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  1. Another one I should have stuck with. Them's the breaks.
  2. Hopefully this is about to go to another level after languishing in the doldrums for the past year or so. We shall see what we shall see.
  3. alonso


    Should probably have sold then but them's the breaks. It seems to be a sound business with future so I'll hold.
  4. I sold out when they restructured. No regrets. I first bought in 2004 and sold about 12 times over the years, making a profit every time. The only stock that has been this kind to me. I couldn't believe it when I looked back over the history.
  5. Been in this for a while. It's a well planned expansion imo and won't be too far off till it hits 50c.
  6. Road to recovery About to break 50. Longest I've ever had to hold to see green. Not that I'm leaving yet awhile.
  7. Geez it's been a long time between drinks hereI think the charts are looking promising forthis one now. MACD &RSI on 6 month chart and overall trend on 12 month.
  8. alonso


    Hi nipper,These guys seem to have found an interesting niche in the digital economy. Went to 10c yesterday.I wonder though what will happen when they start to eat into the sales of the market leaders.(Held)
  9. alonso


    A pause to remember one of the greatest talents in the history of soccer, Diego Armando Maradona, who has just died at 60 of a heart attack.
  10. Nine's update today sent its price soaring before the profit takers came in. Mind you, it's been on a good trajectory for a while now. Having hit the $2.50 at one point to day, I can easily imagine it getting to $3 at some point not too far distant.
  11. It's breathtaking in its affrontery. Thank you for bringing it to our attention in the wake of Victoria's most recent government debacle. And people find it hard to believe that elections can be rigged.
  12. I suffer variously from hay fever, frequent exposure to sawdust, ditto grass seeds & pollens on the ride on. Or more probably as the GP has decided, sinus problems. We imitators of various China virus symptoms feel compelled to try and remain invisible lest we are descended upon by angry crowds in public or the Covid Police. I just wish it would go away and let me get on with my own sneezing without fear.
  13. Not so much brave as caught short.
  14. The reference to the "throwaway society": this term is often applied to the younger generations without considering that, in many cases, they don't get a choice. Example - we still use a clothes dryer we bought for our first baby's nappies. She is touching 50 now. They just don't build them to last now and that applies to furniture, appliances, technology of course has to be replaced, not because it's broken, but because it's no longer compatible. I have to say that I find the modern auto seems to have a longer life though. So, while it's true that younger generations do dispose of things more regularly, and without necessity, it's often that it's forced on them. Another issue arises with the greater proportion of renters in the housing market. Leases seem to be turning over at a faster rate than in former years, because of changes in job locations or because the rental property investor decides it's time to sell. In these less certain times, many people are downsizing their household goods to an absolute minimum to make moving easier.
  15. It keeps teasing us with small sp rises, as per current market. A few months ago I think most people were fairly confident this was just another flu epidemic and would be over soon. But the present consensus seems more gloomy than that. It seems to me though that the real problem for airlines will be the international travel which even the Qantas boss has said won't be resolved for 2-3 years. Regional traffic ought not to be such a problem though, if we can keep the border closed to international travellers and contain our internal problem (which might mean putting a donkey-proof fence round Victoria.) So surely it can't be too long before REX can get back to full operation.
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