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  1. hehe... that's a good sign...
  2. Great charts and explanations Arty !!! Very helpful and insightful information
  3. Hi, I was looking at FTSE and DAX charts and thought that the current level is at resistance (FTSE 4650, DAX 5375/5400 give or take a few points) if you look at the daily charts. If you look at the daily charts around 7th Nov and 5th Jan, it was around these points. Any thoughts on this ?
  4. I agree that there is a lot of hype over stocks recovering (on news sites etc) and looking at the charts it does look convincing... a few of the major indices have turned up if you read colin twiggs latest email. I'm undecided - whilst earnings so far have been positive, I still think it will be awhile until the economy recovers - but stockmarkets are always about 6-9months forward looking so not sure !
  5. this past share price action on the DOW & ASX has turned me into a bull !
  6. Hope you had a good time in Melb Danville ! It's my home city I think it was EB who said everytime you go on a holiday, the markets make big moves... it certainly had that effect the past week. It's great to see such good posts here from the regulars and the new people too ! Wink - still using the wooshka setup for your scalping ?
  7. FWIW - there is a quite big following on a blog (xtrends dot blogspot) who is very bearish - heavily shorting S&P so perhaps they could be right. must say though, very strong movements in banks & other stocks these past week or so... still we have broken major support (colin twiggs) so that's bearish... tempting to go short hear, but stocks just seem to want to go up !
  8. yes ! where is Kahuna ! miss reading his posts !!!
  9. Jim Rogers article on cnbc.com http://www.cnbc.com/id/29115526/ Investors will have to short government bonds at some point despite their current attraction, as the amount of debt issued is "staggering" and inflation risks are down the road, Jim Rogers, CEO of Jim Rogers Holdings, told CNBC Tuesday. The low rates policy promoted by central banks is likely to pop a fresh bubble in government bonds sometime in the future, Rogers said. "I was short long-term government bonds in the US, I had to cover a little loss because the head of the central bank said he was going to buy US long-term bonds, and he's got more money than I do," he told "Squawk Box Europe." "I plan to sell short US government long bonds sometime in the foreseeable future… I don't know when, whether it's this quarter or this year," Rogers said. If long-term interest rates continue to go down, then "you've got to sell short government bonds, because the numbers are just staggering" when it comes to the amount of debt issued by the US and the UK, he explained. "Government bonds may be the last bubble that is developing. I'm not short government bonds right now," Rogers said. The rise in the US dollar was likely caused by short-sellers covering their bets but the trend was unlikely to last long-term, he said. "There are huge short positions in the dollar, everybody is trying to cover. I'm not selling my yen yet, but it's an artificial rally too." "I sold all of my sterling, I wouldn't buy sterling for the next 5 to10 years. The same is happening to the US economy, I'm not picking on the UK," Rogers added. He reiterated his view that, with North Sea oil reserves dwindling and the City of London shrinking because of the financial crisis, the UK had no big industries to fall back upon. The euro and other currencies from the Continent are likely to fare slightly better than sterling, but they were not a 'buy' in his view, Rogers said. "I'm not buying any of these currencies at the moment. I still own the euro, I don't own sterling anymore, I still own the Swiss franc. Europe at least is not a huge debtor, like the UK is," he said. Commodities continue to be the safest bet as fundamentals were good because when the economic downturn is over, the world will need raw materials, he said. "The fundamentals of commodities are improving through all of this," Rogers said. "You're not going to see a mine of any kind opening in 10 to15 years." Agricultural commodities, where prices fell a lot, oil and gold may also be good for investors, according to Rogers. "I'm buying gold just because I'm periodically buying gold, because I do expect it to be much higher over the next decade," Rogers said, adding that history has never seen all major central banks printing money "as fast as they can" at the same time. "I know we're going to have serious inflation down the road," Rogers said.
  10. dow down over 400 pts... this is the biggest drop in a while, recently the moves (both up ad down) have been in the 1 to 2% range... obvisouly they dont like the bailout plan.... Dan - shorts will come good today ! I also checke out davins blog and have bookmarked it, looks really good !!!
  11. thanks for the replys... thats alot of money their throwing around.... interesting days ahead
  12. hi- could someone please clarify this for me ? is this the same financial package that they passed last year (the T.A.R.P) for about 700 billion ? if its another package... then the markets will probably react the same way as when the TARP package was approved in their congress and get sold off
  13. Hey ross, been reading your blog - very interesting and enjoy reading it... keep it up !
  14. hungry - looks like the shorts will pay off ! (if they aren't already) i'm in a bit of indecision being that we have reached very low levels so i'm warying of shorting but at the same time don't really feel confident to go long ! so sitting on the sidelines things like SGM's earnings guidance don't bring much confidence to the market so looks like it's heading lower....
  15. good morning EB ! last night is good for us today although still in dangerous territory with asx not too far away from Nov low.... Good to see IBM results (disc - i work for IBM) and also Apple posted good results - so tech stocks looking like they are doing ok (except for maybe intel) I'm also of the thought the Oil should bounce back in the near future.. just have to get this recession thing out of the way !
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