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  1. I personally dont mind the algos. Market has always been want my money...come get it. I have always bought and sold off someone I have never seen. Today they just take 10 shares at a time, for a whole day or two. is silly but that is what happens. I don't buy at market anymore , haven't for years. I also dont "day trade" but rather short term, because the robots do days, so i dont. What i personally don't like is the dark pool side of things. The whole idea is so the public did not see a build up of volume, for a bid etc. To my mind it is no coincidence that his happened and the off market takeovers that occur with regularity now instead of takeovers at premium. Got a problem in your company, Sell in dark pool, announce at the statutory maximum time period. Want to buy a big chunk, buy in dark pool. before we had dark pools, we could see in volume,things happening. now not so much. This is about constant disclosure, which is supposed to happen but does not. regards, Nebo
  2. On another train of thought along the same lines. The good ol' boys in USA, run out of money next week again. Congress is one sided atm so hopefully the gov wont stop for long. Although it is not in the news. (Money as debt that is.). pushing the overloaded wheelbarrow down to Wal mart. nebo
  3. Hi Ekman, I remember reading a while ago they have rights to the original process, didnt actually invent it. (Incidentally developed by US defence) but they (US Govt.) couldnt commercialize. Along came AJX, and started improving. I dont think they actually own the original patent, but all the follow up work is inside effort. So patent for the new stuff that is rolling out...and the more exciting things is prudent. ............. Bamm Bamm, Think Nylon carpets. That is the size of the opportunity. Not just clothing but any nylon yarns, and possibly natural ones in the future. ............. Mine are firmly in the bottom drawer. Have Sold some so free carried, good bagger but super is staying firmly put. Have a good weekend all. Nebo
  4. Could not agree more. They casually ask all workers to hand over "tax" for the good of the "country" protection racket..stand over tactics backed up with violence, implied and real. Inflation was almost zero for whole of human history till they invented Wages tax to go with fiat currencies. Now it is inbuilt into the system to strip wage earners of their money. They tax individuals as they have no resources to fight back. The mulit nationals are too hard. The super system, they set the rules...now moving the goalposts continually as they can see a never ending supply. People are all sheep they want them to be that way. I digress. sorry to become political. it is just the futility... and we live in one of the better places. have a good day anyways guys. Nebo.
  5. They did a placement last week to some US fans. Come with an attaching option at 25cents, is probably why it has bounced to there. And they are considering listing in US when they have enough of a (US fanbase.I assume). All else being equal companies sell for higher pe than here. Company is mainly US anyways. They are branching out to other uses and should not lose much this year, as sales have started to occur. Next I assume will be cashflow positive, so barring catastrophic conditions should be ok for them. I hold a couple in my superfund. The chemistry actually works, it is just to sell it now. Whether they get big or bought out by a deep pocket group, who knows. Consider them a small bio and just finished successful trials. Now off to market. Have a good day, Nebo
  6. Im with you Alsonso. Had to stop lurking for this. My 2 cents worth is Joyce is forever stating that their biggest costs are Interest and fuel. Why is he always banging on about shrinking the labour bill if this is the case? Cutting the wrong areas. This is a commodity service business and the people make it or break it To make us look elsewhere than their shocking metrics....Things he is judged on? I can remember when it was floated that. THEY WERE NEVER EVER GOING TO OFFSHORE JOBS, Even at the expense of going broke. They have and i dont fly them anymore. They no longer call them the safe skies, or claim to be the safest in the world. yes we are expensive place to do business. yes our government is to blame. You cannot go to the toilet without a risk assessment and insurance nowadays. Their business does not have enough capital, poor returns and huge interest bills.....simplez. For Joyce to say anything else is malarky. he wants to sell it to overseas government sponsored and take his share windfall with him into retirement. trouble is the SP is shrinking everytime he opens the mouth. I cant see the government not giving a handout of some description though, will be interesting to watch the reasons given, however. (uneven playing field my personal favourite) Have a good day all. Nebo.
