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    IN REPLY TO A POST BY Titanic, Sat 10/01/04 02:10pm [READ POST] Future sales & deals like this? Yes its old news but still relevant to this discussion Chinese Government Approves RGF's PHI Cell to Reduce Airborne Transmission of SARS http://www.rgf.com/press_releases.cfm?StartRow=31 This announcement was made 2 weeks after the PRC asked for testing on the Microgenix Equipment in the UK to be sped up. And AFT announces the sale of one unit in Greece.... what other company announces 1 sale? In Aft's own china update announcement stated that testing was subject to formal government approval for the live testing to commence. 6 weeks later and still nothing... Jeff Dalco said himself he did not know where the PRC's priorities lay, SARS really hit hard in february last year..... Surely if the PRC were so taken by Microgenix's technology they would want their infrustructure set up by february. But yet AFT are silent on this catch to the whole deal. As someone else said here, If you drive with rose colored glasses you will be hit by the red truck coming the other way. Some very good points Titanic, but dont expect a stampede of relpys from the avid followers of AFT. I have a question that these guys can't answer. (1) would the chinese government kill thousands of animals if sars is spread through the air ? (2) How do you feed civet cats-raccoon dogs-rats-cockroaches-flies and mosquitoes through an air filter ? http://www.indolink.com/displayArticleS.php?id=011004015837 CATS SLAUGHTER: Meanwhile, thousands of civet cats have been killed so far in China, mostly by drowning, electrocution and incineration. An estimated 10,000 are expected to be culled in total. The cull has been extended to badgers, raccoon dogs and other animals served as local delicacies. Officials are threatening animal traders with fines of up to $12,000 for failing to cull civet cats - whose meat fetches up to $22 a kilogramme. The authorities have also called for the slaughter of rats, cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes, known as the "four dangers". In Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, red banners are calling for better hygiene. --------------------------------------------- AFT is using Sars as a promotional tool, even if their system can filter out the virus there is no proof that it will have any impact at all in stopping the spread of Sars, and everyone with half a brain knows that. The upside will be in the head lines "AFT FILTERS SARS" I would buy on this news and quickly sell before the hype runs out, because the next headline will read "AFT'S SYSTEM DOES LITTLE TO STEM THE SPREAD OF SARS". The system may well have it's applications but SARS is not one of them. Those holding before the announcment are pure gamblers, I'd rather wait and just take a safer 10 or 20 %. So guys how about some answers to questions (1) and (2) if you expect to be taken seriously. Tex.
  2. From ozestocks Posted by: stockpanther Jan 9 2004 2:29:27:310AM Reply to post # by Go to Post # TEX - wondering if you would like to share with the forum your new shareholding? Stockpanther. --------------------------------------------------------------- From Hotcopper Subject tex is out Posted 09/01/04 10:10 - 38 reads Posted by texas5qld Post #212443 - start of thread - splitview Decided to exit yesterday at $11.91c so I'm happy the rise from my entry of $10.80. Why I here you ask ? Because I decided to put it into AvV which I bought at $1.60. Now I know WOW may go up more and AvV may go down more....but I'm banking on a reversal. I think AvV will pay a better yeild than WOW come Div'y time and I think AvV has a better chance of putting on 10% (after recent falls) than WOW has of putting on a further 10% (after recent rises). $10.80 to $13.10 versus $1.60 to $1.76 Now if I'm real lucky WOW will have a pull back at the same time AvV takes a run upwards......wouldn't I look like a real pro if that happened.....lol. All the best guys.......I'm moving over to asxboard.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/cool2.gif the 130 point fall on the dow just may work in my favor http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/cool2.gif Cheers Tex.
