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    Sexy first Gold drill results or what! Now what we do know at present is that we have very high grades up to 40g/t at 50 metres depth with three main veins of up to 4 metres in width. Additionally we know that these veins or lodes are open at depth over 70 metres to the south and south east and that the high grades persist from the surface samples of 46.5 g/t and 35 g/t. This audio interview sure sounds seriously interesting click on link http://www.brr.com.au/event/64347
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    Drilling starts any day now!! This audio interview sure sounds seriously interesting . click on linkhttp://www.brr.com.au/event/64347
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    Drilling starts any day now!! Well worth a look and an opp to get in early with a few tickets, this minnow remains well under the radar methinks.With a tiny market cap of 7mil this could be an easy 5 bagger in no time. TA and FA aligning now and looks primed to move.Like this old gold mine real estate is untouched for 50 years with plenty of surface evidence of high grade pickings (ounce /tonne) and significant strike of evident quartz veins throughout both areas. This BRR audio interview sure sounds seriously interesting . Have a listenhttp://www.brr.com.au/event/64347 - Lyndon Stanton Mine confirmation of high grade gold max so far of 46.5 g/t and previous samples of 81.2g/t Erics Find Prospect high grade gold assays of 19.4/g/t, silver max 202g/t and copper max 6.4g/t
  4. Sexy "BULL" PENNANT IN AN UPTREND. This one look's ready to explode out of the pennant.. Is there any new's due?
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    Trying to find the flags page. lol. Anyway heads up to anyone who like sexy flag charts.. BREAKOUT!!!!!
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    NEW THIN AIR PLAY 1: could this LNG "middleman" net you $7 for every 50c you put down? Our first new "thin air" play is quietly positioning itself between those that have natural gas to sell and those that need LNG. And it has a fantastic bargaining chip... It is in line to become the first company to have a fully functioning LNG plant in Queensland at least THREE YEARS in advance of the competition. ...And that makes investing today at around the 50 CENT mark look like the 'smack-between-the-eyes' bargain of the millennium! By the time other major plants have converted their first shipments of gas into LNG, this little Perth-based firm should have made over $300 million in profits. That puts its stock in a unique, enviable and highly investable position right now... The opportunity here should be obvious to you. It certainly is for me... I believe this 50 Cent stock has the very real potential to become a $7 stock within two years! I'll explain exactly how I've arrived at this valuation in your free report. I like this firm because it has a complete end to end solution - and costs which are roughly half those of larger LNG plants. It recently signed a deal with a Brisbane-based energy firm to supply them with enough natural gas to achieve an annual output of at least 1.5 million tonnes of LNG. That's equivalent to 10% of the total LNG exported from Australia last year. Not bad for a company that has a market cap today of just $89 million! It also just partnered up with a Norwegian firm who will purchase 100% of the LNG produced by its first 'train'. That's 1.5m tonnes of natural gas in and 1.5m tonnes of LNG out per year... a done deal! On top of this it has offshore projects in development in Papua New Guinea, Iran and Indonesia, which the market seems to have completely discounted from the current share price. In fact, from what I can tell, this beaut of a firm doesn't appear to have ANY of its future earning potential built into today's price (I'll explain why in your free report)... That makes this opportunity even MORE critical and MORE urgent... because when the market cottons on to this gem - and it will - I believe you'll see a phenomenal 1,220% gain on your money... within just two years... provided you get in at today's prices! [/size] http://www.portphillippublishing.com.au/re....cfm?s=E9AAK520
  7. May 21, 2009 Intrepid Wins Best Of Breed, But It Certainly Isn’t A Dog By Our Man In Oz “Best of breed†is a description normally heard in horse, cat or dog competitions. It can, however, also be applied in the mining sector, especially if the exploration results are in the eye-popping category such as the 627.2 metres of copper and gold mineralisation encountered by Intrepid Mines at its Tujuh Bukit project in Indonesia. It was that drill hit, plus follow up results, which prompted the stockbroking firm, ABN-AMRO Morgans to describe Intrepid in a March 30 research note as a “best of breed†stock with the potential for a “10-fold†share price re-rating. It hasn’t happened, of course. In fact, Intrepid has slipped back a few cents since Morgans got a little excited. But, rather than accuse anyone of premature exuberance Minesite’s Man in Oz decided to find out what it was that caused so much excitement. The answer does not lie in a single, albeit spectacular, drill hole. It is found in the overall structure of Intrepid, a company emerging from years of wandering in the wilderness