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  1. I noticed late last week that this one was showing a bit of interest, SP wise. Solid buying today, Huge volume and sellers retreating. +27% as I post. I have no idea why.
  2. The trial of the anti cancer vaccine RGSH4K is getting some press. http://www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2015/s4242090.htm
  3. Finally, some encouraging news. http://www.asx.com.au/asx/statistics/displ...;idsId=01606450 01606450.pdf
  4. Patent granted for stem cell based acne treatment. Plans well progressed to commercialise quickly. IMO, this could be a nice little earner if managed and marketed correctly. http://www.aspectfinancial.com.au/docserve...WxheWVkLmpzcA==
  5. Regeneus obtains worldwide exclusive human rights to the Kvax personalised cancer treatment. They already have the Veterinary rights and are reporting good results with it. http://www.asx.com.au/asx/statistics/displ...;idsId=01532130
  6. Proactive Investors on Regeneus.
  7. Regeneus enters into US marketing trial agreement for novel canine cancer vaccine Sydney, Australia – 30 June 2014
  8. Thanks for that doc-p. Most encouraging. Purely coincidentally, yesterday I was chatting to a friend of a friend and he was telling me that a friend of his is about to have the Regeneus stem cell treatment for her knee. It seems that the process is progressively gaining some traction. However, as we always knew, these biotech companies do have a long gestation and we need to continue to be patient as we await more good news. We picked up a parcel of 50,000 shares today.
  9. Things starting to move along now. The following is excellent news. http://regeneus.com.au/news/news-release-r...onors-first-man
  10. http://www.proactiveinvestors.com.au/compa...ults-53905.html
  11. http://regeneus.com.au/news/news-release-o...nt-improvements
  12. http://www.investing.com/analysis/regeneus...r-growth-207306
  13. This is still a speculative stock. One of the major traits of a speculative stock is that it is nigh on impossible to attach any meaningful value to the stock. It is worth anything between zero and "eleventy billion dollars". The true current value will only really be known some time down the road (years, probably). In the meantime, the pricing is on a "relative basis". That means that when any event happens the price reacts with "it is worth more/less than yesterday" (even though yesterday's price was equally meaningless). Of course none of that really answers your question. The best answer that I can give you is that the stock is doing exactly what speculative stocks do. That is, the price goes up when they have a good announcement and then drifts until the next announcement. Of course many other factors determine the size of these moves also. For example, if the stock is quite tightly held by investors that believe in the future of the company then the down drifts tend to be more muted. Given the fact that RGS has held up quite strongly since the last announcement then you might assume that that is the case. Watching the volumes that go through can help you to come to grips with that. It is also quite possible for a stock to gyrate wildly on quite low volumes. What will RGS do next? Frankly, I've been playing this game far too long to believe that I can predict what will happen in the short term. Read the reports from the AGM. You will see that the Company has plenty of good news that it will announce over the coming months and years. For what it's worth (probably worth about what I am charging you for it), I am still holding all of the shares that I have from float. Having attended the AGM, I doubt that I will be selling any of them any time soon. I think that this Company has products, management and strategies in place that give it a better than average chance of becoming a success. That is about the best that you can hope for in a speculative investment. I'm bloody careful with my money - it is a rare "speccy" that sees any of it.
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