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  1. turtles


    don't you think its now got more blue sky, with funds from biogold and eventually gold ridge as cash cows?
  2. turtles


    solomon islands... gold ridge mine about 2.3 million in resources (gold) 1.6 reserves interesting... costs of about $235 US ounce producing 150000 a year there was keen interest in this project (at least 12 potential buyers) production due to start in second half of 06 along with china interests starting to look impressive however there is still a great risk with the solomon islands, but... the gold ridge mine last qtr in prodution was around 33000 at about $330 and ounce. however ross mining said the malitia problems caused suffient extra costs (gold ridge operated from 98 to 00 then closed due to civil unrest) lets hope they have done a good job in restoring order over there.. cheers
  3. having a great run.. will be interesting to see were this ends up around first gold pour (May) SBM forced selling makes it interesting i'll hold.. cheers
  4. turtles


    In reply to: arthur on Friday 12/11/04 07:18pm my understanding was approval was delayed 60 to 90 days, that is after the AGM still very much in play.. cheers
  5. turtles


    In reply to: Kings Ransom on Wednesday 29/09/04 06:15pm i wouldn't say i'm frustrated at all if i make gains like i have on VCR for all my future shares things are looking great i just think i was getting caught up with it all a bit (don't fall in love with your shares and all that..) i just think there is better value elsewhere honestly can you expect VCR to have no delays i'll wait until some risk is reduced cheers
  6. turtles


    good to see some chat on MIC 2 to 3 months of now though but long term this will be great cheers
  7. crepping up nicely over the last few days, should hopefully see some good gains between now and December cheers
  8. turtles


    In reply to: drg on Monday 27/09/04 03:08pm i off loaded at 1.65 i still think vcr have potential but i just think there are better opportunities out there one product company just to much risk for mine it will be interesting to see if the market turns out to be as big as predicted for these devices might buy back at 2.25 when they are further down the track cheers
  9. turtles


    wow 2 implants already !! VCR is getting a move on !! it will be good to see and implant in europe etc cheers
  10. turtles


    what was their recommendation zoomer? cheers
  11. turtles


    VCR have now got a bit of a reputation for announcing what the market wants to here but failing to keep its deadlines. the product however appears to be first class and if the capture a fraction of the market... they do like testing our patience though!!!! still they are in front of their competitors (3rd gen devices) cheers
  12. some real good price movement in the last few days lets hope results are good !!! (looks promising!!) cheers
  13. turtles


    hey cdchi just wondering if you thought there were any comparisons to be made with URL and MRX in the copper side of things both likely to go into production in 05 both have had excellent results to date cheers
  14. hey sandy much appreciated should see some decent gains through speculation if nothing else.. cheers
  15. has anyone read the shares mag artilcle on page 25? copper drilling results in the next few weeks BFS to be completed by sept at the earliest time to get in? cheers
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