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  1. In reply to: gupper on Tuesday 04/03/08 08:46pm Mornin' gupper, Well, looking at the market depth this morning is a sad sign of the times we live in. Nortel announcement saw this stock trading at 25-28c. It naturally drifted down again as IPR still needed the Judges verdict before it actually received a cent. Now this is the real deal, with real cash flowing from Ericsson in just 13 days..... ....and look at the sellers falling over each other trying to find a position to exit. Sad days indeed. Should still be a trade in there if we can get some volume. Ho Hum.
  2. Well thought I better blow the cobwebs off this thread (and my forum writing). In light of the fact that I have been holding/trading these for a year waiting for the Judge to make his decision on the Nortel case, and with things getting very slow and somewhat dismal looking of late, I was rather excited to see IPR's announcement after market today. The good thing about this is that it's not even the Nortel case (in which a jury awarded IPR US$28 million). It's a case I did not expect to see anything from for quite some time. So it sets a precedent and now makes it far easier for the Judge to award IPR at least the sum nominated by the jury in the Nortel case. So potentially the sum of money announced below could be doubled with an equal award on the Nortel case. Perhaps it is now less likely that Nortel will appeal the award, as Ericsson have coughed up. Cash backing after this payout of 11.5c per share. Cash backing of around 18c per share if Judge awards similar for Nortel. Looking forward to a bit of light trading in this tomorrow. QUOTE 4 March 2008 Settlement with Ericsson and Longreach ipernica is pleased to provide the following update in respect of its litigation against Ericsson and Longreach in the Federal Court of Australia. Ipernica, Ericsson and Longreach have agreed to settle the litigation on a no liability basis, in consideration for a cash payment by Ericsson to ipernica of A$30 million, payable on or before 18 March 2008. Although the terms of settlement are confidential, ipernica expects that, after final calculation and payment of amounts due to its profit share partners, it will retain the sum of approximately A$20 million from the settlement.
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    In reply to: healyn on Wednesday 26/09/07 10:18am Cheers thanks Healyn, Looks like they might be worth a punt for a rebound into stokes then. Have a good one.
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    Hi Guys, Is EGO participating in the stokes bay well also ? Or were they just invovled in Valentine? Thanks. cw
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    In reply to: EasternGrey1 on Friday 10/11/06 04:30pm Some more up to date figures for you to work with EasternGrey1, ASX Announcement –14 May 2007 The Companies Announcement Office Australian Stock Exchange Level 10 Exchange Centre 20 Bond Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 Dears Sirs PRE FEASIBILITY STUDY CONFIRMS MAJOR NEW NICKEL HEAP LEACH PROJECT • Annual Production - 13,100 tonnes Nickel and 630 tonnes Cobalt • Minimum Mine Life 20 years • Operating Surplus - A$3.70 billion (pre tax) • Operating Costs - US$2.49/lb (after Co credit) • Capital Costs - A$455 million • NPV - A$1.47 billion (pre tax ) • Strong Potential for Existing Resource Base to Support Higher Production The Company is pleased to report the results from the Pre Feasibility Study (PFS) on the development of the NiWest Nickel Laterite Heap Leach project at Murrin Murrin in the North Eastern goldfields of Western Australia. The PFS shows a project which has the potential to deliver significant long term economic benefits to shareholders. The low cost per annual pound of Nickel produced confirms Heap Leach as the preferred development route for GME’s laterite ores. At US$11.43/lb the NiWest capital cost rates as one of the lowest cost nickel projects internationally. The PFS was undertaken by leading independent project engineers Aker Kvaerner who have relevant experience in the design and development of nickel laterite heap leach projects. ASX Announcement 2 14 March 2007 The Company will now commit to a bankable feasibility study (BFS) for the project which will include a demonstration 20,000 tonne mining and heap leach trial. The BFS is expected to be completed by June 2008. Production The NiWest Heap Leach project will be based on an operation treating 1.5 million tonnes of ore per annum and production of a high grade Mixed Sulphide Product that yields 13,000 tonnes of nickel and 630 tonnes cobalt annually. The project will be self contained with its own acid plant. Resources and Recoveries The PFS utilises the measured and indicated resources (at a 1% nickel