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bought tiny stake of US 10 years note on leverage , the spread of 10 years yield and Fed fund rate is too wide, and Powell hinted that Fed not gonna raise rate in a hurry ,

expecting US 10 year's yield to drop back to 1.3%ish [ currently 1.57%ish]

will add more if market settles little bit on Monday!!



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And so while it’s true that central banks can achieve whatever bond rate they want, at some point there is the risk that bond yields lose their credibility as a benchmark if central banks intervene too aggressively.



But a more likely explanation is that investors are increasingly of the view that central bank’s bond buying programs have manipulated the US 10-year bond yield to such an extent that it is no longer a valid benchmark.




time for the recognition of all the major central bankers try to fooling markets!! :B):



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I understand what’s going on, that we’re trying to reassure everybody that monetary policy and fiscal policy will be supportive for as long as it is needed. But I think the critical thing at the moment for central banks and governments is to think of the exit strategy,†Costello said in Sydney today at the AFR Business Summit.


“Because if we don’t have an exit strategy, we will be building up the next financial crisis, and you know what the next financial crisis will be? It will be asset bubbles.â€




Mr. Costello speak for us!! i'm fan of him when he was on the job for the country . :P



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