under different names and different management. In a previous life Intrepid was known as Taipan and its primary asset was the small, unloved, and misplaced Paulsens goldmine. Located in the heart of Australia’s Pilbara iron ore country Paulsens is a dead-set winner of a competition for forgotten Australian mines – though that is perhaps the first mistake when looking at Intrepid. A second would be looking too much at its history and overlooking the future. There are three key assets driving Intrepid. Paulsens, Tujuh Bukit and a fresh management team. Paulsens is providing immediate cash flow. It is not a big mine, but it is very profitable, turning out around 80,000 ounces of gold a year at less than US $400 an ounce. Concern about a short life has been eased somewhat by recent drilling which has added to resource estimates and could help add a few more years to the operation. Tujuh Bukit is the big prize. It is a classic Indonesian-style discovery complete with a shallow, surface “capâ€ÂÂÂÂÂ, of material containing at least 2.57 million ounces of gold, sitting atop a potential monster porphyry structure from which the 627.2 metre drill core was recovered. Maximising value from the two in-ground assets is a management team with deep goldmining knowledge. Six key executives all have Placer Dome, Emperor Mines or Newmont experience under their belts. It’s those years of experience chalked up by people such as the chief executive, Brad Gordon (Placer, Delta, Emperor) and new business manager, Malcolm Norris (Emperor, WMC), and chief financial officer, Steve Smith (Placer, Peabody) which is behind at least one hard-nosed asset-sale decision, and the formulation of a clear business plan. “We’re very focused on Tujuh Bukit,†is how Gordon described Intrepid’s future when Minesite caught up with him for a chat on the sidelines of a gold conference recently. “It is shaping as a world-class discovery with the hallmarks of Batu Hijau.†For anyone unfamiliar with mining names Batu Hijau is one of the biggest open pit copper and gold mines operated by Newmont. Located at the eastern end of the island of Java, not far from Tujuh Bukit, it contains more than a billion tonnes of ore assaying 0.4 % copper and 0.4 g/t gold. It is, to use a non JORC-code description, a bloody big lump of very valuable rock. At Tujuh Bukit, where exploration is still in its early stages, the grades and geological structure bear a strong similarity. That monster drill hole, which has caused seasoned observers to sit up and take notice, returned assays of 0.5 % copper and 0.5 grams a tonne of gold, almost identical to Batu Hijau. Getting to that potential bloody big lump of rock will be a challenge for Intrepid. Bulk mining of the type being undertaken at Batu Hijau is big company stuff and Gordon openly talks about the need to “find a partner†for the bulk mining phase of Tujuh Bukit – though the early stages might be a different matter because the gold “cap†which might be relatively easy to treat, and sustain a mine producing 200,000 ounces of gold for at least 10 years. Intrepid’s plan is to clear the decks of surplus assets, keep Paulsens going for as long as possible and tackle Tujuh Bukit. That process started in March when Intrepid sold its Casposo gold and silver project in Argentina to Troy Resources for US$22 million, with closure of the deal achieved in early May. “We’re emerging in a very strong position after the Casposo sale,†said Gordon. “We’re debt free, with Paulsens contributing around US$3 million a month, and with a sizeable amount of cash in the bank.†Just how far Intrepid has come under its new management is demonstrated by a check list of achievements over the past 16 months. Back in January last year the company was carrying debt of US$18.5 million. It is now debt free. A hedge book covering almost 44,000 ounces of gold has been closed. Revenue has risen strongly. Costs cut and resource ounces, thanks to the inclusion of the Tujuh Bukit gold cap have risen from 416,100 to 2.8 million. Australian stockbrokers, if not yet their British cousins, have become increasingly interested in Intrepid. Of the seven brokers covering the stock all have a buy rating, or speculative buy rating. There is no dominant shareholder with Taurus Funds Management sitting on a 9.5 per cent stake, followed by Acorn Capital with 7.8 per cent, Sprott Asset Management with 3.4 per cent. Taurus, for non-followers of Australian funds features former Australian rugby captain, Nick Farr-Jones, as a director, plus seasoned mining industry executive, Gordon Galt. “It’s really about Tujuh Bukit,†was Morgans snappy description of Intrepid’s future which included a comparison with another Indonesian gold project, Martabe, sold recently by the troubled OZ Minerals for US$211 million. Intrepid has a much more work to do at Tujuh Bukit before it can claim to have its foot on a Martabe or a Batu Hijau. That’s one reason why the stock is trading around A30 cents, less than half the latest value estimate from Morgans and at a market capitalisation of A$124 million, which is less than half the sale price of Martabe. But, with Paulsens ticking over, and an estimated A$50 million in free cash after the Casposo sale, and with Tujuh Bukit to come it’s little wonder that Intrepid has won a best-in-class rating.