  7. it has been great reading since you asked your question and a lot of input. This is my stream of consciousness on it. I dont post much but love reading all the varied opinions. I started trading when i realised cycles are played out and thought to myself ...why not. I bought James Hardie at 2.02 and sold at 2.49 and thought any mug can do this. (with a 5K stake) I did this 3 times in a row and thought i was a legend. then i had a loss hehe. Quite a few years of wondering why i was getting it wrong. The cycles were there but i wasnt. All of the people who post on here would have their own story and have their own trading style. I sat down a few years ago, (after reading Dr Alexanders first book) and wondered about why i was attracted to stocks, and why i wanted to do this. And more importantly could i actually have a part time job, that giveth and not taketh away. I actually have 2 portfolios, similar in that I try to know all the stocks, (stick to your knitting) One long term.. for retirement (personal).one shorter term, (company) 1 week to 2 years. I take out of short term when it gets too risky (for me) But i cannot day trade as mistagear does, i find it frustrating and stressful watching the screen and i enjoy my daytime business. So the trading portfolio i get up every morning and read (share scene included) and make decisions about what should occur and what i will do if it does or dosent go my way. As Wren so rightly pointed out so many wash out. I believe it is not necessarily their capital...but their attitude. taking bets for possible short term excitement very rarely works. Large capital makes it so much easier to make a mistake and recover Trading is a business and the most ruthless one there is. you generally dont shake hands and socialise. You just take what someone else will give you or visa versa. it seems you have started figuring out what makes you comfortable.. and that is the important bit. (profitable too of course). I wish you and all Share Sceners well in their styles whatever they are. regards, Nebo
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    Yes sort of a shame, The idea was good and still is, A few of the big boys are doing much the same thing now, except they have entrenched tenancy's and history with them (and is probably the reason take up was not as they anticipated, many of INTs potential developer customers already had plans to do it themselves). Plus trust in you bill provider scalping % on the top on bills is unseemly nowadays, especially here in hapless NSW. Did a few installations for them over last couple of years in my day job and once they started using the cheap product rather than the good gear the end seemed nigh. feel for the investors and principals who couldn't turn it into a goer though. hopefully they pay their bills before turning out the lights. I suppose that is capitalism. Regards, Nebo
  9. Thanks Arty, I am actually using Chrome, and the reason i got it is because of annoying pop ups etc. Doing some research the last upgrade they did they changed all kinds of defaults. (which I hadn't realised.) MSN and Yahoo had started doing their huge ads on arrival at site recently and after reading your response, I realised, they had never stopped lol I just hadn't seen them. Upgraded the browser extensions and I'm back to normal, regards, Nebo
  10. Hi Share scene. The BRR broadcasts are good but i do have one trouble when viewing them. (for example ABV today) when i click onto the topic page to view latest 3 or 4 videos play concurrently and is mostly jumbled garbage. you have to scroll down to stop them, activating the one below. Dosent happen on the active companies as there is space between broadcasts , just the little no attention stocks. Is there anyway to click before they start rather than start straight away? thanks in advance as always, happy lurker, Nebo
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    Yes is interesting situation, Potential suitors? is half price compared to last year if you are taking it out. I have been waiting for full year account to see how the new business is travelling, to reacquire my little stake, the cap raising saw me sell out. The volume the last 6 moths to a year is higher than average, (lots of selling) but correspondingly there has been lots of buying. No substantial notices though. you would think if people are running rulers over it, they would have a small parcel up their sleeve. It dosent fit my logic, not buying when is cheap if you intend to bid. I do like the industry generally and what they are trying to achieve is probably the right thing but they dont seem to send the right messages to the market. I hope todays bounce does well for you Oz. regards, Nebo
  12. Logged in from my lurking to say one thing. Wow that will change the world as we know it behind the scenes, if they can commercialise. Regards, Nebo
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    For what it is worth, (not much of course I look at BSA every once in a while. They do and have paid a nice dividend, trouble is they are basically order takers, and not price setters and that is why i believe the market discounts their businesses. When they relied on the pay TV stuff they were quite fragile, and the contracts renewed with very slim margins now they have expanded the business looks more stable, but so seemed hastie, macmahon etc. (although mac still in business, they have restructured so many times i am running out of fingers to count, and now they leaving services for good it seems). Good things about BSA are little debt and ongoing services for large entities, even though margins are made with a sharp pencil. They are not world beaters and not one to set the market alight so the Sp dosent have much action but it isnt a bad company, lots worse out there, at least it makes a profit so enters my world view Who knows I may join you guys soon, mullos accumulation plan has merit i have done same elsewhere. More research required . regards, Nebo
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    Oz, They are the Pratt family's investment arm, (if my memory serves correctly). They are usually long term investors. Why I don't know of course, A stake at the table maybe? Have a good day, Nebo.
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    Interesting indeed. I have been buying a little last couple of weeks. When I looked into the price slide, i noticed it was one big holder clearing out, why i don't know of course. For every sale there is a buyer though. having a look at last couple of years , yes they have not performed as strongly as peers and have dipped since the change of focus. I have not been a long term holder, and may not be one in the future but you cannot change direction overnight and you have to spend it before you earn it. So to my way of thinking the (share price drop) as opposed to (profit drop) has been overdone and the takeover would indeed seem easy way to take them out before the realignment kicks in. (They do have a nice contracted revenue base, that has kept pace with peers in ebbs and flows) On the other hand, The capital raising dosent seem necessary from published data of the company, so i dont understand it other than knee jerk reaction to the share price drop OR Something they have actually NOT released to the market. (This was the bit that caught me by surprise more so yesterday). If the change in focus is as OK as they have released....why the need for capital raising, (nice call on that there bridge). Why not pay off the debt through cashflow and the recent announcement of contract wins? As always time will tell. Stops at breakeven, nice earner if takeover is for real. Have a good day, Nebo
  16. A big day for all long term holders. Now to monetise the assets and viability of the process, now that would be a good news story for an Australian company on the world stage. Regards, nebo
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    He may leave ...but most likely head up the exploration ..in a sideways push ..is obviously his favoured part and what he is good at. IMHO of course. Not bad work if you can get it for the sophisticates who took the punt 2 weeks ago. (then again average price probably not too hot considering the last year or so). Had toe in the pond last week so not upset, to go to SLR, they are a good outfit. (or seem to be). See how / where the bulking up takes them, in the fullness of time. regards, Nebo
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    Hi Mista, I am out have been since 52, I trade weeklys, looking for longer trends (if you can call that trading) but have had IGR on my watch for quite sometime, as I am a long only. Sentiment is down, correct, why it is is probably what the posters here mean, myself included, as the company, (although POG has been declining), has increased reserves, had good drill results(although not spectacular), and is now cash flow positive and soon to be debt free. Or so they telling the market. these are usually positives rather than negatives surrounding a company. Hope that helps unconfuse you, but for a short term trader like yourself i understand you dont look at the macro things as much. I use information flow to base when i enter as well as the charts, if they both line up i put up We will find out what they are up to very soon, have a good day everyone, regards, Nebo
  19. Daggie, If you are still interested there is a write up on TGA on Roger Montgomery's blog. ATM. google for the link to the site. (It is not a recommendation / broker report etc.) Like share scene it was written as a thought exercise for entertainment purposes only etc. But is a comprehensive amateur work and shows a few of their SWOT. regards, Nebo
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    hehe . The wrong way for a long, that is. (Someone is out there making a motsa.).
