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  1. Where does he post? I have tried searching but not luck.
  2. Looks like something is happening
  3. Well the S&P 500 at new highs is a surprise to me given the melt up in January. Anyway here we are.. we have the benefits of the tax changes in the numbers now and rising interest rates and labour costs are surely going to eat into US corporate profit margins. A couple of dents in the FAANGs this reporting season hasnt swayed the Nasdaq from hitting new highs aswell. Whats gonna cause a move the other way??? Surely its a change in sentiment. Its risk on, until its not....
  4. Hi Mark The first 5 chapters have been fascinating reading! When do you expect to post the next installment? Im keen to hear your views on how markets will respond to these events, both equity and bond markets. Cheers and thanks
  5. Hi maiden Yep still here, although with the stock still suspended there isnt the need to jump on here very often. Anyway, I notice the new website is up and running. Check out www.prenolica.com everyone Cheers
  6. Hi Mark I was wondering whether the election result would bring you out from cyberspace wilderness! Im glad it has. Im very uneasy about the direction the US is heading under Trump. Lets assume (and a big assumption) that he is able to implement his policies regarding tax cuts for corporates and the wealthy plus his infrastructure program funded by private sector participation (good luck with that), the impact this will have to US debt levels and the budget deficit would be catastrophic and would occur at a time where there will be even more of a drain on the US fiscal position with social security payments increasing. All at a time when bond yields are rising! I think they are on a path to destruction but will be able to kick the can as long as the market is willing to fund them. Anyway, looking forward to hearing your updated thoughts! Cheers
  7. New website up and running! http://www.buytaiga.com/
  8. Thanks Ray (my thanks button doesn't seem to work!)
  9. Hi Ray how long ago were you told that?
  10. Try www.bioeffectives.com This is the new site that has been completely updated.
  11. Shame we arent listed as this is the type of good news and 3rd party endorsement that was largely missing all those years ago.
  12. Hi everyone FYI Solagran have announced that the Ropren patent has been granted in the US.
  13. OMG! SOLAGRAN ANNOUNCEMENT! Key United States Patent Granted for Solagran’s Core Production Technology Melbourne, Australia: Solagran Limited (ASX: SLA) announces that a key patent protecting the Company’s core production technology for the manufacture of Bioeffectives®, including polyprenols / “Bioeffective R†(the major component of Ropren®), has issued in the United States. United States Patent No. 8,969,517 entitled “Method for Processing Vegetable Raw Materials†has corresponding patents already granted in Australia, Russia, Canada, Indonesia and Latvia, and applications have also been filed in selected other jurisdictions. Dr Vagif Soultanov, Chairman of Solagran and inventor on the patent with Solagran’s Professor Viktor Roschin, said “The granting of our core technology patent in the US is a very important milestone for Solagran. It establishes our proprietary position in the manufacture from different plant species of high-purity polyprenols and other products across major jurisdictions, and gives us a firm foundation for future commercial successâ€ÂÂÂÂÂ. Polyprenols are present in plants in low concentration and are naturally-occurring precursors of dolichols. Dolichols exist primarily in animals and are found in all key organs of the human body, playing a major role in crucial metabolic pathways, protecting cellular membranes, stabilising cell proteins and supporting the body’s immune system. Dolichol deficit or deficiencies are observed with degenerative diseases including chronic inflammatory conditions and cognitive disorders. Importantly, polyprenols can be administered orally and are transformed in the liver to dolichols. This provides a strong rationale for polyprenol supplementation to potentially address multiple conditions, including inflammatory diseases, cognitive decline and multiple liver conditions. Until development of the Solagran manufacturing process it had not been possible to extract polyprenols in commercial quantities at reasonable cost. Live conifer needles are one of the richest and most widely-available sources for polyprenol extraction worldwide. Solagran uses conifer needles as the starting material for its patented extraction process and has constructed the world’s first manufacturing facility for the production of commercial quantities of pharmaceutical grade polyprenols. Solagran is currently in negotiations to secure distribution for products containing its proprietary polyprenols in selected countries, and is also preparing registration documentation for new territories. About Solagran Solagran Ltd is a Melbourne-based biotechnology company. It manufactures and markets a range of unique, efficacious and proprietary products sourced from different species of conifer trees, targeting the fast-growing natural healthcare and nutraceutical sectors. Solagran’s competitive advantage in the sector is its long history of scientific excellence, academic credibility and proprietary manufacturing innovations. The company’s products range from registered pharmaceuticals, to supplements, nutraceuticals and over-the-counter products. Solagran products are marketed in Australia, Russia, Malaysia and the UAE, and additionally registered in Indonesia and Singapore, with negotiations underway to expand into new territories.
  14. Hi all It looks like the website for Solagift (Solagrans Russian operation) has been updated. Have a look here - http://translate.google.com.au/translate?h...amp;prev=search Cheers
  15. Ray that email was from Pine Needle Products. Not Solagran.
  16. Hi Sparkplug None of that video looks Solagran related. Do we have a new competitor?
  17. I would have thought that given Vagifs age and the amount of energy he has thrown into the company that he is laying down a plan to slowly move away from the company. Of course he wont do that until Solagran is on a sustainable path. A long way to go no doubt, but every journey begins with a first step. And now we have a new CEO and potentially a new Chairman to go along with a new broker which has been appointed to raise funds for the company.
  18. Gday Slayer Long time no speak! Since the good old Range days! How time flies! I hope you are well. Anyway, re QE, you are quite right that at this stage the Fed will be reinvesting the maturities of their holdings, but from memory the duration of their holdings (both UST and agency MBS) is quite long, so im not sure how much of an influence that is going to be? One of the many issues I see, and something that isnt discussed much, is who is going to fund the US deficit now that the Fed is not adding to its balance sheet. I cant see any country picking up the slack that has been created by the Fed ending its POMO activities. With deficits forecast to continue indefinitely and US treasuries only going one way and that is UP (either as rates normalise or as Kahuna thinks (and i agree) that the US is a deteriorating credit story), with the Fed out of the picture the question of who steps up to fund the US deficit remains an unanswered one... But yes, there is no doubt for the moment that monetary policy is very accomodative and will be so for quite a while.
  19. FYI here is Nick's presentation from a few weeks ago. (Note need to turn volume up high)
  20. Hi all Travelling through Asia at the moment so not alot of time to look into this. At first glance I would say utb is right... They are different companies. Secondly, I don't think sibex would be calling in administrators. It wasn't that long ago that a presentation was posted on here showing how much progres they had made in new product development etc. Finally, if it is "our" sibex then it may not be a bad thing. Remember sibex has been renamed "Solagift". It's on the sibex website and solagift is the registered name for the Tomsk SEZ. So over time I see a situation where Sibex as a business name is not required. Anyway, I'm sure nothing has changed. Good luck all.
  21. From what i can gather its business as usual over in Russia... And I can still get product in Oz.... So all in all it seems to me like the business is ticking along. I would prefer them not to spend the money to get the accounts finalised and relisting until some more progress is made with getting some meaningful cash in the door. Thats where I think they should direct the marginal dollar/rouble.
  22. Why cant the Fed just continue to inflate its balance sheet to say $10trn over the next decade? ie fund the US deficit? Yes QE is having a diminishing impact but the reality is that the US government cannot find enough buyers for its debt over the next few years, as China has already signaled its not buying UST and the Social Security Trust Fund will start eating into its pool of assets to pay out benefits. This is removing two buyers of UST. Add the Fed concluding QE and the US government may have a problem... So the US Fed will have little choice but to continually fund the US government's deficit. My question is - so what if the Fed's balance sheet keeps on rising???
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