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  1. Frodo I have always been willing to learn new ways to improve making money on the markets. At times I have sent PMs to a few on here offering help whether it has been information I have at hand or just something I feel could be of benefit. I am here to learn new ways to trade and invest in the markets. I am not here for camp fire stories which are of no use what so ever. You cannot make money from stupid theories and those writing them even if ever right do not have the abilities to do so anyway. I posted a few ways to implement simple ways of trading which are easy to follow no one was interested. So why bother? It is better on forex factory and even topstocks. Plenty of choices out there no need to put up the rubbish on here. Like a few before me no more do I care. See you all elsewhere
  2. You should know by now Mr this is the crash crew doom and gloom forum. Post anything which is actually useful for trading purposes and it is ignored Post some crazy hair brained conspiracy scenario and your a hero. Laugh of the week is the discussion about how yellen should do something just cause a couple of blokes in australia are befuddled about world affairs LOL. Then we have the bank bashing now that was a brilliant plan. CBA drops $15 and did anyone make money? No to busy investing in some crap uranium mining co LOL Its a joke has to be. Cs
  3. Eb If you want a simple system for trading the dax send me a PM. Stumbled across a way to do this with a good win ratio. No longer will I be sharing my ideas on the forum so if you want to know PM me. Cs
  4. Hey Eb You been trading the dax lately? Its been great trading especially last night. Sell weakness buy strength from the 15M or 30M candles. Keep the stops tight. This has been working great for me. The nikkei also good to buy on the dips until the trend is ending. Cs
  5. Why???????? You post these trader percentages with no back up technical or fundamentals. If I was the cynical type I would say your posts are rubbish. In fact I will say it. YOUR POSTS ARE RUBBISH Your here to sell your scam investment advice service in India nothing more. Have a good day. Cs
  6. Is there no end to financial engineering? I do agree it will end badly but where and when. Will we see the dow at 20000 the S&P 2500 or higher? No answers from me just think it is wise to not discount this market going higher. The powers that be are hell bent on it so it would seem. Stay neutral for now and open minded to any moves is my way of approaching the market. Out of it all what worries me is how we are now not seeing any pullback which isnt treated as a buying opportunity. The day will come when the pullback will catch the buyers. But for now the music keeps playing so keep dancing. Cs
  7. The S&P500 once again at new all time highs Volatility crushed VXX well under $20 Volumes look low am I reading this correctly? Cs
  8. Greece nears ‘endgame’ as large June payments loom Signs are emerging that the Greek government is at serious risk of defaulting on its upcoming International Monetary Fund repayments, as one European Central Bank official warned Athens is facing its “endgame†in debt talks. In a leaked document seen by Channel 4 News, staff at the IMF said “there will be no possibility for the Greek authorities to repay the whole amount†of the 1.5 billion euros ($1.71 billion) due to the fund in June, without further financial aid from the lenders.
  9. Hi GG Appreciate your comments and do agree somewhat. Could you provide a link for the futures charts? The charts are an issue I would like to resolve. Cs
  10. Hi GG Thanks for the list and information on cfd brokers. I use a few different brokers to spread risk and to get a lower spread. A few times Ive thought a price movement was suspect but its rare and over all I can only blame myself for losses. Never had a problem getting funds out. I remember reading one trader was complaining about a bank who traded cfds would not lend him 10K to trade with. He thought because he managed to make money on a practice account that it was proof he could profit. So obviously the cfd provider was unscrupulous for not lending him 10k what a clown and that's not an isolated story. Point being there are plenty of morons around as well who blame anyone or anything for their own actions. The one I love the most is the storm financial collapse in Townsville. Trips to the Mediterranean and cash loans to greedy fools to get them to mortgage their houses then throw it all on a margin loan. Seminars where the pitch was "your either with us or your out" hard sell type statements while apparently pure oxgyen was being pumped into the room to make the participants feel confident. The fees for the managed funds were outragous but you know greed has no boundaries when you get people thinking this is easy money. Then when it all turns to crap of cause its the banks fault. How could it be their fault for not doing the appropriate research on the risks involved. I would love the bank to give me a million and if I lose it forgive the loan how wonderful. Sorry no sympathy here for that sort of behavior. I am a firm believer in being responsible for your own actions whether your dealing with an honest business or not. I am sure there are cfd providers who stretch the rules just like any business your going to get dishonest providers. At the end of the day if you don't trust cfd then don't use it. Cs
  11. When the swiss currency peg was dropped some were quick to say how risky the cfd providers are. Yes FXCM had a issue and think it was Alpari and another cfd provider went down for good. What was not mentioned is how other providers actually came out of the drop much stronger and also tightened market risk. Numerous small caps go broke taking investors funds with them but I dont hear complaints about those like I do cfd providers. In my opinion the cfd bashing crowd are those who cannot trade and have lost money. They continue the losing way by looking for a scape goat for their lack of discipline in money management and the use of stop losses. They do not know where to enter the market and then set a stop loss right where it will be hit. But hey lets blame everything else but our own lack of skill and knowledge on trading. Cs
  12. Well depends on how you view the market. If your a perma bear yes its a wonderful topic where you can wallow in all sorts of conspiracy/crash theories. Problem is how do you keep an open mind when negative issues is all you can see. Since anyone who dares to point out the obvious is labeled a perma bull (which apparently is a slur around here) you have to wonder just how unbiased all this is. Posting issues that happened years back and were known then as potential market crash triggers seems a bit biased to me. I think its good that others take the opposite side of the argument to balance out the BS. But since we all like a good crash predictor I will let this be and stay on the index thread . Cs
  13. 8% jump in MTS this morning. Chart? News? Or div coming up shortly creating a bit of buying? Mts has been in a vicious downtrend.......not that Im saying this has changed. Cs
  14. Natural gas charts showing a longer term uptrend with in a rising channel. Nice pattern forming and worth watching for the break. Explanation below for those who do not follow chart patterns. From Suri Duddella "Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros "Ascending Triangles" form when prices attempt to make "higher highs" and "lower lows" suggesting a bullish price trend. The "Ascending triangle" is bound by two trendlines: a horizontal line at the top and an upward slope trend line connecting the lower lows. "Ascending triangles" form in any market and are quite reliable. The "Triangle" prices must intersect the trend lines at least twice (each) before the pattern is complete. Usually at the third or fourth attempt to trade outside the top trend line results in a breakout. Breakouts occur near the apex of the triangle. This pattern has a high success rate as it meets its target about 75% of the time. http://i60.tinypic.com/21jacco.jpg http://i62.tinypic.com/35hmwdy.png
  15. So S&P500 rallied last night close to the all time high. This my take on it from a charting perspective. The arrow is from "Northy" . Cs http://i59.tinypic.com/281xx0m.jpg
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