  3. IN REPLY TO A POST BY ADMIN1, Thu 08/01/04 08:07pm [READ POST] texas4qld: this feature (exactly for the purpose you correctly stated) is aleady a function of asxboard.com and has been right from the very start. Up to 15 minutes after you make a post, there will be a little EDIT icon that looks like http://www.asxboard.com/style_images/rice/p_edit.gif found on the BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER of your post. Just click this, and make some quick spelling changes. No need to post again immediately after posting the first time, apologizing for leaving out an important detail, or making a typo. Just use the edit feature. Hope this answers your question tex. All the best One other thing, could we have a CHEERS symbol to choose from, similar to the link I have added below ? http://www.ihelpyouservices.com/forums/ima...lies/cheers.gif
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    Hi Doc Good to see you made it over here. SNN might just surprise http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif us after the EX-DIV on the 13th, I will add to my position if it gets back to 19c for sure. I still challenge anyone reading this post to find me a company with comparable figures. 75 million shares at 21.5c a share $16 million market cap. NTA of 10c Revenues of $24 million Net profit of $2.4 million (conservatively). Dividend of 1.5c per share (unfranked). Cheers Tex
  5. Why dont you tell me what you think Crassus, I think I've made myself fairly clear. Wheres is the bottom ? And do you think it will get to $2 this year ? Tex. http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif
  6. Popped out at $11.91 yesterday, nice 11% ride. Hoping for a pull back. Tex.
  7. I took some more at $1.60, the time to buy is when no one else wants them http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/goatee.gif Tex.
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    It's about time you got over here ! Is this the ducks nuts or what http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif Monday is the last day to be holding SNN to collect the div, I think I'll buy some more if she dips on the other side of Ex-Div with my Div chq http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/graduated.gif GO SNN
  9. Fantastic, this site has got it all !! I'm really pleased to have a monitored forum to keep the loony posters on the straight and narrow. Great job guys http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif Tex.
  10. IN REPLY TO A POST BY asxboard.com, Thu 08/01/04 03:58pm [READ POST] Chiller, Let me first state this. Asxboard.com will not pass on your details to any third party for the purpose of marketing. "I do not know if you will make available to anyone my private email address." Legally if ASIC or the Australia Federal police request your details, we have to provide them (like ANY website no matter what they claim) The legal disclaimer will be modified in due course. Thankyou Asxboard.com Hi admin I'm not sure if this suggestion has already been posted, due to the large responce you've had, but it would be a great feature if we could edit our post after posting, the same as Ihub.com. This feature on Ihub gives you 15 minutes to edit your post, in the event of a spelling mistake or incorrect wording. It also gives flamers a chance to cool off and perhaps go back and reword their responce to other Antagonists. http://www.investorshub.com It is used primarily to discuss american stocks, so I didn't think you'd mind it posted here. Cheers Tex.
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    IN REPLY TO A POST BY amokk20us, Thu 08/01/04 01:05pm [READ POST] Can someone please post the company profile on this thread? Thanks http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/graduated.gif PRINCIPAL ACTIVITY Multiemedia Limited owns and invests in telecommunications, creative web content, e-commerce and new technology companies. The Company's primary portfolio holdings includes Multie Technology Distribution and Two-way satellite business. MULTIE TECHNOLOGY DISTRIBUTION (MTD): Formerly Magnafield. the subsidiary conducts business specialising in the importation of computers, parts, software and accessories for distribution throughout Australia via its reseller/ dealer base. MTD also supplies households and business users and ISP's with satellite delivered internet connections and bandwidth. TWO WAY SATELLITE BUSINESS: This operation is a provider of high speed satellite broadband to the Australian market. Its two way technology, provided by ViaSat, will allow for uplink of over 1 Mb and will be available for many rural, remote and indigenous communities. Receiver stations anywhere in Australia will be able to transmit data to the network hub at up to 1.15 Mbps, with data downloads of up to 60 Mbps, satisfying bandwidth-intensive applications using IP data. Solutions being offered will include; internet access, digital media streaming, videoconferencing, voice over IP, distance learning, file transfer, multicasting and virtual private networks. STRATEGY ANALYSIS & PROFIT REPORT Multimedia reported net operating losses after tax of $5.6m for FY03 vs losses of $16m in the pcp. The result was attributable to the significant increase in other revenue items and gain from the sale of subsidiary. Cost base was reduced during the period by 21.6% offset by 17.2% decline in operating revenue thus brings the gross profit to $3.9m, a 68.29% lift from the pcp. Multimedia’s strategy is to focus on core operation, two-way satellite technology. The solution covers approximately 60% of the world’s population to deliver broadband telecommunication services. Management believes a strong upside potential in the wireless industry, the development of the technology would convert into future profits as already seen in many contracts MUL has won. Multimedia has joint forces with a number of business partners to provide the two-way satellite solution. These alliances include NewKies, ViaSat, IP Access International, Advanced Projects International and Kavera. More recently, Multimedia has formed partnership with Tracstar Systems to provide Mobile Broadband covered by the NSS6 beam. The product has been branded 'NewSat' which will be capable of delivering instant communications via notebook to any country in the world.
