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  1. Well only 1 out of 3 last weekend, but I did take a big plunge on Parra that bailed me out (honestly !) http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif 16:19:22 12501 * RUGBY LEAGUE:SOO G2 NSW-QLD HH IncET 15/6 NEW SOUTH WALES $100 @ $1.45= $145.00 END OF TRACE Hope I haven't put the mockers on the Blues, but if Johns fires I think they'll walk it in. GO THE MIGHTY BLUES !
  2. QUOTE (klmytech @ Wednesday 15/06/05 02:44pm) Yep I think you're right about the total shares on the ASX being the total market cap. the AIM stock is trading at approx 95c Australian (40p) if we worked out the market cap of the ASX trading at that price......95c x 11.8 million shares the value would be $11.21 million, But there seems to be some misalignment with the AIM market cap of $5.59 which converts to roughly $13.2 million. ? http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/m5?a=1&s=GBP&t=AUD I remember traders of LOOK (nasdaq stock) and LOK (ASX stock) would trade the currency swings when one was out of balance, and as a rule the U.S. was the lead indicator. But I agree that things would have to change with SKG because their primary operations are in Australia, so they will be the lead indicator for the forseeable future. Nice to see they are getting video on demand off the ground ! You wouldn't want to be in the video rental business once this takes off. The idea is very clever, SKG store the movies on their servers located in the building and the occupants download the movies direct. $2.95 for a latest release without walking out the door, that is going to attract plenty of clients, but once again the market yawns http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif Tex.
  3. QUOTE (klmytech @ Wednesday 15/06/05 10:05am) Thanks Techo So let me see if I've go this straight: (1) All shares are issued on the ASX register and therefore are included in the total number of shares issued on both ASX & AIM ? (2) The $500k parcel (using it as an example) was issued on the ASX shares register and has to be converted to tradedable shares on the AIM using a CREST participant ? (3) the current number of shares issued on the ASX is 11,813,234 with a market capitalisation of $8.4 million. (4) The AIM market Capitalisation is $5.59 million pounds, according to the site below, but I can't find the number of shares ? the stock last traded at 40p x 13,975,000 shares = Market cap of $5.59 million ? http://www.londonstockexchange.com/en-gb/p...IM%20B063187SKN Now for another question http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif (a) If the shares are transfered from the ASX to AIM, how does this reflect the two different market caps, are they related to each other OR are they seperate entities ? i.e. do we add the two market caps together to get a total worth of the company or is the AIM a reflection of the ASX total value (ignoring the difference in exchange rate and % difference between share prices) ? My belief is the shares listed on the ASX is the entire value of the stock, because if/when the ASX listed shares are transfered, the total number of shares on the ASX doesn't seem to decline (but I could be wrong ?). Tex.
  4. In reply to: awol on Wednesday 15/06/05 08:06am I'll send the details to investor relations and see what they come up with. Here's an interesting article (12 months old) I stumbled accross, it seems that Mr Soons origin is Malayasian. His Grandparents founded one of the largest department stores in Kuala Lumpur. Jonathan Soon was the youngest CEO of a public company in Australian history back in 2000. http://www.asia-inc.com/August04/Haustra_jonathan_aug.htm
  5. texas4qld


    In reply to: ty.webb on Tuesday 14/06/05 05:52pm Hi Ty I made a post today that BQT lost the E-passport contract with the Australian government back in December to a company called Cybertrust, I know they have won some smaller contracts but as I have said before BQT will have a hard time landing the bigger jobs where there is real cash involved. I read your post with interest that perhaps the new CEO in the U.S. had handed over some of his technology in exchange for shares, and BQT have used this to technology in there latest pending venture. I don't agree, but it's not bad reasoning. As I have said before, BQT's financials suggest that their business model is a failure based on what they currently do. yes they have won contracts......but the cash never seems to amount to much in their accounts. My feeling is the market is prepared to take a limited gamble that this pending deal is for real. It very well could be, but I just get the feeling that there will be a fly in the ointment. From a trading point of view, the stock is fully loaded........and it all hinges on the pending details. Good luck to all holders http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif
  6. In reply to: klmytech on Tuesday 14/06/05 02:02pm Well picked up Techo, I'm guilty of not looking at the AIM site very often. This is the first company that I have held that is dual listed, do you or Awol understand how they record the shares held on the register ? I have noticed that even though the shares isssued for capital are purchased on the AIM the total number is added to the ASX register. How does this work ? and how does it effect the market Cap ? Cheers, Tex.
  7. In reply to: awol on Friday 10/06/05 07:56pm QUOTE The need for it, so close to the culmination of binding agreement with Techno? Is this a negative?..on face value...very much so. But i don't know enough about daily cash requirements for a coy growing at such speed I see the recent placement at 95c as a positive, mainly because not many investors part with $500,000.00. unless they think that there is some thing in it for them. SKG have said (via email) that whilst they are "quietly confident", the Techno deal is not done until the cash is in the bank,.........which in real terms means they can not be 100% sure the cash will come through, and the market has priced the stock accordingly (some may say unfairly). Taking the above statement into account SKG would be unwise to knock back an offer of half a million, but there is some element of confidence given that the issue price was far higher than the current market price. There is no doubt in my mind that the private placement was made on the understanding that good news is on the doorstep. The question is what news http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif Tex.
