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  1. In reply to: pengo on Sunday 02/12/07 11:39am Not putting my eggs in one basket, but . . GDY, PTR, GHT, GRK, GRE (and EDE, KEN, TEY & URO)
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    QUOTE (theking @ Sunday 02/12/07 06:51am) Engin's strategic direction (Thanks to Seven) was a triple play solution based on its existing and mature VoIP platform, on TiVO which it has the rights to distribute in Australia and by selling Optus Naked DSL tails. They were burning a lot of cash bring on these new roll outs and at June 30th had 144 staff. In the chairman's address he mentioned the Optus Naked DSL plans were on hold. This is confirmation of an earlier article from the AFR saying it had been scrapped. This article also mentioned they had let something like 30 staff go including Marketing chief Phil Dobbie who is on the books having earn't just over 100k last year. The Chairman did mentioned they have "undertaken a review to reduce cash burn". As the Chairman has mentioned, the new direction is triple play with Unwired WiMax. Network ('Network Investment Holdings Pty Ltd') aka Channel 7 will know close of Business tomorrow if they have the 90% required to take over Unwired. Last week they were close at 86%. Channel 7 plan to pump $100s of million into Unwired to roll out WiMax to Australia as a distribution media for TiVo. As Network will (looking optimistically) own Unwired, I doubt engin will need to burn much cash in this area. They will burn cash on TiVo, something Channel 7 is very interested in. Who cares about VoIP. Engin has mentioned it needs to raise cash in Q1. Seven Digital Media (Investments) Pty Ltd already own 33% of Engin and Seven had no hesitation in taking over Unwired when WiMax fitted strategically into their plans. Why keep engin publically listed when they didn't bother with Unwired? Unwired was worth $132million, engin is just a drop in the ocean at $42million. Even cheaper if you slash staff, announce a requirement for more funds and pretend they are in big trouble. They also need to pump a lot more into Unwired to roll out a national network to support TiVo, they they do into Engin to get the rights to distribute TiVo. I'll let you fill in the blanks.
  3. In reply to: philr on Tuesday 30/10/07 03:10pm The announcement refers to a high profile customer, but if you look in the detail its for a deal of over 30 licenses.
  4. In reply to: shiraan on Monday 18/06/07 07:57pm QUOTE Robert Antony Healy I guess we will see him on the BRW rich list next year (thanks to GDY). . . http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif
  5. In reply to: nacious on Sunday 27/05/07 01:55pm QUOTE Looks like the author is having a bit of a rant about the lack of geothermal development in Queensland. The successful tenderers were stockmarket-listed Geodynamics and Red Hot Rocks, a private company. Neither have started exploring. "Geodynamics is waiting for the (government) to issue us with licences covering the two geothermal blocks," Geodynamics says in its latest report. Yes, the poor Journalist. The whole world is against Queensland. I would suggest if Queenland had legislated for hot rocks at the same time than South Australia and NSW, then they might have some action. However for existing companies, you would want to concentrate on one site first before moving on. You don't want to be spread so thinly that you burn cash on multiple sites without seeing results. My other understanding is the resource Geodynamics is working on extends into the bottom of south-west Queensland, but one of the concerns with Queensland is power infrastructure is poor. While in the Cooper basin, you have to build lines to Olympic Dam, to start with. In Queensland, you just about have to build them straight into Brisbane.
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    In reply to: alacey1981 on Thursday 18/01/07 01:24pm The MD, David Stewart seems to like his NTC. He has been buying for his super fund : 4/May/2007 384,225 ordinary, on market. 26/Apr/2007 1,000,000 ordinary, off market. 5/Apr/2007 234,000 ordinary, on market. 28/Mar/2007 116,000 ordinary, on market. Wonder if he is just getting in before the 1st July?
  7. In reply to: mongoose on Thursday 19/04/07 11:49pm QUOTE There are also quite a few high cost generators that are running on standby for when the demand and price is high enough. . .That was a lot more than $70MWh Yes, but peaking plant is a different kettle of fish again. (as opposed to base load generation which Geodynamics is targeting) These generators may run for a day per year if they are lucky. What they do is take advantage of the high spot prices. So they can afford to pay for capital infrastructure sitting idle 364 days of the year, because they only fire up their generators when prices reach a certain level (up to $10,000 MWh in the spot market.) Typically at those prices they don't care what the cost of generation is, the important thing is you can get it online very quickly. As you pointed out diesel is often used.
