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    Hi Flower Were/are you holding SHD as well as WDR? For SHD I didn't end up sending any complaint letter, just in case there is a future rights issue with shortfall form and I get rejected because I had complained earlier! Wonder if WDR can do takeover of SHD --- or even get funds from merger with MMX?
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    yay WDR up to make up for my SHD losses! thinking whether to send in a complaint letter to SHD
  3. Commander C


    [On a minor related point...do you mean Angus Geddes or someone else...I thought Angus Geddes is still at Fat Prophets??]
  4. For half way between baroque & classical: C P E Bach Here is an amazing rendition of his Flute concerto Philippe Bernold with the Concerto Avenna in Poznan (Poland) in 1989 Check out the speed / tempo and virtuosity!!!
  5. Christmas musical item --- Corelli's Christmas Concerto Roy Goodman and the Brandenburg Concert with theorbo (I think) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anVSAGFkuTA...feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4flBSb5ZaU...feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4x5XrdU5fg...feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-PtdTlwdBk...feature=related Gottfried von der Goltz and the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra with archlute (I think) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqP7bWRj4v4...feature=related
  6. Foster Stockbroking research report out on website today http://www.westgold.com.au/westgold-broker-research.html
  7. As a rough rule of thumb I wonder how much $/oz one would pay for mid-high cost reserves? $300 or $400/oz? Let's say it's $350/oz, then if they can prove up 800k oz of reserves (they already have 600k oz of reserves) then WGR in production should be capitalised at about $280 million. Subtract $150 million in capex to get there. And left with market cap of $130 million -- compared with the current market cap. Of course, only a small portion of the $150 million in capex will be raised from debt....rest from equity So rise in actual share price won't nearly be as proportional as $130 million / current market cap. BUT they do need to get a move on promoting share price UP, so when do the capital raising, it is less dilutive to existing shareholders. Thoughts?
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    decided to get some SHD in the 6-7 cent range (just a bit off the bottom unfortunately) wanting some DSO found quick!!!
  9. Commander C


    Nebo, Arty - you guys still following? Reading through the last two presentations which indicate trading at half of broker values -- is this for real? Commander C
  10. Beats me how people get into such responsible positions really. Through bluster and prating LOL!
  11. Yeh meh keeping eye on UCL too! Although MAK keeps fallling faster than UCL, so the hypothetical "merger" ratio is falling from MAK's perspective (bad for MAK's shareholders)
  12. Aren't we talking about their incremental "5th" area at CGMP? No 1 = existing open cut + Big Bell tailings = 0.6m oz o/c + 0.1m oz tailings = 0.7m oz resources @ $700/oz cost No 2 = Big Bell underground = 0.4m oz reserves @ 4 g/t @ $900/oz cost No 3 = Great Fingall & Golden Crown underground = 0.2m oz reserves @ 8 g/t @ $800/oz cost are more or less real No 4 = South Fingall open pit = trying to define say 0.1m oz resources No 5 = Cuddingwarra (incl Jim's Find & Lady Rosie) open pit = trying to define say 0.1m oz resources are more or less speculative Cost of No 1, 2, 3 = say $100 million for plant and $50 million for 1 pit and two declines (refurbish/extension I think rather than totally new)???
  13. Hi denpal I totally agree ---- Namibia costs at most $200 million (gross) to develop....while Wonarah costs $2 billion --- where will MAK find $1 billlion for their share??? Should we be writing letters into the new Executive Chairman and remaining Board members??? Commander C
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    Hopefully doesn't leave shd sherwin in the lurch as I have some of these too
  15. anyone still following Ariadne Australia?
  16. Commander C


    hopefully * sale of residual assets for a gazillion * takeover for a gazillion * discovery of a gazillion DSO but probably * a minor deal LOL
  17. Yeh not so good news for the Cottee camp Still 35% voted "no" against the remuneration report = 1 strike If at the next AGM more than 25% vote "no", then a resolution to remove all directors (spill the Board) must be put to shareholders (requiring 50% to succeed) at the same AGM then within 90 days, a new vote on who should be a director (where the spilled directors can stand again of course)
  18. Hi WW Great to hear from you! How're things "out west"? Yes it's been a painful last year with WGR (and ADN). What do you reckon -- vote a big "NO" on the Remuneration Report??? Re Rover - How hard can it be to drill all those ironstones! Just do it! Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Re CMGP - What do you make of the latest results at Jim's Find and South Fingall? Cheers & regards CC
  19. Apologies both to "Aaron" Henrietta and Arty, my name is Commander Aardvaark!
  20. Commander C


    Hi Brierley and all Re "commitments" I get the following estimates... Administration $2.5 million per quarter (incl. Melbourne HO and Jakarta office) 8 FTEs = $10 million pa i.e. $30m by 30 June 2014 Exploration ca $30m by 30 June 2014 (assuming no farmin deals in Seruway PSC), made up of Carnarvon - WA 360 (50%) - under renewal/review Carnarvon - WA 361 (50%): 363 sq km 3D, ca $2m Petrel - WA454 (100%): 2D etc + 400 sq km 3D, say ca $5m Vulcan - AC/P50, P51, P53 (100%): 2D & 3D, some number East Java - South Madura PSC (30%): under review North Sumatra - Seruway PSC (100%): 700 sq km 3D, say $7m, plus one offshore well, say $13m all by Dec 2012 Anything odd or missing here? So in summary, in worst case scenario get no farmins and no success so on 30 June 2014 we will have spend $60 million and only have $30 million in cash left so max downside is a share price of 30/540 = approx 5 cents, i.e. -75% from today's share price upside should maybe be 3-5 times this or 45-75 cent gain i.e. maybe ideally want share price target of up to $1.00 in the mid success case
  21. Commander C


    haha so it has been you bidding ahead of me:)
  22. And geoq if you can hunt down full version by the flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia, I think you will like there are partial versions of the Rodriguez concierto on youtube
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