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  1. 18:26:50 6414 * RUGBY LEAGUE:NRL R6 BDGS-ROOS LINE IncExT ROOSTERS (+2.5 Pts) $100 @ $1.92= $192.00 D $192.00 I almost chewed my fingers off in that game ! Who would have thought the Roosters could come back from 16 points down. And if that wasn't bad enough Morley gets sent from the field with 30 minutes to go. What a great game to watch ! 18:42:13 6403 * RUGBY LEAGUE:NRL R6 MANL-CANB LINE IncExT CANBERRA (+4.5 Pts) $50 @ $1.85= $92.50 18:36:08 6415 * RUGBY LEAGUE:NRL R6 NQLD-WTIG LINE IncExT WST TIGERS (+7.5 Pts) $50 @ $1.70= $85.00 Aside from Canberra I also think the Tigers are a chance with a 7.5 point start, they have knocked over a few good teams so far, and both centres are out for the cowboys, should be another good game to watch.
  2. In reply to: sensation on Friday 15/04/05 08:13pm U.S. futures are also down 26 points atm. http://money.cnn.com/markets/morning_call/ Tex.
  3. In reply to: Bloodwynch on Friday 15/04/05 05:26pm A trailing stop is still a stop. The biggest mistake a trader or investor can make is let his capital be eaten away. Without capital you can't invest, and if you find yourself in a investment that goes wrong normally a stop will get you out before the true situation is known. A good example would be RIC..........the price was traveling ok until recently, some of those in the know would have sold out on the early wind of the legal action, causing the trend to reverse, a stop would have dropped you out around the $1.40 mark. I was once stopped out on LOK I bought 400k shares at 7c and got stoped out at 6.8c, the bottom was 6.5c and it went back up to 30c..........so yes I know stops can sometimes cost you money, but in most cases a predetermined stop will save you money. If LHG continues to fall where do you draw the line, do you wait for it to hit 80c before killing the loss ? I think if you go in heavy and it starts to turn on you......except the fact that you made a mistake and get out.......latch onto an upward trending stock and use a trailing stop. If you are getting whip-sawed then look at your trading style and change it. Tex.
  4. In reply to: LookingConfident on Friday 15/04/05 09:00am I'm with you LC, I also feel that the Roosters can win this one. Should be a very good game to watch. I also think that Canberra is Value at -4.5 @ $1.85 or an outrite win @ $2.30 Have a good weekend. Tex.
  5. QUOTE (Mission X @ Friday 15/04/05 03:47pm) Sexy X-y, you have a well defined style of investing that has served you well. But I don't like hearing you say that you don't use stops. If you are investing serious money "you need to use a stop" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So please humour me and do some reading in that area. I have been buying small amounts of SKG without using a stop because my exposure is low and I know the company very well. I gather this is what you are doing with LHG and others ? We have come along way my friend since our early days with LOK, we are far smarter now, so lets keep it that way. I finally worked out why we get on so well............because you can't spell Tex without an X http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif We are cruising mate, I love the market when the bear is around !! Tex.
  6. In reply to: Mission X on Friday 15/04/05 03:22pm It will go to $33 one day (if you wait long enough) http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif Who knows X ? I feel it's to early to plow all of your cash into the market, in theory the Bowse should trend down for another 8 weeks. There are plenty of bargins around right now, but try telling that to the sellers http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/weirdsmiley.gif Tex.
  7. QUOTE (wildman @ Friday 15/04/05 12:09pm) Good link Wildman, Cheers. I just picked up my lot at 89c and had another bite at 88c. The way I see it is I get then at a 10% discount to Comell Capital http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif Tex.
  8. http://www.investopedia.com/articles/basics/03/031703.asp Calculating Market Cap Market capitalization is just a fancy name for a straightforward concept. Quite simply, it refers to the value of a company, that is, the market value of its outstanding shares. This figure is found by taking the stock price and multiplying it by the total number of shares outstanding. For example, if Cory's Tequila Corporation (CTC) was trading at $20 per share and had 1 million shares outstanding, then the market capitalization would be $20 million ($20 * 1 million shares). It's that simple. Outstanding Shares Stock currently held by investors, including restricted shares owned by the company's officers and insiders as well as those held by the public. Shares that have been repurchased by the company are not considered outstanding stock. They are also known as "issued shares" or "issued and outstanding".
  9. In reply to: orangeguy on Friday 15/04/05 02:15pm Outstanding and issued mean the same thing. Tex.
  10. In reply to: balance on Friday 15/04/05 10:53am Just start buying when the asx hits 3600 http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif Ya have to love these rainy days http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wub.gif Tex.
