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  1. A stunt................. I have called CHERRY PICKERS.... But TLS called them.... "like pitching a tent on top of a skyscraper, then demanding rent from all the tenants." Some posters here have shown concern about competitition for the overall good od the Aussie economy....and that is what it is all about IMHO Cherry Pickers.....you have picked the low lying cherries and now it is time................ Some facts as I believe them... (1) The Gov is not going to build a FTTN. And then allow all Telcos access (2) We need a FTTN (3) The only one with a costed plan to build FTTN is TLS the rest is spec................. TLS should have commercial certainty for good ROI Other Telcos should have access at whlesale prices..... Whether they can improve on TLS BB spped is a technological question...............
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    In reply to: michaelirish on Sunday 23/04/06 11:10am Hi I have been away on the Gold Coast.... Hi The size of the Pie in Public Transport. It is true that is a perennial loser for Govs (not true in HK and Singapore) The main reason for that is inadequate ability to collect fares from riders. This leads to losses and losses lead to lack of investment and lack of invest leads to...etc So who knows how big the pie is.......................... In HK and Singapore they know and have plans to grow it further...(Anthony Morris from Octopus cards) I supect the pie is alot bigger than we think. Then all these players invading the Fare Collection space.... Credit Cards...................... Add-ons to Mobile Phones......................... If the Pie is small, the argument goes, there will be nothing left for ERG and AFC companies like ERG.... Gloom and more Gloom for ERGIANS? No. I don't think so. In the midst of all the news about the UTAH win was a little paragraph............................ "The UTA has developed an interface between the ERG readers and mobile data computer (MDC) already in use on UTA buses. In that way, the MDC can display details about a presented card or pass, such as whether it is valid. ERG readers can then retrieve identification information from the pass or credit card and store that data until the evening, at which time UTA employees can download it through a secure, encrypted wireless LAN connection to the ERG System 5000 software. Contactless credit card transactions can then be forwarded through the UTA's PepperCoin software system to the merchant-services bank for processing. " Increasingly around the world ERG is been seen as the SYSTEM INTEGRATOR. At the end of the day that is where the value-adding is going to be. Whether they be a Credit Card, a mobile phone add-on or any type of Scard in operation on UTA busses the details of UTA fares will be imbedded and transmitted to ERG readers via the MDC and stored for a business day. All this is done using RFID under ISO 14443 A wireless LAN computer system transmits this data to......................... ERG SYSTEM 5000 software...................(MASS?) where all the ... (1) Reconciliation is done (2) RIdership counted (3) Contactless credit card transactions can then be forwarded through the UTA's PepperCoin software system to the merchant-services bank for processing.
  3. But will not be able to surpasss TLS BB speed. And all upto now investment by the cherrypickers will be stranded. No more 'living on the sheeps, back)
  4. I see where the Cherry Pickers are to build their own FTTN? I would like to see that
  5. In reply to: dawno on Friday 21/04/06 01:02am Hi guys. So TLS is to blame for our poor broadband speed. I have news. It is the crippling regulatory regime. ATM once TLS does anything innovative the LOW TO GROUND CHERRY_PICKERS get it 'declared' and hey presto they have access. Our gentlemen CEOs 'lived' with that environment and promised the earth and rapidly lost ccredability. SOL comes and calls a spade a spade and hey presto the present mexican(soory SOL) with the Gov. FTTN is way to achieve Holland standards in BB speed. This can only come with regulatory surety. The ripe fruit will then be too high for the LOW TO GROUND CHERRY_PICKERS
  6. In reply to: michaelirish on Monday 17/04/06 07:10pm Fat Prophetsarequite bullish on TLS. FTTN will revolutionse business. the weekends AFR kept referring to 'stranding' TLS'scompetitors at the node...bypassing the DSLAMS at the exchange
  7. In reply to: idribble on Tuesday 18/04/06 02:42pm The following was not accepted from me...... Senator Coonan ut
  8. In reply to: dawno on Monday 17/04/06 07:21pm "Whilst I am bullish too it is only on a long term basis I.." 2 Years is all it will take. Meanwhile enjoy the DRP
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    Good easter all MIGIAN's
  10. In reply to: michaelirish on Monday 17/04/06 06:49pm Dawno etc due to enforced holiday..... I could not wish you a happy Easter earlier. anyway now Good luck
  11. In reply to: nizar on Monday 17/04/06 02:09pm When the Gov protection goes.....? ATM TLS's biggest worry is being half pregnasnt with Gov 51% ownershipo. Once that goes TLS will be on the up. The FTTN will be built and all TLS' revenues will be certain and secure. No compeitor will be able to build an FTTN.
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    In reply to: trublu on Friday 14/04/06 10:02am Hi Guys Could not wish you happy Easter because of an 'enforced holiday' Yes contactless payments and credit cards This has made the waters of AFC a lot murkier. And this may account for ERG's silences. don't forget the Utah siteis a first. Differentiate between small payments and big payments. There are a lot of sharks swimming in this water now Up here on the Gold Coast
  13. TLS is far from being a spent force. Sometime ago I opined that TLS would get a favourable hearing from the ACCC and the Gov when TLS was expressing its vision for the future and the business desire to be assured of getting a commerecial return on its investment in FTTN. Now it seems that opinion is close to being revealed as fact. The minister in aletter to the PM talked re a breakthrough in ACCC/TLS talks. It seems that TLS 's competitors will be allowed to resell TLS services and that their investment in TLS exchanges will become 'stranded.' TLS will resume monopolistic characteristics with FTTN making the copper network obsolete. Furthermore theminister is basking in the sunshine of not granting TLS 'safe harbour' for its FTTN investment. She is promising a 'holistic' decision on ULL. My reading of the situation is very bullish for TLS in the next 6 months when the process for T3 is decided. Senator Minchin has not come into play yet. But he will and his controibution for shareholders in TLS will be quite decisive.
  14. In reply to: MasteR on Monday 10/04/06 11:09pm Hi guys. I am very bullish on FGL. (1) Suite of Beer products to be introduced to Europe in the wake of the agreement with S&N (2) Wine glut to befixed in two yrs (3) Well managed and focussed company
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    In reply to: theking on Monday 17/04/06 08:37am I will sell out tomorrow when I get$9. Great investment
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