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    My view is that it will fill gap again in the mid teens once more newsflow come to hand...Gold outlook bullish...
  2. wanlika


    EXM imo is set to soar over the coming 6-12months as the resource size grows and the outlook for gold is bullish..No sovereign risk to that of o/s tenaments..Ex rio staff just appointed to the board,low risk in the fowm of open pits,great grades at depths of 48metres,theres a hell of alot to like about this stock..Easily could go to 10cents over the coming year..
  3. wanlika


    Well PNA has retraced back to its latest re issue price and my opnion is similiar to that of the previous post...PNA is one of the lowest cost producing miners around with alot of their forward projections based on a $1.40 per lb scenario...The entire market sentiment will bottom out over the next few months then sideways trading for maybe a few years then up... PNA will defy weakness in this sector due to their low costs....
  4. In reply to: as505 on Tuesday 16/12/08 01:35pm Purchased some Wollies shares last week.... Appears to be a great buy at these levels and a stock that will hold up well during a prolonged downturn,as we all need to eat... I too am amazed when i wlak into a WOW store,how many WOWBranded items end up im basket...Another sector of WOW business that booms thru out the year but even more so this time of year is their ownership of many many Pubs Australia wide.... Wanlika
  5. wanlika


    In reply to: wanlika on Saturday 06/12/08 10:39am All 3 Directors purchasing on market yesterday too is a good indication of how cheap it is......MLI
  6. wanlika


    In reply to: wanlika on Thursday 30/10/08 11:22pm ANH's Director have been purchasing on market.....Growth story that will unfold over the coming years even amongst a protracted deep recession in the US...ANH is recession proof as is INT..Thats if INT that manages to stay afloat..LOL...... Wanlika
  7. wanlika


    In reply to: wanlika on Tuesday 11/11/08 05:05am Merryl Lynch yesterday increased their stake from 10%-12% in Mintails in an off market trade....They too can see how cheap it is particulary with the expected long protracted deep recession that the US is about to enter hence pushing GOLD prices thru the roof over the coming months/years... Wanlika
  8. In reply to: Brendan on Monday 24/11/08 01:44pm agree totally.. Its all over imo...If you want a tax write off stay in me thinks and get burnt like many of us on TMR..The one is going the same way...Sorry to be negative but absolutely nothing positive going for it... wanlika
  9. wanlika


    In reply to: wanlika on Friday 23/05/08 04:11pm In the past week increased my holdings by another 300,000 New management, consistant income and lots of growth should keep this going thru out the credit crisis.. Wanlika
  10. wanlika


    In reply to: peterke on Thursday 07/08/08 09:21pm Peter K whats your thoughts on MLI @ this present time..? Cheers wanlika
  11. wanlika


    In reply to: Bill Gates on Wednesday 15/10/08 12:26pm Bill Gates have a look at ANH's latest Ann. re its entry into the top growth Company's in Australia.. Dont worry about forward earnings unless you are in the resource sector Son...(Outside of Uranium and Gold which will have nothing to worry about longer term..) ANH isnt reliant on High Commodities to remain high in order to succeed. As i have stated ANH is a growth story to be aware of and as i stated before,get on at ground floor.. Wanlika
  12. In reply to: sprotty on Tuesday 30/09/08 12:44pm Sprotty its easy to think that its a cheap stock and take actions in topping up as you did,but alarm bells began ringing some time back.... The pros and even myself ,got it wrong with TMR to my suprise... My holding going into the suspension was: 100,000@ 4.4c/100,000@4.3 & 100,000@6c. The Tungsten update is a bright light amongst what has been a dark year for TMR...I praised management last year but its clearly apparent they decieved many and have made a total balls up of their actions,particulary IBR's aquisition which has been written off...Lets hope that Portugal can rescue a portion of last years dismall IBR aquisition otherwise HC will go down in history as a huge failure...... Wanlika
  13. wanlika


    In reply to: wanlika on Saturday 20/09/08 02:47pm ANSEARCH/SEARCHWORLD today signed up 40 new partners.....read the announcement ... Get on board @ the ground floor..... Wanlika
  14. wanlika


    In reply to: peterke on Thursday 07/08/08 09:21pm Anybody have any news re the suspension from quotation..? My guess is a share refurbishment is on the cards maybe?
  15. wanlika


    In reply to: RADIO on Wednesday 17/09/08 04:41pm Purchased 500,000 @ 1.2c over Thursday/Friday...Will appear to be a good investment in time...Management and board are astute business people with huge knowledge and experience of this industry.. Will surpass ANH highs of the past in time without doubt........... Wanlika
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