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  1. In reply to: Marana on Monday 12/02/07 09:37am absolutely dog of a stock am out
  2. Halba


    QUOTE (Halba @ Saturday 10/02/07 11:29am) hmmm it says the grade via Davis tube method is 70%. I am getting confused which is the right grade? If its 70% then this is a good deposit, i notice all the impurities are very low I wonder how long it will take for the exploration target to be proved up, may be a lot of waiting = spec suicide
  3. Halba


    In reply to: ead83 on Saturday 10/02/07 10:21am i think the grade is a bit low at 35%? AQA didn't like this hence spun it off
  4. In reply to: OILMAN1 on Friday 09/02/07 11:41pm lets not worry too much about profit,let them get their runs on the board re: bmg most of bpt's mkt cap is not profit but reserves from bmg/gas expansion, Delhi petroleum cooper basin oil program, Tipton west 40%+ possible later expansions, and their own Cooper basin oil/gas interests.
  5. QUOTE (Marana @ Thursday 08/02/07 07:46pm) maybe they should buy aza out! then production will total 18.000 bopd and + exploration upside/expansion
  6. In reply to: astoria on Thursday 08/02/07 08:32am this is so silly. mkt is really out of it when it comes to oiler. i once held NXS but looks cheap. Mkt values it at $400m after the latest selloff (From $550m). Longtom 350PJ (100%) must be worth 250m. So 150m is for Crux and Echuca Shoals (which is massive!!)
  7. In reply to: alonso on Wednesday 07/02/07 08:57am this looks good. i am going to build a stake, hopefully in their spinoff uranium company
  8. QUOTE (Hotfire @ Thursday 08/02/07 03:51pm) the whole oil sector is doing a HDR at the moment if my $10k goes into $5k so be it i will leave it its always not the end, shares/company's management can find ways to grow value over time with new projects/deals, provided the commodity stays above long term averages Re: takeover: if i was the company mngmt if by the mid yr the SP doesn't recover i'd be open to offers (if thats the way shareholder value can be realised so be it??)
  9. QUOTE (Hotfire @ Thursday 08/02/07 02:07pm) oh dear. i invested $15k in oil stocks 6 months ago. Now worth $10k http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/thumbdown.gif What to do? Sell and cut my losses, or see the $10k go into $5k?
  10. In reply to: justintime on Monday 05/02/07 05:29pm justintime where do u get the money for thsoe kinds of purchases
  11. In reply to: focus on Monday 05/02/07 04:55pm a sudden dump the mkt has changed to bad!! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gifhttp://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/thumbdown.gif
  12. QUOTE (alacey1981 @ Friday 12/01/07 10:36am) i have bought in i have upped my price target to $2. Making $7.5m profit, and increase to $10-12m in 2008, possibly 15 in 2009. reject shop mkt cap is $256 mn and forecast 11.9mil profit. So i think RRA mkt cap should be around $220m by end of year
  13. Halba


    In reply to: blowout preventer on Friday 02/02/07 12:59am hi this is okay. just a disappointment in the scheme of things . company has not forecast this event. I'm sure theres a lot more reserve upside long term. NXS stake also helps.
  14. In reply to: haspete on Monday 29/01/07 09:16pm don't forget this has u too..once the acquisition settles (imminent according to quarterly) they will have 4 million pounds of uranium in namibia, with potential to expand this
  15. Halba


    In reply to: pukin on Wednesday 31/01/07 07:23pm they also hold 100% of their deposits also expanded their leases to WA. this is a very large deposit with lead credits too
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