  12. IN REPLY TO A POST BY crassus, Thu 08/01/04 12:30pm [READ POST] It broken the $1.65 support, where to from here tex? Sell the yatch and BMW and buy more http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
  13. I like this site which shows my first trading system: http://truffula.net/~chris/pics/humor/pc-p...blecomputer.jpg ------------------ Shorting data: http://www.asx.com.au/data/Shortsell.txt ----------------------- News on the net, listen to stock updates whilst you toil in the office: http://www.abc.net.au/newsradio/listen.htm ----------------------- Informative reading: http://www.egoli.com.au/egoli/egolihome.asp -------------------------- My new trading system: http://www.tocs.com.au/specials.html ---------------- Thanks guys for the links. Tex.
  14. IN REPLY TO A POST BY theflasherman, Wed 07/01/04 08:29pm [READ POST] Interestingly Macquarie accounted for approximately a quarter of buy trades in JBM in todays trade. not bad for a sell recommendation. Their clients not taking their advice obviously. I have been looking at JBM for a while now and Macquarie are the main accumulators. Paterson Ord Minnet sold approx half of JBM stock today. http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2004/01/...3268069013.html Nickel futures fall January 7, 2004 - 8:05AM In London, nickel futures on the London Metal Exchange (LME) closed sharply lower on Tuesday, with the rest of the complex following suit, as profit taking became the order of the day after the metals' brisk New Year rally, analysts said. Benchmark three-months nickel finished Tuesday's kerb at $15,200 a tonne, sharply down from $17,100 at Monday evening's kerb close and a far cry from the day's fresh 14-1/2 year high at $17,720. "There is clear evidence of price dips being bought and any correction should be brief and shallow... Clearly these markets are very volatile at the moment and that should continue," Ingrid Sternby, base metals analyst at Barclays Capital. ((((this is basicly what Macquarie said, but he said the next BIG up cycle would be in 6 to 12 months))))) Cheers Tex.
  15. IN REPLY TO A POST BY Sagitar, Wed 07/01/04 05:24pm [READ POST] Hi Tex, Thanks for filling in the gaps. Yes, you're right the capital raising is for the acquisation of Smart Connect...although raising $3.2 million isn't bad particularly at a time when investor were busy pouring their money in the float frenzy. IMHO I didn't think the Mr Soon picked the right time for the capital raising particularly since at the time the share price was off to a good start. Having said that, noticed some late afternoon buying today, share price is up 9.7%. Possibly some good news on the way? Will wait n see. cheers, Sagitar From a trading point of view I think SKG is ready for a run, but be aware that there are 49 million shares at 6.5c ready to swat any decent offer.....so unless Mr Soon releases some FANTASTIC news (cash related) I don't think it will have much upside short term. I didn't like the way they released the top twenty holders without including the new holders of 49 million shares.....very suspect IMHO. And I also found the $1 million advertising deal very strange ? Clearly Mr Soon has been collecting cash as hard and fast as he can to get the revenue machine up and running.......the question is "is the model sustainable" or will it require a further injection of cash ? The answer will not be know until June 30. Tex.
