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  1. Didn't get a very good entry on this, but everything sure looks great regarding their discoveries so far. Gonna just let it sit and forget about it
  2. What a a blow out report! I have heaps of WBC, but I sure wish I had a whole lot more. Based on the long term chart, WBC still has a lot of room to fly
  3. Excellent article. This will take some time to digest. PLL (Piedmont Lithium) is one I trade frequently in the US as they are dual listed. Their share price just gotten smashed due to a recent capital raising which was over subscribed. Probably a really good time to snap this one up.
  4. FMG is on an absolute tear today. I love it when all the analysts are wrong. Up almost 14% today with 5 times the number of buyers over sellers lined up in the queue. Possible could be a glorious short squeeze, unless Twiggy has something up his sleeve. The other big miners are only up a respectable 4-5%
  5. Danville


    Tesla jumps 9% plus on inclusion to the S&P. Woo hoo!
  6. Danville


    Your condescension is just obnoxious. Many good people disagree on American politics. But as someone who is actually here on the ground in the US, I can say that your bias has no basis in fact. Over the last few weeks I have worked as a poll watcher and a ballot count observer for the US elections. I have also worked with the Trump campaign. I can tell you first hand that the ballot count numbers are no more accurate than the covid count numbers.They are both a work of fiction. Ballots cast vs legal ballots cast is on par with died with covid vs. died from covid. The difference between the real vs. fake propaganda numbers is striking. And the media runs with the propaganda every time. I have witnesses first hand election fraud on a massive scale. It is not a joke. It seems likely that Congress will end up choosing the President on Jan 6th if a reliable vote count cannot be determined. It is a very strange time indeed, but make no mistake; it is the democrat party who are the crooks. Just a few examples for you: I took a report from one woman who was in hospital on Election Day and did not vote. Someone impersonated her and voted. Another mother was outraged to find that someone had impersonated her severely disabled son and voted in his place. My friends grandmother has been dead for 15 years. Somehow she cast a vote. I could go on and on. And don't even get me started on the electronic fraud... I also have first hand experience with covid. For most, like 99.6% of people, it is a highly treatable illness. My own doctor has treated literally thousands of patients without a single hospitalization or death. Not a single one. My family and my friends have all made a complete recovery. We have several viable treatment options which work extremely well for all but the very old or the very infirm. But that risk category is more likely to succumb to just about anything. Now that we understand covid better, it is no more difficult to treat than the flu or pneumonia. And much easier to treat than a whole host of other deadly diseases. Australias response of "stick your head in the sand, lock down the borders, the hell with the economy and vaccinate everything that moves" is as unnecessary as it is downright silly.
  7. Looks like you have been doing a great job!! What the heck is up with the asx??? Any word on what is taking so long to remedy? The market opened like gangbusters, but I am thinking this could really spook the traders?
  8. I have been in the US since 2015. Getting back to trading again after a very long break. Mostly trading US stocks, but always love to dabble on the asx. So glad to see some familiar names still around.
  9. Danville

    The Banks

    It never gets old, does it?? One of my favorite all time clips from those crazy days.
  10. Ha! I finally come back to do some trading and the asx blows up
  11. LOL - So that's what I need to change my attititude - a bit of brain surgery My family would probably say that they've know that for years. LOL Do me a favour - if you (and this goes for all the regulars here) ever pop out again except for a nice holiday. please have your wife PM me. I've been worried about you (and a few other SS buddies who have gone MIA). It's so great to hear you are on the mend.
  12. Wow EB. I'm so glad to hear that you are doing better. Please take care of yourself!!! We have all missed you. Lots of us just lurking here. There hasn't been much to say the last 12 months with this silly rally. Now, finally, some of the stats are starting to line up with reality, and we should have a bit of fun the next couple of months
  13. NH - here's Jon Stewart's take: http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/wed-marc...n-dodd-we-trust
  14. Mark - Thanks for all your good work over the years. It has been much appreciated. If you ever get to Perth, drop me a PM. It would be great to catch up
  15. A bit of a line in the sand here at 10,200 guys. If it holds, then I'll have to look at trailing stops to lock in profits. If it doesn"t, then it may be time to hit it hard.
  16. I sent out my short probes yesterday. Last time I was a few days early at 10,600 - got stopped out - and went back to my cave. We'll see If I got it right this time. Glenn Beck does a good job here of explaining the wall of worry. Lots of reasons to be short - can't really think of any to be long. The first 3 minutes or so are about global warming nonsense. but the rest is well worth a listen. A good summary of the challenges the US faces atm. http://video.foxnews.com/v/4012082/the-one-thing-210
  17. Here's one to make your blood boil http://www.thinkbigworksmall.com:80/mypage/player/tbws/23088/1168108 This sort of nonsense is a ticking time bomb for the US economy
  18. EB - I know several people personally in the US who haven't made a mortgage payment in over a year! It used to be that they would be out on their ear by now, but the banks are under pressure to keep the foreclosure stats down. At some point (probably next year) the banks will have to do something about this. My brother has been trying to do a short sale for about 9 months now. The bank just lost his file, and now they have to start all over again. He was told that he now goes to the back of the line, even though it was the banks fault. I don't believe for a minute that 2/3 of the borrowers haven't submitted the paperwork. IMHO it is the banks who don't want to complete these transactions. CMC made a special trip to 4797 to catch my XJO stop last week. Disgusted, I never reentered. DOW shots are still alive. But I'm trying to get ready to go away for xmas now, so I'm just gonna let them ride or stop out. Can't really be bothered this week.
  19. Ha! Oil inventories only 3M B off of the early estimates I heard. LOL Well done EB - it;s going your way All my trades are still in play with stops in place. Going to bed. I give up.
  20. You're short oil already?? Expecting a big draw on inventories tonight so the price should pop up. Careful there.
  21. OMG EB...performance enhance drugs - muscle building regimines - special diets - for bugs??? The rest of the world has no chance against the Chinese! To the markets - decided to hold my DOW shorts from last night. Took a few small shorts this morning on the XJO and XMJ. Still just very small positions until the direction is clear. XEJ should be a good short tomorrow as they are not expecting a good oil report tonight and the price could spike up a bit. Europe looks a bit nervous tonight. If it's gonna pop higher tonight, then the US is gonna have to lead the way.
  22. I never like to play the month end ramp game, so I have spent the last few days doing other things, just waiting and watching like a vulture out of the corner of my eye. The first of my limit orders at 10,420 got filled earlier, and I'll probably add a bit more if we get around 10,500. European markets had a big hemorage over Dubai, unlike the US, so I wonder if they will pop 2% like the Eurozone is. I'll have to reevaluate if we hold a new high at the close, and probably make a quick exit stage left and live to trade another day.
  23. From the ashes comes a voice of reason: How refreshing
  24. Reminds me of thoses mammoth falls we saw in China and HK just before the rest of the world fell off the cliff. The first ripples me thinks. But it wouldn't be Monday and it wouldn't be month end if they didn't at least give it the 'ole college try and try to ramp the heck out of it for old times sake. Be on the lookout
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