and the Perth Mint are currently saving my SMSF. Bought a small parcel of GOLD shares personally. Was hoping for a retracement but may not get it. Sold my GOLD shares a couple of weeks ago after run up. No loss to get back in as I think one of these days it will run up hard. Maybe $800 by Xmas. This the time of the year that gold performs, up to Jan. Add all the other stuff around and it seems pretty likely. Looking at NCM,IGR,DOM.

Am holding SAU


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