  16. IN REPLY TO A POST BY theflasherman, Wed 07/01/04 09:21am [READ POST] Nickel stocks on my watchlist (SMY, JBM, MCR, MPM, WMR) heading down a little. not a huge reaction though. Could be a short term trading opportunity if Nickel recovers. Anyone's guess though! I watched the stock report on cable tonight, Macquarie said sell nickle stocks after 10% fall in overnight markets. They still think nickle is worth a play in 6 to 12 months but at the moment it's coming off 14 year highs. Tex.
  17. IN REPLY TO A POST BY rotuma, Wed 19/11/03 07:42pm [READ POST] Long-term, which is better? AAV or MPH? MPH is perhaps better over the medium-term, because it is more leveraged to the DVD market, but little diversification. I hold MPH and am very happy with it's performance ... got a nice fat dividend cheque yesterday, which doubled from last year, and was also ff. :D For such a small media company, they have the rights to some outstanding titles in the Aust and NZ market, especially in history and documentaries (a niche which they basically control, as competor's titles pale in comparison to MPH's history/documentary library IMHO) Does anyone know who manufactures MPH's DVD's? #Long-term, which is better? AAV or MPH? # I'd like to see both half yearlys first before taking a stab at that question. AvV's merge with staging connections is going to make a major difference to the revenue stream.....but we still need to see forward profit forecasts before they can be compared. Tex.
  18. IN REPLY TO A POST BY colaiscute, Wed 07/01/04 07:48pm [READ POST] If you ask me... things arent looking too good. The next days will be extremely important. Will SP break the support? Your guess is as good as mine. I'd agree with you, but I have seen AvV look like this before and the big guys seem to come in and save the day at the last minute. From a trading point of view, very boring at the moment. We may see some action closer to earnings (fingers crossed). AvV should be posting some big revenue numbers, and it's only trading 12c above ABN's old rating of $1.50 and 53c below ABN's new rating of $2.15. More upside for the patient IMHO. Cheers Tex.
  19. IN REPLY TO A POST BY Sagitar, Sat 06/12/03 01:26pm [READ POST] Sure Muns, I've been watching this stock for about half a year now and don't mind sharing what I've picked up along the way, since what comes around goes around, I say... SKG is in the business of wireless internet (WiFi). Their recent successful capital raising is for the acquisation of Smart Connect which is a distributor of X10 wireless products, in addition to Star Tech Communications (a network integrator) as well as other smaller acquisitions & capital expeditures. W Home which is their brand for home wireless internet, has so far signed around 13 or 14 large apartment buildings to its wireless internet or home automation service, along with around 2500 homes. Profit-wise, they are in the black achieving around $80,000 on revenues of $4.3 million for 2002-03 financial year. Now this is the turn-around for them since they are up from a loss of around $6.8 million from the past year. The potential for wireless internet is HUGE, as this technology can already be seen taking off in the big cities around the USA and in various airports (Singapore airport, I believe is one....can anyone verify this?). Have a look for yourself at how fast this technology is growing, see SKG's latest news announcement: http://www.skynetglobal.com.au/default.asp?objectID=196 I've also read various articles over the months suggesting that SKG is going to be the leader in this field here in Australia, not to mention their return on current/future patents are going to valuable both nationally but also internationally. I guess one just has to ask Warren Buffet what he thinks of companies which are leaders in their field... Hence, I've just purchased some shares in their public offer, and have tucked in my seatbelt for the ride up, lets see how it goes. cheers, Sagit :D Hi Sagitar I think your post is slightly inaccurate. #Their recent successful capital raising is for the acquisation of Smart Connect# SKG were trying to raise $5 million but fell short by $1.8 million, I guess $3.2 million is still a fair effort, but not what I'd term as successful. ##Profit-wise, they are in the black achieving around $80,000 on revenues of $4.3 million for 2002-03 financial year. Now this is the turn-around for them since they are up from a loss of around $6.8 million from the past year. ## SKG are NOT profitable, they sold their network (that cost well over $6 million to build) to Telstra for $3 million and called the sale REVENUE hence they really recorded a loss of $2.9 million. Personally I think the company could do ok, but it will depend if they can stop burning cash. SKG will ask shareholders for more money in the near future IMHO. Tex.