  11. Decided to go with this one, slighty better feature with the sound and battery life. Had to buy extra MS software to get word and excel. http://www.cybershop.net.au/Compaq_M2045AP.htm Geez I wish my dad would have bought one of these for me when I was 19 http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif Thanks again for the help. Tex.
  12. No he doesn't want it for games, he can do that on our home computers. He wants MS word, MS excel, internet access, and a U.B.S port.........does the machine below have all this ? I guess battery life is also an issue. ----------------------------------------------- $1,287.00 Acer Extensa 2304WLCi Notebook. Intel® Celeron® M processor (350) 1.3GHz, 256MB RAM, 40GB hard disk, CDRW/DVD combo drive, wireless 802.11B/G, 15.4" widescreen, Microsoft® Windows® XP Home. EX.23695.690GE Product Code: EX.23695.690GE http://www.harveynorman.com.au/searchProdu...hText=notebook#
  13. texas4qld


    I would have thought BQT would have won at least one of the awards, considering they have "world first technology" ? I must admit the shareprice did hold well today considering the over-all market slump, but it remains to be seen if the punters will get behind this impending deal on our about the 26th (according to GP). It should be interesting. ---------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories....03339099&EDATE= A4 Vision Named 'Best of Show' at ISC West 2005 SIA New Product Showcase (NPS) Award Winners Announced at ISC West Las Vegas 2005 LAS VEGAS, April 7 /PRNewswire/ -- The Security Industry Association, exclusive sponsor of ISC West, in conjunction with Reed Exhibitions, producers of the event, have announced that A4 Vision has taken top honors in the 2005 ISC West New Product Showcase (NPS) Awards Program today. Eighty-three new products and services were entered into this program, which was established more than a decade ago to identify and showcase innovation in electronic security products and services. Sixteen judges, representing various segments of the industry, viewed and selected the winning products. The ISC-West 2005 New Product Showcase winners are: * Achievement Award for Honorable Mention given to Pacom Systems, Sarasota, FL, for their RTUSignal. * Product Achievement Award for Access Control given to Software House, Lexington, MA, for their Software House Multi-Technology Reader. * Product Achievement Award for Asset Tracking given to Servision, Jerusalem, Israel, for their IVG-400. * Product Achievement Award for Biometrics given to A4 Vision, Sunnyvale, CA, for their A4 Vision 3D Facial Enrollment Camera. * Product Achievement Award for Business Services given to SDC, Westlake Village, CA, for their Access System Design & Project Management Website. * Product Achievement Award for CCTV given to ELMO USA, Plainview, NY, for their PTC400C. * Product Achievement Award for Digital Video given to 3VR Security, San Francisco, CA for their 800i. * Product Achievement Award for False Alarm Reduction given to Security Labs, Noblesville, IN, for their Security Labs VIR-100. * Product Achievement Award for Fire Detection/Prevention given to UltraGuard, Norwalk, CT, for their UltraGuard COSYS1212-4. * Product Achievement Award for Home Automation given to M&S Systems, Dallas, TX, for their DMC3-4. * Product Achievement Award for Integrated Systems given to Hirsch Electronics, Santa Ana, CA, for their Velocity Interop. * Product Achievement Award for Intrusion Detection/Prevention given to Honeywell, Syosset, NY, for their LXL-1000. * Product Achievement Award for Monitoring given to Digital Security Controls, Concord, Ontario, Canada, for their Tl-250. * Product Achievement Award for Software given to Honeywell, Syosset, NY, for their LobbyWorks. * Product Achievement Award for Wireless given to Cypress Computer Systems, Lapeer, MI, for their WiFi Duprex/DPX-7212. * Judges Choice Award for Commercial Products given to i3DVR International, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, for their i3-SRX48032 ARM. * Judges Choice Award for Residential Products given to UltraGuard, Norwalk, CT, for their UltraGuard COSYS1212-4. * And the Best-of-Show Award, titled the Innovation Award, given to A4 Vision, Sunnyvale, CA for their A4 Vision 3D Facial Enrollment Camera. To view all of the entrants, visit http://www.sianps.com . For more than 30 years, the Security Industry Association (SIA), a non- profit international trade association has represented electronic and physical security product manufacturers, specifiers, and service providers. Its role is to promote growth, expansion and professionalism within the security industry by providing education, research, technical standards, representation and defense of its members' interests. ISC West is sponsored by the Security Industry Association (SIA) and endorsed by the California Alarm Association (CAA) and the NBFAA. ISC Expo West, one of Tradeshow Week "Fastest 50 Growing Events," is part of the ISC portfolio including the upcoming ISC East event in New York, August 24-25.
