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    In reply to: paperclip on Thursday 18/05/06 04:34pm we would have been silly not too PC
  2. In reply to: sabretoothed on Thursday 18/05/06 12:13pm "It'll blow over soon just a buying op. " Totally agree - ST problem... long term fundamentals haven't changed and wont.
  3. In reply to: sabretoothed on Tuesday 16/05/06 01:07pm hmm, gold moving sideways. waiting over night to see if metals come back some more... would hate to miss these prices though! Relatively speaking, BDG has not fallen as much as other commodity stocks PNA would be a great get if it came back to 35c enjoy the shopping sabre
  4. In reply to: sabretoothed on Sunday 14/05/06 05:03pm good buying opportunity at moment, 2.25 wait to see how gold price progresses during the day before topping up
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    In reply to: paperclip on Wednesday 10/05/06 07:04pm I hope so, gold up again... lets see what happens..
  6. sammybrennan


    Some ok gains so far today. Someone took out a chunk at 0.60c but still trading on fairly thin volume...
  7. sammybrennan


    GSJBWere have a huge influence on this stock, wouldn't be surprised if it is them pushing it up. They have made a killing on this stock in the past and they accumulate around the time of releasing their valuations. Some client of theirs must of made a fortune on this stock.... Consolidate and trend slightly downwards when it reaches 45-48cents
  8. Sabre (or anyone interested) I am new to this stock, bought in just recently. 20 year production life was too appealing With production only weeks away, do you think this will cause much of a stir in the share price? or would most insto's already have this factored into their valuation? Cheers Sam
  9. In reply to: happy2 on Thursday 22/12/05 09:40pm Will there be another break out above the current resistence level? Or should we look to go short? I currently have a long position, but the market seems to be struggling to get above, and stay above 4850.... Cheers
  10. In reply to: crowman28 on Friday 16/12/05 01:02pm can you believe this market? where is the rally coming from, why?????
  11. In reply to: sook on Tuesday 13/12/05 02:12pm Hi sook, yes good call, any Iran response would likely be limited. However, perhaps reducing oil supply might not be so blunt. Israel would only offically threaten Iran with US backing (of course) and I doubt Bush would like the prospect of what even higher oil prices might do to his already unpopular second term.... will be interesting to see how it eventuates anyway cheers Sam
  12. In reply to: apache123 on Monday 12/12/05 08:21am Apache, what do mean when you say this could be playing into Iran's hands?? Are you thinking if Israel attacks (or even formally threatens to attack) Iran will have motive to materialise their threat against Israel? Cheers Sam
  13. As was suggested in FTSE100 posts, if indication is that US rates wont move higher after next 25bp increase, DOW could move higher tonight - maybe followed by ASX tomorrow morning. Also on your posts, was mention of Israel continued hostility toward Iran and therefore likleyhood of inflamed Middle East instability - hence possible increase in oil price I am going to take a punt and go long ASX this afternoon, expecting rebound tomorrow morning and then wait for an opportunity to go short in short term.
  14. Anyone got an opinion on what the market might do tomorrow? Looks set to close down 18-24 pts today - could be a good opportunity to go long the index and ride it if it bounces back tomorrow.... Any comments?? Cheers Sam http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/icon14.gif
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