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  1. In reply to: alonso on Tuesday 04/04/06 03:16pm Alonso, Could "a new contract maybe" be the proposed Brooklyn-Corio loop or that some investors believe AJL have a good chance of winning it? (See GAS ASX announcement of today) I don't know - only guessing. Maybe I don't follow the market closely enough but it seems to me that it has to be something more than the retirement of an AJL director (not a principal director) to send the shareprice up by 25% or so over the last few days - that is before the drop created by the announcement of the suspension of Goro project operations (AJL ASX announcement of yesterday).
  2. In reply to: yogi-in-oz on Sunday 26/03/06 01:59pm Yogi, With the 10% rise in AJL so far today it looks like you may have been a trading day out with your forecasts. Under the circumstances I believe you can be forgiven. Bearto.
  3. In reply to: remlif on Friday 03/12/04 04:29pm Thanks for the info Remlif Bearto
  4. In reply to: remlif on Friday 03/12/04 12:34pm Although I don't subscribe to II if they have now changed MRL to a SELL then, somehow the logic escapes me. If they were rated as a BUY at $1.30 then one would have thought that at a $1.02 or therebouts they should be a better buy. That is, unless something has changed. Unless I am missing something this does not appear to be the case. The competition in the discount variety business has not changed. As far as I am aware it has not got worse. One would think that sometime in the future it has to get better if WHS is not going to keep losing $30odd million a year in Oz. Also the MRL CEO in has AGM address said that sales for the four months ending 31 Oct are up 7.8% on last year although like for like store sales are down 2%. This does not seem to be info that should drop the share price of MRL by 20 odd % in a week. What am I missing??? Bearto P.S. I hold. The only good thing I can think about this is that if the dividend does not drop then I will get a larger quantity of shares under the dividend reinvestment scheme.
  5. In reply to: jbeatty on Wednesday 06/10/04 10:24am Why so big so quick???
  6. IN REPLY TO A POST BY jbeatty, Mon 08/03/04 07:31pm Or is it some investor getting out of emerging gold stock companies whatever the cost and triggering a wave of stop-loss sales? I don't know. The same thing happened to CTO (Citigold) last week. bearto
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