cut off grade) located at the Hepi, Mt Kilkenny and Eucalyptus project areas. These resources total 32.5 million tonnes at 1.27% Nickel and 0.08% Cobalt. Taking into account future conversion of these resources to reserves, the mineable ore has been assumed to be 30 million tonnes at 1.21% Nickel and 0.08% Cobalt. Total resources at the Hepi and Mt Kilkenny projects represent the first 12 years of production. The balance of the heap leach resource tonnes will come from the Eucalyptus project area where similar saprolite ore types have been identified. Metallurgical column test work will commence on the Eucalyptus resource in June 2007. Capital Costs Total capital costs have been estimated at A$455 million. The Company believes that significant savings can be made in a number of areas once more accurate quantities have been defined. The following table provides a summary of Capital Costs. Capital Breakdown Million A$ Bulk and Civil Earthworks 48.0 Process and Acid Plant 283.3 EPCM 48.3 Contingencies 75.9 Total 455.5 Operating Costs Total operating costs before cobalt credits have been calculated to be US$3.30/lb Nickel or A$85 per tonne of ore treated. After cobalt credits are taken up operating costs fall to US$2.49/lb Nickel. The operating costs are in line with the Company’s conceptual estimates although there are a number of areas that have been identified where savings can be made. Test work has also been commissioned to investigate the economics of introducing a SX EW plant to produce LME grade product. Refining costs allowed for in the PFS total approximately $1.0 billion over the life of the mine. Project Financial Indicators A financial model of the project has been produced. Based on nickel and cobalt prices of US$10 and US$20 per pound respectively, the model shows the project will produce a cash surplus of A$3.7 billion before tax. Using a discount rate of 8% this gives an NPV A$1.47 billion. ASX Announcement 3 14 March 2007 The following table summarises the financials and key parameters of the project Heap Leach Mine Life 20 years Resources Measured and Indicated 32.5 Mt at 1.27% Ni and 0.10% Co Estimated Mineable Ore 30.0 Mt at 1.21% Ni and 0.08% Co Production per annum Nickel in Mixed Sulphide Product 13,100 Tonnes Cobalt in Mixed Sulphide Product 630 Tonnes Exchange Rate (A$ - US$) A$0.75 Nickel Price US$10/lb Cobalt price US$20/lb Capital Capital Costs A$455 Million Capital Cost per annual pound Ni Production (Life of Mine) US$11.43/lb Operation Cost Operating Cost including Cobalt Credits (Life of Mine) US$2.49/lb Operating Surplus Operating Surplus (pre tax) A$3.7 Billion NPV 8% discount (pre tax) A$1. 47 Billion Project Upside Table 1 shows the combined heap leach resources (1% nickel cut off grade) at the Hepi, Mt Kilkenny and Eucalyptus resources. The Measured and Indicated resources are expected to increase further as a result of the current infill drilling program aimed at upgrading the inferred resources. Based on previous infill drilling programs, resource conversion from inferred to indicated category is approximately 90%. Table 1 - Heap Leach Resources 1% Cut off grade Category Tonnes Ni% Contained Nickel Measured & Indicated 32,500,000 1.27 412,750 Inferred 8,830,000 1.15 101,545 Combined Total 41,330,000 1.24 514,295 Table 2 shows the increase in tonnes and metal content when the resources are calculated at 0.8% nickel cut off grade. ASX Announcement 4 14 March 2007 Table 2 – Heap Leach Resources 0.8% Cut Off Grade Category Tonnes Ni% Contained Nickel Measured & Indicated 45,730,000 1.11 507,603 Inferred 13,980,000 1.00 139,800 Combined Total 59,710,000 1.08 647,403 Although the PFS is based on a processing rate of 1.5 million tonnes per annum, the resource base can support a substantially higher annual processing rate. The BFS will investigate further the grade/tonnage relationship and the incremental capital costs to determine the optimum project size. Feasibility Study The Company is to immediately commence the BFS. A number of initiatives to compliment the fast tracking of the BFS have been advanced including • An extensive infill drilling program to upgrade Mt Kilkenny and Eucalyptus resources. • A Sonic core drilling program to facilitate a new round of column test work • Environmental surveys and studies at Hepi and Mt Kilkenny projects • Water resource drilling and evaluation • Resource model and reserve studies for Hepi and Mt Kilkenny • Drill out at Hepi for the trial pit design • Engineering and design for the 20,000 tonne Trial Heap Leach Capital Raising Further capital is required to complete this work. The Company has received strong support from its shareholders and is in the process of finalising a capital raising by way of a renounceable rights issue. Full details of this rights issue will be announced shortly.