  21. I'm a fan of renewables but the generating vested interests are powerful. They invested lotsa $ for the more efficient? (read older and more installed generating units.therefore lowering cost). Renewables are more expensive...basically because not as much is made, YET. The retailers arent going to be convinced until we can get reliable storage of the solar, (lets face it the sun dosent shine at night, the wind calms down). So realistically for the evening peak, tidal, earth heat and Hydro are the peak suppliers of choice if and when coal and gas become too expensive to run. My main problem with domestic Time Of Use tarrifs, is at 6pm when the children are saying , "Im hungry" parents do not say Just wait till 9 pm when the electricity is cheaper, hence the peak. A lots of conversations at utilities in regards to this, some dont care about customers , (as they cant go anywhere else) some do. (incidentally GE introduced electric cookers and the such to create a evening demand for the electrickery they were producing that wasnt being used and were just running the generators at zero load. I personally think it is funny the boffins didnt think people would put solar on their roof to save money. I wanted to do it years ago but BP solar wouldnt sell me the gear for installation in Metro areas and the Sydney authorities wouldnt let competition in. I am an electrician by trade, (installed my first solar on my brothers farm 20 odd years ago as an experiment as he was a lonng way from the grid and was using diesel). (same with the water tank, I am in a 12 year old house and wasnt allowed to install one,, how times change). NSW at least (dont know about the other states) have Nett metering now because the generators dont want their patch disturbed. (if AEMO pays the little people for their generation, the big boys miss out on the % left over once the retailers and distributors have taken their cuts. It is patently wrong, they should be turning meters backwards, but the rules say all electricity must be measured, so they read it and dont pay domestics (and small business) for their generation. (getting a free ride and they still complain). The concentrators are exciting Moosey, 40% efficiency in 2012 at 1000 suns is amazing. I hope storage can catch up and the brave new world will arrive faster than we think. the old technologies will be passed by and the complaints about losing jobs in coal mining wont be listened too Germany is investing in the future industries, it is a pity that our business leaders and government are not prepared to do it. We have the solar access, the empty land mass for it, The constant wind, Island continent for tidal, wave energy. Could be the generation hub for the world. But wont be ..will sell our space to some people with a few schekels from rainy dark continent somewhere else Ramble for Silex, hope they do well. Loads of potential (the laser too hehe, although im not quite a cheer squad for Nuclear, humans being what they are) Regards, Nebo
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    Yes is a strange chart. All the announcements have been mildly positive the last 6 months but the chart keeps angling the wrong way. According to the company presentation, they should be debt free soon. (Mechanical breakdowns etc, such as they have had can happen to any and all miners.) In one of the last announcements they also said that the expansion would come from free cash flows that are to come soon. Bit of a quandry. maybe the raising is exactly for Bamm Bamms guess, take out SAU. We shall find out soon Regards, Nebo
  23. Moosey, Very Interesting reading, could change the landscape as we know it... just need the storage systems for the electrickery produced to keep step. As for Silex. Read the companies annual reports, on the weekend, their systems seem better than their money management unfortunately. (so far) lets hope they become profitable soon so they can change the world a little bit. Don't own any but have on my reading watchlist now. Regards, Nebo.
  24. Hi Daggie, I'm not in atm i was stopped out a couple of months ago but they are on my list, been around a long time and have a relevant product. Have no idea why they keep advertising laptops on TV though should go back to rent, try, $1 buy i believe but then again I'm just a mug punter. Taking my tongue out of my cheek. The results will be looked at hard, to see why the market is treating them badly this year. Could be a case of sell all retail and TGA with it or could be they ( the big boys in town) didn't like the raising last year. We shall see. regards, Nebo
  25. Kahuna 1, i have been a lurker on this site since Jan 04 and I have spent many a lunch time at work reading your posts. Thank you, As an uninformed small fry it was great reading your perspective. you will be missed and good luck in the furture, whatever it holds for you. many thanks, nebo
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