  14. Watch it really hammer when it goes below 4000. Cash is King http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/king.gif Tex.
  15. QUOTE (theadder @ Thursday 14/04/05 03:10pm) Cheers Adder, thats the sort of advice I'm after. I'd much prefer to walk into a retail outlet knowing as much as possible about the product, so I don't get conned by the salesmen http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif I have to talk to my son tonight to see what his needs are, but I'm pretty sure he's not into 3d games. He likes surfing the web and a wireless connection may be desireable. But I think it's mainly for doing assignments and office type applications. Tex.
  16. In reply to: BSA on Thursday 14/04/05 03:03pm I'd like to stay under $2k..........I may even consider buying 2nd hand if it is value for money. Tex.
  17. Hi guys My son is starting his 1st year of uni and I'm buying him a laptop. Any tips on models, features and what to look out for (pitfalls) etc would be appreciated. Tex.
  18. In reply to: BSA on Wednesday 13/04/05 11:58am I thought That I put you onto the grey screen ? Or maybe it was Barrios ? anyway it's heaps better than the blue screen ! Try it with three 19 inch monitors Kosmo, it was burning my eyes http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif P.s. I had problems with my cash balances at times before Comsec took over. Tex.
  19. In reply to: mongrel on Tuesday 12/04/05 09:47pm Yep "wildman" has already posted that info. It does seem strange that Soon didn't post it on the ASX, maybe he's a bit peaved with the markets reaction to the Russian deal http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif I have a massive bid in at 89c !!!! for a lousy $1000...........I'll keep buying a few on they way down because it should rally hard once a few of these dollars show up in the balance sheet. More shares issued at 96c on the 11th, it makes you wonder just how low can it go ? From a trading point of view I'm breaking every rule, but it will bounce back from these lows sooner or later. Tex.
  20. In reply to: mosaic1996 on Wednesday 13/04/05 11:43am You can phone Comsec/AOT and they will change the screen for you (some people have trouble reading the info with the blue screen, such as me ) Tex.
  21. I'm surprised how well it's holding at the moment, I fully expected to see a 20-30% drop on the open. You won't see me buying into this one, some of these traders have got big balls http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif Tex.
  22. In reply to: jessica on Monday 11/04/05 10:05am I use NOD32 and have never had a problem. Tex.
  23. In reply to: moosey on Thursday 07/04/05 10:45am Business and finance PRINT FRIENDLY EMAIL STORY PM - Tuesday, 12 April , 2005 18:50:00 Reporter: Peter Ryan MARK COLVIN: To business and finance on the markets, with Business Editor Peter Ryan. PETER RYAN: Thank you Mark. Australia's largest stockfeed manufacturer, Ridley Corporation, has been hit with more legal action over a case of mad cow disease in Canada. The Sydney-based multinational is waiting to see a lawsuit that's been brought against it in Saskatchewan Province, with others likely to follow in Alberta and Ontario. The Saskatchewan claim has named Ridley as a defendant, along with its North American subsidiary, Ridley Incorporated. In a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange, Ridley says it will vigorously defend the claims when they arrive. If the complaints succeed, Ridley could be hit with damages in the billions of dollars. The class action alleges that Ridley continued to use cattle remains in its Canadian feed products in 1997 after stopping the practice in Australia the year before. ------------------------------- Very sad state of affairs for Ridley, Looks like the market will sell first and ask questions later. I guess someone with legal knowledge will know if this is a good buy, maybe just a few shysters looking for a quick buck settlement ? Tex.
  24. QUOTE (jaded @ Wednesday 13/04/05 09:36am) I had a few problems when I upgraded XP, but it didn't take long to sort out. With Google I found that it blocked my pdf reports on my AOT trading platform. If you want to over ride a blocked pop up (using google) just hold down the "control" button on your key board before clicking on the link. Tex.
  25. In reply to: jaded on Wednesday 13/04/05 09:10am Google have a popup blocker, but you have to accept their toolbar. I use this on my old home computer with windows 98 and it works fine. http://toolbar.google.com/ Or you can upgrade windows xp (if you have it), which has a blocking system. http://www.microsoft.com/smallbusiness/iss...ows_xp_sp2.mspx Cheers Tex.
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