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    In reply to: blowout preventer on Thursday 03/05/07 03:45pm Hi Blowout, Sounds like you want some shares cheaper than current market pretty badly! I don't know that the situation will play out quite to the extent you pose in this case. I was on FAR back then as well. I think you probably realise there are some fundamental differences between FAR and PPP. Nice downramp though. PPP actually have oil in the ground under the sea. Actually quite a lot of it. They have made some holes into these oil pools and put straws in them and are going to suck the oil out. They are going to sell the oil. For money. Oh yeah and it's going to happen in 2 months. But I think you already know that. FAR at the time certainly did not have oil. They had no flow rates to indicate a cashflow. FAR were being discounted for all the typical risks and unknowns of drilling. Even if they hit something they were a lot lot lot further off from production than PPP. Worlds apart these two.....worlds apart. As always in the market the shareprice through this period will be a product of supply and demand. The price action today indicated to me that there will be plenty of demand as folk (such as yourself-not yet holding or those wanting to top up) snapped up the cheapies today. I think you will find that the demand for PPP shares over the next 2 months will greatly exceed the demand shown for FAR during it's period of option conversion. FAR was a full-on speccie. I don't think PPP fits that category any more....err, right! And hence there will be a far greater proportion of PPPO holders that want to hold all they can going forward. So overall we will find much less supply and much more demand for PPP than what we experienced with FAR and rightly so. They will be selling 5000 bopd in just 2 months from now (roughly!) Not your usual intelligent, informative post blowout preventer. And I dare say your post would point out a more level opinion if you already owned shares. Cheers and good luck with your purchase.
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    In reply to: zoidberg on Tuesday 24/04/07 10:35am Hey Zoidberg, Yes correct, payment was not received by end of March. I see some others have already answered your question. There will be some comment on subsequent events which will be important to read in context with what we get from the quarterly. Should be another shipment heading out at end of April. As I think Enumerate said, the most important issue for me is to try and work out operating costs to work out a potential anualized profit target. I think the project will be running at a profit but think INL will have run at a loss for the quarter. Although JRV profit may tip the scales. More important will be to work out how much profit they may retain going forward with full production. I guess there are some who believe this wont be so substancial. Then I guess there are also those who don't even know why they are selling but everyone else is so it must be the right thing to do....right? Still flirting with my stop, would like to still be in for the quarterly....hope we wont be too sorry! Market clearly doesn't like INL for now. Lots of good stocks out there at the moment. Been trading INL quite hard at times for over a year and just can't stay away even when she's in dog mode....she bounces so sweet. But I don't think the break of 16c is so groovy. POZ wants to help but just following copper around.
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    Well after bailing at 18/18.5c resistance from the last pick up at 16/16.5c I thought it looked good for another go, hoping for a double bottom scenario. Picked up 200k again at 16.5/16 so too bad the support did not hold ! Technically 12c looks like the next solid support level, which would also place it again at the lower border of the downtrend channel. I think however at these prices there will be little half cent bounces all the way down as there is no doubt it's looking cheap down here. Fact is no one really to wants to buy up...because nobody else is....and everyone wants to sell down, because.....everyone else is.... For those waiting for the quarterly, I hope you realise there will be only one shipment of concentrate on the books. The subsequent shipments missed the boat (haha) as they left in April. So I think the commentary about subsequent events will be very important and should be noted in conjunction with the financials. I have no doubt INL will be still showing a loss for this quarterly but hopefully we'll be able to glean profit margins and hence make some projections going forward. Closed on my stoploss level (not yet executed) so will be interesting to see where she goes from here. Just have to remember to watch this one in between all those other great traders going off at the moment. Cheers.
