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  1. I'm looking at this now, it has a great graphite resource plus proving up a truly massive rutile resource (titanium), both in Malawi. For the current market cap it looks like quite a good deal. The chart looks great too. Management are proven so that's vital.
  2. The share price has popped to 1.6c today on high volume. No telling whether this is because of the nearology play to the newly applied for Aussie exploration area announced a week or two ago right next to RTR/ZNC's Earaheedy zinc/lead play 110km north of Wiluna that has a 40-100mt exploration target. The graphite resource will need more test work to determine whether it can be upgraded to the required spec for high quality graphite, as tests to date appear initial ones only.
  3. I’ve looked into the old announcements about the graphite, and some old media articles. It seems to me they have a very large good quality shallow resource of approx 14 mt at 7% that is likely suitable for EV battery anodes. Now that the global demand for battery grade graphite is ramping up massively, it’s time has now come, ie it is now an economic deposit (TBC). Have a look at their graphite presentation from 2013 or 2014, its very detailed and well done with lots of info. If this is true, the market cap is tiny for what they have. DYOR, I hold these and will likely get a bunch more soon.
  4. I hope not, looking for this to go higher on the back of the gold sector trend change.
  5. I saw that when it happened, I’m just keeping an eye on the company right now, as in it’s made my ‘hopefuls’ watchlist. There are so many good companies in the market to invest in now! Judging by what he has achieved at NST and the amount of dough he has invested he won’t be planning to waste his time here on a dud. And as we should know, management quality is the most important factor to consider.
  6. They've blown the dust off the graphite project, bit of market hype currently. Given the minute MC of under $10M and good size of the resource, this could be good for a spike? They have some gold too.
  7. Tick tock, not much longer to wait surely! See my post on PEK for some detail about the SML issue as they are likewise waiting.
  8. PEK has a massive JORC'd rare earths deposit in Tanzania, and has already completed pilot testing of the separation plant successfully. The delay has been in getting the Special Mining License issued by the government. Last week President Magufuli unfortunately passed away from heart complications (may have been Covid related). His VP Samia Suluhu Hassan has now been sworn in as President (their first female one) and we know she mentioned when she gave an address at the recent Tanzanian Mining Conference that two companies were about to be granted SML's. These two companies we know are PEK and ORR. She is pro-business apparently and the country badly needs new sources of revenue, so these two good-sized mines will really help in this respect as the government effectively ends up with near 50% of the taxable income taking into account royalties, income tax, and their free-carried share assuming dividends will be paid. It would appear that the SML will be issued very soon, and that PEK's share price can accordingly be expected to re-rate. I'm not sure how the market will treat sovereign risk (Tanzania is 94= in the Corruption Perceptions Index ie middle of the pack) but it could be that 30-45c may be possible which is around $A500M MC. Compare to Pensana which has the big rare earths deposit in Angola at a similar stage of development (142 in the Corruption Perceptions Index) at $A612M. We'll see hopefully over the next month or so. I hold these.
  9. denpal


    Well we still await the Business Plan, very good news is expected. Share price has retraced a little, now 171p which is $3.06. I'm not worried as this sets the launchpad for the next rise. I hold these.
  10. This has had an incredible run this year, chart attached. The options are good here, 2c exercise price good to Dec 2022 and sometimes trail the heads by 3-4c. I hold these, gold results due very soon, but graphite for battery anodes is their main play and they have a very large, shallow Tier 1 resource in South Australia. They also have a copper JV with Rio.
  11. denpal


    Pensana has now delisted from the ASX and is on the LSE under PRE code. Share price closed at $2.63 today and we await the big annoucement of the Business Plan which should include the BFS. Been a 13-bagger over the last year so far with a lot more still to come. I hold these.
  12. Well it's been a long wait for the SML, should be soon then we would see a re-rate I suspect. I hold these.
  13. denpal


    Update chart here. All looking good, hopefully will break through ATH soon, could be a cup and handle pattern forming here over the next month or so.
  14. denpal


    No it’s a cornerstone shareholding, definitely not a takeover. Effectively the start of what should turn out to be a very successful enterprise that will also directly benefit Angola and its citizens through their stake in the company and employment, plus the company’s social contribution.
  15. denpal


    Closed on LSE overnight at 80p which is $1.44. Looks like another good rise coming on Monday on the ASX. The free float outside of the Top 50 is less than 20% I have read, so it is to be expected that supply will tighten up given we are nowhere near full value yet. The BFS will tell us where that point is but in addition we need to consider the strategic nature of the product, its demand growth year on year as green energy becomes the goal and the fact that we have further major exploration areas north of the original mining licence with Rare Earths already sampled there. All in all this is a compelling story. DYOR, holder.
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