  8. QUOTE (yoda @ Thursday 19/04/07 09:58pm) I assume the $55 was for the smaller demonstration units, as the modeling for the larger units suggest more around the $38 ~ $40 mark. Anyway its just like the wind generators who produce power at $70MWh. Some can have MRETs, but mostly they have dried up. Rather they don't sell on the spot market (although I think Pacific Hydro was trying one farm) but have Power Purchase Arrangements in place with a retailer to buy a certain GWh per year for say 10 to 15 years (or even the life of the plant). The retailers have had quite a demand for people wanting green power, and having a PPA in place is like having a hedging contract. It gives the retailer some certainly on the price rather than buying on the spot market that can hit $10,000/MWh. While PPAs are normally confidential, other players have had no problems making a margin on more expensive generation. When Origin came aboard as a cornerstone shareholder, Origin also negotiated a PPA for any Geodynamics plant connected to the power grid. They have first grabs on power up to so many GWhs. I believe Geodynamics also has a MOA with Santos to supply power to Moomba, so they have an avenue to sell power for a small plant not heavily argumented into the grid.
  9. In reply to: mongoose on Monday 16/04/07 09:19pm QUOTE If you missed it watch the replay a must watch! Extended Interviews Dr Adrian Williams - Watch an extended interview with Dr Adrian Williams, CEO, Geodynamics Limited
  10. In reply to: nacious on Tuesday 10/04/07 11:37am The Age was running a story today : Rocks are hot in future of energy It starts out talking about the risk and how there are now 16 companies in this space, with 6 listed. Then it mentions : QUOTE Geodynamics, which plans to tap hot rocks in the Cooper Basin, in the north-east corner of South Australia, is the best placed, Mr Leaning said. "It appears they have potentially the greatest reserve and resource both through volume and temperature," he said.
  11. YChromozome


    In reply to: rubba81 on Friday 30/03/07 05:39pm Interesting 41min ShareCafe.com.au Conference presentation from Ilkka Tales on Thursday (If you click on Radio above, you can download it from sharescene radio) While most of the companies focus is on driving consumer growth, there is mention of a few projects such as a new Customer Relationship Management system and new website. Stemming from the Channel 7 relationship is a Yahoo7 peering deal. They have finished technical testing with peering into the Yahoo 7 Messenger and are now in the commercial negotiations prior to launch. This will give engin subscribers access from their handsets to Yahoo's 200 million messenger subscribers.
  12. In reply to: Indoman on Wednesday 28/03/07 10:39pm Like Indoman, I have two VoIP accounts, one with MNF and one with another provider. Typically there are no setup costs in the industry, so you can churn between providers easily (and quickly). Many of MNF plans have no monthly service fee. While subscriber growth is impressive, I am a little worried how they are achieving this. There has been a lot of MNF $10 free activation cards flood the market with computer magazines such as APC. MNF has also introduced a Whirlpool Saver for 'whirlpool enthusiasts' (http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=667823) that include things like a free DID (Incoming PSTN phone number). My understanding, DIDs cost MNF ongoing costs having to pay termination providers such as Verizon, so this reminds me a little off iinet who gave every internet subscriber a VoIP account and phone number, and then retracted many of them after their one month trading halt where there was found to be large inaccuracies in the books and they didn't really know where any of the money was going. . . While you could argue that this is good/cheap way to spend your advertising dollar, you have to wonder how many genuine customers they are attracting or if everyone is just soaking up their free $10 and DID, and will churn to another provider when it dries up. You could contrast this with another ASX listed peer/competitor who charges $10/mnt minimum and this means you have a better idea of actual active customers, although their Advertising spend is greater.
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    QUOTE (Rich @ Monday 29/01/07 09:03pm) The speculation seems to be rife. Ceramic Fuel Cells reached an all-time high, powered by positive noises from management on a shareholder roadshow. There are hopes a deal with Gaz de France to develop boilers producing heat and electricity will be replicated elsewhere. Speculation that talks with big utilities such as Centrica could reach fruition by the end of March pushed the stock up 3p to 50¾p. Centrica is the supply side utility of the former British Gas. The company is apparently the largest supplier of gas in the UK with 11.3 million gas and 5.9million electricity customers. If this does reach fruition, this is another large monopoly gas supplier coming aboard. Gas De France will have most of France stitched up, Centrica most of the UK.
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    In reply to: Rich on Monday 29/01/07 04:51pm QUOTE anyone know what's going on? The Independent : Market Report QUOTE Alternative energy stocks have been in focus since President Bush's State of the Union address and its implications for a more sustainable energy policy. But there have been rumours surrounding Ceramic Fuel Cells since before the speech and the word is that there may be a buyer lining up a bid for the company that may value the shares at up to 80p. The average daily volume for the shares is just under 900,000 and more than 6.5 million were traded yesterday, pushing the price 3p better to 50.75p.
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    In reply to: rubba81 on Wednesday 24/01/07 09:45pm Today Tonight - 24th January 2007 - Mobile phones: the cheap, the fun and the extravagant I'm sure Seven's holding of engin has something to do with this . . All good air time.
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