  9. Hi marty and michael, Some very nice moves by IPR on Friday. Congrats to those who bought in the last week and the long term holders of course. Looks like this stock has just greatly increased it's potential to seriously go places. Very positive jury decision with still a few very important cases to come. There are a few news reports kicking around the globe mostly focusing on Nortel's loss rather than IPR's win/gain. The following report from Bloomberg however was the one that really caught my eye with the one particular comment highlighted. This is especially significant given that IPR has a current market cap of just $60 million. QUOTE Nortel Loses $28.1 Million Patent Verdict to Ipernica (Update2) By Jeff St.Onge April 20 (Bloomberg) -- Nortel Networks Corp., North America's biggest maker of telephone equipment, lost a $28.1 million jury verdict in a patent-infringement case brought by Australia's Ipernica Ltd. A federal court jury in Marshall, Texas, decided yesterday that Nortel used Ipernica's ``statistical multiplexing'' invention without permission. The panel said Nortel's infringement was deliberate, a finding that could as much as triple the award if U.S. District Judge T. John Ward agrees. ``We await the trial judge's final judgment with anticipation,'' Ipernica Chief Executive Officer Graham Griffiths said in a statement. The verdict is the fourth-largest in a patent case this year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg News. Ipernica sued Nortel in 2005 in the Eastern District of Texas, which ranked second among the most favorable for patent lawsuits from 1995 to 2006, a PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP study this year said. The disputed technology improves the transmission of telephone calls, television images and other data over a digital communications network. Ipernica, formerly known as QPSX, licenses intellectual property rights, such as patents, according to the West Perth, Australia-based company's Web site. The jury found Ipernica's multiplexing patent is valid. Judge's Decision Ward will consider the jury's decisions and deliver a final judgment. Any appeal must be filed within 30 days of his decision, Ipernica said. ``We strongly disagree that their verdict is supported by the facts or the law,'' Jay Barta, a spokesman for Toronto-based Nortel, said in an e-mailed statement. ``Accordingly, we will be filing post-trial motions with the court and we will continue to vigorously defend this action.'' Cisco Systems Inc., Alcatel-Lucent and Juniper Networks settled the lawsuit with Ipernica, leaving Nortel as the only defendant, court papers show. Nortel's U.S. shares fell 22 cents to $23.82 at 4:05 p.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading. They have fallen 11 percent this year. Ipernica shares rose 7 cents, or 44 percent, to 23 cents, a 52-week high, in Australia. The case is QPSX Developments 5 Pty Ltd. v. Nortel Networks Inc., 05cv268, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas (Marshall). To contact the reporter on this story: Jeff St.Onge in Washington, at jstonge@bloomberg.net . Last Updated: April 20, 2007 16:13 EDT A tripling of this payout would be AUD$99 million, that is 1.5 times greater than IPR's current market cap. There is as stated still a few significant cases pending so very large potential here. IPR are not quite all the way there yet obviously. But looks well worth following progress from here on in. Cheers.
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    In reply to: dreamer on Monday 26/03/07 04:16pm Hi dreamer, Sorry wasn't SS'ing today. To answer your question, I can't see INL heading to 30c any time in the short term as things stand. Market has obviously decided to discount all INL's future growth pospects at this stage and appears to be valueing the company only on it's current project and cashflow. IMHO in the immediate term I think we will have to be happy with a return into the 18/19c level. Barring any market craziness I would think a return to around the 20c level in the next 2 weeks is not unreasonable. Without a catalyst or trigger of some sort I don't think we will move much higher than 20/21c, otherwise we'd already be there. A catalyst could be in the form of rising POZ, successful BSM ore treatment, or the number of other possibilities already discussed at length here. cheers.
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    In reply to: Marsupial on Monday 26/03/07 01:47pm Looking good all. Gotta be happy with this KB. Bad luck Marsupial, I got the rest of my 16.5c order filled PLUS managed to pick up a small 30K parcel at 16c. Don't ya just love crowd psychology! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wub.gif There's the rapid recovery back to the 18/19c level I mentioned.....noice! JRV was always going to be a win for INL either way.