  20. IN REPLY TO A POST BY s4rx7, Wed 07/01/04 01:17pm [READ POST] is this of any assistance...sorry not exact dates. 2004 February Announcement of Second Quarter Sales Results Half Year Results Announcement March 15th - Interest Payment on Woolworths Income Notes April Record Date for Interim Dividend Payment of Interim Dividend Mailing of Summary of Half Year Results Announcement of Third Quarter Sales Results June 15th - Interest Payment on Woolworths Income Notes July Announcement of Fourth Quarter Sales Results August/September Preliminary Full Year Results and Final Dividend Announcement Note: Timing of events can be subject to change. Cheers, I read in the couria mail today that all companys on the ASX has 62 days to file their half year returns, meaning that February will be a busy month. Tex.
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    IN REPLY TO A POST BY csqcarol, Wed 07/01/04 12:56pm [READ POST] OK I'm going to admit my inexperience in trading here and ask what a "yielder" is. I've got an idea but I'd rather you share first... haha Carol A yielder is a stock that pays a dividen, I'm holding SNN-WOW-AVV-SSR all of these stocks offer cash return without trading them. I'd say your a pretty savy trader Carol from the length of time I've known you. Your certainly have better web-site skills than me http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif
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    IN REPLY TO A POST BY csqcarol, Wed 07/01/04 12:49pm [READ POST] I think I'll sell my AFT and get more MUL. More upside, less downside - all I have to do is pick the right time to do it. MUL is riding on a high today so I think I'll wait till tomorrow and hope it settles a bit and maybe AFT goes up a bit. http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/weirdsmiley.gif I'm ever hopeful. Let's bet that MUL drop in another announcement before I get in. Murphy's Law! Carol from one newbie to another, I think you'll do ok Carol. I'd feel better if you bought some yielders though, these little traders are bad for your heart.... http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif Tex.
  23. IN REPLY TO A POST BY stockpanther, Tue 06/01/04 07:35pm [READ POST] WOW continuing to run, has probably ran a bit too far for it to be a great buy now - possibly a couple of options could still be an alright play though. stockpanther, do you know when WOW are expected to announce their half yearly figures ? Tex.
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    IN REPLY TO A POST BY x-ray, Tue 06/01/04 03:16pm [READ POST] this will get smashed tomorrow. I think $1.40ish is likely this week. depends on how good at damage control VCR are. good luck to those still holding. it just goes to show what sort of market we are in, even though the death was not related to the device failure if this had happened 12 months ago the market would have smashed the price. It's been 3 years since I've seen the market this bullish. Cheers Tex.
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    Many thanks colaiscute, I've been registered for awhile but thought the forum was pretty slow......seems to be picking up some speed now and I like the format. I've stated on a few forums that I think SNN is a great buy at these levels, so here are a few details to back my claims. http://www.sonnet.com.au/Archive/Vantage%2...0Nov%202003.pdf Sonnet Corporation is an Australian company listed on the ASX. Primarily an IT company that owns and operates WAN networks. 75 million shares & 1.2 million options. $24 million in revenues and $2.4 million projected profit after tax at year ending June 2004. $4 million cash in bank. NTA 10c. EPS 3.1c. PER 5.6X. It is paying a unfranked Div of 1.5c per share on 2nd of February 2004, Ex-Div on 13th of January, 7.14% yeild at current share price of 21c. SNN has one main client that provides 50% of revenue, which does create risk. They still have a two year contract with this client, but it can be terminated after 3 months notice. I think it's unlikley because they have had a long relationship with this client over the last few years, and have met all performance targets. I think the stock has a very good chance of reaching 30c in the short term. Cheers Tex. http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif
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