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  1. Thanks. Titomic also trying to get into this market, but in a smaller way. Maybe this company has beaten it ?
  2. Difficult to take this non-binding agreement , with no contractual obligated minimum quantity, to the bank for construction borrowing purposes. As s.p. has run up a bit recently, I was hoping for a better announcement.
  3. Can't see the Vatican happy to have him back. Perhaps a job for him on the Easter Islands is coming.
  4. Agreed liquidity issue is a worry (in the main for Industry funds I read), The 2 year $10000 draw-downs may require some funds selling down assets at in a depressed market. However it's a bit rich for the Fund managers to now ask the Government (Taxpayers) to lend them funds at .25% to cover the draw-downs. I have a son who's super is an Industry fund & for 2 years he has been notifying them to change his investment mode at will( ie Balanced; High Risk; Low risk, cash etc) which they do for free. I often wonder how they could do that for free yet at arrive at fair values for non-liquid assets when he swapped. Recent articles in the news suggest some of the harder values for non-liquid assets were a bit hit-and miss, or out of date resulting in some members gaining and some losing a little. I realise carefully , timely valuations cost money, but can't see an option other than limiting a members annual investment mode swaps and perhaps charging a smallish swap fee (some do the latter).
  5. Hi Nipper. Leaving aside the complicated (S. 67A SIS Act) "Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements" which are only suitable for SMSF's; S.67 it seems , only permits borrowings by Funds in very limited circumstances and for very short periods ( 7 to 90 days depending on the few permitted reason) . However unlike the LRBA arrangements it seems clear the funds assets cannot be used as security for such borrowings, whereas the Senior Banker suggests banks could lend against the funds assets as security. If the SIS Act requires amendments in this regard, I suggest the Funds with liquidity problems will have long met the problem or merged with others. Just my thoughts. DYOR.
  6. Hi. After reading MK's post about Russia suspending gold purchases ( thanks Mullokintyre) I'm now avoiding this sector. Hold only 2 gold explorers; sp below my cost, so will hold on as A$ gold price can afford to fall a bit. Currently Aussie property faces problems ie, closing businesses, large jump in unemployed, Commercial tenants closing shop, Gov legislation "..can't evict non-paying tenant for 6 months;" temporary stop in immigration levels etc. Your probably correct in "..borrow more the better.." but I'm a self-funded retiree and loath to ever go back into debt plus I think that whilst the market may rally in April, the bottom has yet to come. Short term my plan is to sell in May and go-away for ~ 3-4 months.
  7. Hi EB. ".....my supper gonna suffer this year..." Chin up EB. I hope your brekkie & lunch ain't also gonna suffer. re Gov spending, maybe MMT ain't so crazy after all. Whats the consequences if all major economies adopt it for the foreseeable future ? Buy gold, property ?
  8. IF Ozzie Company HB11 can successfully develop it's Boron-hydrogen fusion project Bill Gates nuclear energy plant ( & most others) will be obsolete. Currently that's still a big "if". I missed Scomo's Friday speech, did he specify Gov grants to this project ?
  9. lgrif


    Hi. That's weird. Did the US bank exchange an asset, say cash, for an asset "Gold" ? ie did it in fact buy gold? I'd never realised that when the UK central bank buys and sells gold overseas it is in effect importing or exporting.
  10. Thanks Nipper. I knew ASX code for Titomic was TTT & didn't realise on Sharecafe a different company was allocated the same code. Titomic finished up some 19% today, but still hasn't broken chart downtrend.
  11. Sorry, wrong company. I'm referring to Titomic of course.
  12. TTT was up 32.5% today; now up ~ 22.5% it seems. WTF ,no announcement today & yesterdays quarterly cash flow report was inconsequential. Either an announcement re a sizeable sales contract coming or a speeding ticket, ( or both).
  13. TTT was up 32.5% today; now up ~ 22.5% it seems. WTF ,no announcement today & yesterdays quarterly cash flow report was inconsequential. Either an announcement re a sizeable sales contract coming or a speeding ticket, ( or both).
  14. Yeh Mick. It's a slow grind. Iv'e not seen anything about trials/sales etc inCalifornia, have you ? Also, in view of the cash burn, I wonder if they should currently be trying to obtain sales in other countries at this stage, I don't hold (yet), but would not like to see a US company take them over cheaply in a forced sale,
  15. Hi Mick. My thoughts are cal year 2021 will be the "make or break" year, with year 2020 showing increased sales, but below break even point. Therefore, I'm thinking there will be at least another capital raising within 12 months. That new loan at 12% , although for only a small raising, indicates either the funds were needed quickly or lenders were thin on the ground, or both. For ~ 2 years I've been promoting their product to an Aussie civil engineering friend. His views are once this product has stood the test of time as to safety, wear & tear etc, I'll consider using it. Till then his neck's on the line & the personal risks in his view outweigh the probable benefits. Test results to date cover ~ 3 years ? & he wants to see much longer tests results. At least Eden has a 3-4 year jump start on competition & results to date seem excellent, but patience ( & more fund raising) may be needed.
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