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    Bit of speculation kicking around here, which is perfectly inderstandable given the price action. Only natural to question what's going on. Only way to know the facts is to get answers from the right source of course. The JRV moves has a lot of poeple wondering why and what. Intec say it was just good looking opportunity to get involved in a company with potential. They were not after the Hydromet Tech. They know the JRV Hydromet guy well and have had plenty to do with him over the years. Say they would have just approached him directly if that had been their slant and this would have been a very impractical, roundabout and unnecessary way to get to that end. They simply saw the potential for a win win for both. So nothing wrong at this stage with INL's hydromet tech. Base case metals extraction was pegged at 38-41% Zinc, 7-10% Lead, 200g/t Silver. Feb 07 report gives provisional grades of 38.4% Zinc, 6.9% Lead, 238g/t Silver. So doesn't appear to be anything wrong with Silver extraction as implied in Australian article given that Silver is being extracted at 20% ABOVE base case scenario. Also worth noting in regards to these 'provisional' figures that last time Zinc % was significantly upgraded later (to 41% from 38%). A lot of this speculation, eg BFS, is all about FUTURE prospects of INL and while valid has more to do with whether the SP will reach 50c or not in the coming months/years. However right now, today, we have a company that is producing metals from a successful project. This project is making profit and means that at 16.5c this company is undervalued, let's forget about future prospects and growth potential for a second. Nothing has gone wrong with this part of the business. We are right this very moment producing valuable amounts of Zinc, Lead and Silver. And we are goint to sell the stuff! Look at the XAO/XJO over the last weeks. Sold down to b#ggery on a correction, Why?....because everyone else was selling. Now look how well it has recovered as panickers settle down and fundamentals kick back in. INL has now been sold down to b#ggery, Why? .....because everyone else was selling. Now we sit back and watch it recover as people settle down, realise there's nothing wrong and fundamentals kick back in. JRV has been nothing but a win for INL whichever way it works out. Sure if a killer JV or merger had been worked out it may have shot the SP to 30c. But just because it didn't doesn't mean we lost anything that we had when the SP was 20c. If INL sell out of JRV then it's a win, we just made a great profit. If INL hold JRV then it's a win if JRV can pull another deal and produce their ore. IMHO this has just been one of those classic trading opportunities. Good to see KB around too. You usually have a great nose for a bargain and see value long before many others. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif Off to the beach for a bit of Kitesurfing. Ciao.
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    In reply to: healyn on Friday 23/03/07 03:42pm Healyn, Absolutely agree with your thoughts. As for the Journalist, yes they do seem to know their stuff if as a shareholder you know less than them so can not contradict their errors. Case in point, article says INL picked up their shares in JRV at between 1.6 and 1.8c, we know this to be bollocks because we got them for an average price of 1.1c The february progress report spoke of excellent recoveries so I don't think there is a problem with extracting silver....as for GOLD... well heck we are not even trying to extract it at this stage so why should that effect the current share price? All the figures we work with are for the production of Zinc, Lead and Silver from the HZCJV. After just having a long chat with David at Intec I am assured that everything is proceeding exactly the same as it was last week and last month when the SP was in the 20's. I am now certain that nothing is wrong fundamentally and we have some panic sellers creating an amazing buying opportunity. The selling could also be exacerbated by short term traders from JRV and general traders who jumped on INL after the JRV announcement hoping to ride something up, who are now bailing that the deal is off and bringing a few panic sellers along with them. Let's face 4.6million shares is not mega volume. The market is a wonderful crazy place. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
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    In reply to: veeone on Friday 23/03/07 02:03pm Hi V1, yeah did the same more or less and continued to trade the bounces on the way down. Was working the 18.5 to 19.5 level but stayed away as it began to look weak. Missed 16c so far, was just a little too far back in the queue but picked up more at 16.5c May just bump around down here for a day or two but feels to me like the final throws of fearful dumpers capitulating. I'll be looking for a rapid recovery back into the 18/19c level next week. I'm definately not a long term holder...of anything. But I am a long term follower of a bunch of stocks which I trade on a very regular basis. Can't stand to see profits dissolve or losses grow! Just can't see it staying here too long or going down much more if the business is still functioning like we all believe it to be.
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    Well gotta say this is really quite a remarkable turn of events. Never imagined that I'd be buying 150K at 17c after where this company has arrived. Stock Market never ceases to amaze me. I'm sure glad I'm a buyer here rather than a seller. I can't imagine the losses some folk must be taking here. That said, I am sure there are some who are taking a much reduced profit and not a loss. Of course we can only make our decisions on the info available out there in the free market but I truly can't see why Intec have dropped to this shareprice.....seems somewhat absurd......of course there is always that little birdy whispering on my shoulder..what if insiders know something we don't ? That's the risk I'll take. There is always someone who sells at the bottom when sentiment reaches it's lowest point. There is also someone who buys. I don't know if this is the bottom but assuming there is nothing wrong at Intec then it must be very close. I see 16c as ultimate technical support and will pick up some more if it gets there....so long as nothing is wrong! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wacko.gif
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