  8. And no Announcement yet ? ONE OF MOST MODERN MINES IN AFRICA Paladin commences uranium production at Kayalekera in Malawi What is, in effect, the first significant mining operation in Malawi - Paladin Energy's Kayalekera uranium mine, came into production Friday and will become the country's biggest export earner. Author: Mabvuto Banda Posted: Friday , 17 Apr 2009 KARONGA, Malawi (Reuters) - Paladin (Africa) Ltd, a subsidiary of Australian uranium miner Paladin Energy Ltd, started production at its $200 million Kayelekera uranium mine in northern Malawi on Friday. The mine, which is expected to produce about 3.3 million pounds of uranium per year, would become the country's top foreign currency earner in coming years, Malawi President Bingu Wa Mutharika said at the official launch of the mine in Karonga, northern Malawi. "Malawi is expected to earn over $100 million in export earnings per annum from royalties, taxes and offer 300 people direct employment and 1,000 (people) additional employment in other related industries," Wa Mutharika said, adding it would also contribute about 10 percent to Malawi's GDP. Malawi's GDP is about $2.2 billion. Wa Mutharika said the mine marked a shift from the southern African nation's dependence on agriculture. "I call upon investors to come to Malawi and mine other minerals that have been discovered in the country like gold, bauxite and emeralds," he said. Malawi's government has a 15 percent stake in the mine, which has a lifespan of 12 years, and Paladin Africa holds the rest. Paladin Africa Managing Director John Borshof said the mine was one of the most modern in Africa and was expected to join the world nuclear supply cycle. Kayelekera is Paladin's second uranium mine on the continent, after Langer Heinrich in Namibia.
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    PPP, how's that for a pattern? "BULL" PENNANT IN AN UPTREND! NZOG cleared to increase stake in Tui field partner PPP. Jan 16, 2009 http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz-oil-and-gas-l...jectid=10552084
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    NZ Oil & Gas one step closer to PPP takeover by Mitchell Hall | Friday January 16 2009 - 07:51am The Australian Foreign Investment Board has given its blessing to NZ Oil & Gas (NZO) increasing its Pan Pacific Petroleum (PPP) stake to 19.99% - or launching a full takeover. NZO upped its stake in PPP to 14.9% just before Christmas, a strategic stake that is just below the threshold where permission is required from the Australian regulator for a substantial foreign interest. That permission has now been granted, green lighting NZO for takeover moves. "In due course, NZOG will assess its position to determine what, if any, further steps might be taken," the company said. Forsyth Barr analyst Andrew Harvey-Green says it’s too early to say it’s a definite, but there’s a strong possibility, if not probability that NZO will attempt a takeover of PPP at some point in the near future. “NZO now has three basic options: to sit with what they’ve got, go up to 20%, or go for a takeover. When going for a takeover you have a choice of going for 50% or going for the whole lot… “I think they will probably struggle to get the whole lot given the current directors of Pan Pac own about 20% between them – or at least it’s well above the 10% mark where you can force people to sell. So they could potentially get 50% but again, if the directors don’t sell you’re going to have to effectively get 70% of the shares that are still out there,†Mr Harvey-Green says. While NZO has a reasonable amount of cash reserves, it’s likely any attempted takeover will involve a scrip bid, where NZO might pay up to 20% in cash to PPP shareholders and make up the difference with an offer of NZO shares. “Most of the long term forecasts I’ve seen from NZIER and various other overseas bodies suggest that oil demand will continue to rise for a good 10-20 years yetâ€ÂÂÂÂÂ, says Mr Harvey-Green. Given that the Tui oil field will still be cash-flow positive even if the price of oil were to sink to $20 per barrel, a potential 22.5% stake in Tui – if NZO acquired all of PPP – is an attractive proposition. Pan Pacific shares have nearly doubled in price since NZO first began acquiring its “strategic stake†in December, from 23c to 40c at the market's close yesterday.
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    NZ Oil & Gas may be angling to hook Pan Pacific Petroleum http://www.nbr.co.nz/article/nz-oil-gas-ma...petroleum-39289
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    Last call!! toot toot....
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    In reply to: BSA on Tuesday 06/01/09 12:47pm lol, Good one BSA, at least now that is 2 of us looking! Flags and pennants can be categorized as continuation patterns. They are typically seen right after a big, quick move. Research has shown that these patterns are some of the most reliable continuation patterns. (Volume generally contracts during the pause with an increase on the breakout.)
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    Head's up, CHECK out PPP!! ready to explode methinks.....
  15. Hi Lee, Is the Bell Registration page for web access broken ?
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