  8. In reply to: awol on Friday 10/06/05 03:19pm Short term ? Add 12 million to the market cap. = $1.69 medium term ? Add 20 million to the market cap. = $2.37 Long term ?........................................$ ? All hypothetical off course, because we need to see Q4 numbers to value the stock correctly. What is your opinion on the recent issue of shares at 95c ? Tex.
  9. texas4qld


    The question every one should be asking is WHY have they announced this news without a signature on the dotted line ? There is only one answer. Why did the price surge before the stock was suspended ? There is only one answer. How on earth do all of the various posters seem to get wind of pending announcements before they are released to the market ? There is only one answer. BQT can not close this deal IMHO. They don't have the know how, they don't have the cash, and they dont have a signed contract ! One to trade: YES One to prosper: NO Tex.
  10. 13:33:47 6412 * RUGBY LEAGUE:NRL R14 WTIG-SHKS LINE IncET SHARKS (-3.5Pts) $100 @ $1.75= $175.00 13:32:53 6403 * RUGBY LEAGUE:NRL R14 CANB-BRIS LINE IncET CANBERRA (+2.5Pts) $100 @ $1.73= $173.00 13:30:15 6407 * RUGBY LEAGUE:NRL R14 WARR-MELB LINE IncET WARRIORS (-2.5Pts) $100 @ $1.70= $170.00 END OF TRACE Always good to catch up with you LC, maybe we should join the get together that Doc and Kozmo have been planning ? ! Thanks for the link Rozella, I'll be buying that for a mates birthday coming up soon. Have a good long weekend all, and load up on SKG http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif Tex.
  11. Skynetglobal issued 545,944 share today @ 95c or to put it another way 32% above yesterdays closing price. I've always thought that if the Techno import money was to come to fruition we would see buying of the stock in advance. There is no way anyone could buy $518,646.80 worth of stock on the open market, because there is not enough stock available, in fact there are only 73436 shares up to $1.60. To me it's a good sign of things to come,............time will tell http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif Tex.
  12. http://www.hoax-slayer.com/bonsai-kittens.html I got the email today, if you get it don't pass it on...........it's just one of thousands of hoaxes floating around. READ THIS PLEASE (all of it!) FOR ANYONE WHO HAS ANY RESPECT FOR ANIMALS A site that we were able to shut last year has returned. We are trying to shut it down again! A Japanese man in New York breeds and sells kittens that are called BONSAI CATS. That would sound cute, if it wasn't kittens, days old, that were squeezed into tiny bottles after being given a tranquiliser and then stay there, for the rest of their lives, so that they can be put on a mantlepeice and be poked and laughed at. The cats are fed through a straw and their faces struggle to reach up the neck of the bottle where there is a tiny airhole. They are treated like DIRT. The skeleton of the kitten will take on the form of the bottle as the kitten grows. The cats never get the opportunity to move apart from the first few days they are alive withtheir mother. These 'ornaments' are sold cheaply and used as souvenirs. They are the latest trends in New York, China, Indonesia and New Zealand. If your still not convinced PLEASE LOOK ON http://www.bonsaikitten.com/bkgallery.html <javascript:ol('http://www.bonsaikitten.com/bkgallery.html');> . Please help to stop this sickness. Spare a thought for them today. This petition needs 1000 names, so please put your one name on it!!! Copy the text into a new email and put your name on the bottom, then send it to everyone you know. If there are 1000 names on the list, please send it to anacheca@hotmail.com <http://XXXXXXX.bay23.hotmail.msn.com/cgi-bin/compose?curmbox=F000000001& a=767ecad166d33ece6cf3ecef65c25f3f&mailto=1&to=anacheca@hotmail.com& amp;msg=MSG1117989867.22&start=70560&len=7869&src=&type=x> NOW! NOTE- Copy this e-mail, paste it into a new one - DON'T forward it. Add your name, and send it to everyone you know!
  13. In reply to: klmytech on Monday 06/06/05 02:43pm SKG hinted 12 months ago that they would continue to develope these type of businesses and sell them off for a profit, whilst retaining a % of gross revenues and feed their products to the new operators. http://www.itnews.com.au/newsstory.aspx?CIaNID=15050 14 May 2004 The Singapore-based SkyNetGlobal division represented one of its parent's most important wins last year - it is the owner and operator of SkyNetGlobal's 127 wireless hotspots at McDonalds in Singapore. The Malaysian W Home 'smart home' products subsidiary was only acquired by the parent company in February. W Home in Australia is SkyNetGlobal's main tool for entering the digital home market. Soon said SkyNetGlobal planned to replicate the deal in other countries. However, SkyNetGlobal 'remains committed' to providing wireless internet services to Australian customers and roaming partners worldwide, the company said. -------------------------------------------- SYDNEY 18 March 2005 http://www.skynetglobal.com.au/Skynet/newsroom.aspx?id=128 In less than nine months, W Home Communications in Malaysia has signed exclusive contracts to install W Home's broadband network in 21 buildings, representing more than 4,500 apartment units. In addition, it has developed a sale pipeline of another 100 buildings, covering about 43,000 apartments. SkyNetGlobal believes these successes demonstrate that the W Home business model works equally well in emerging or developed markets. Installation in these buildings is yet to commence. In addition, W Home Communications in Malaysia has secured a hard-won Application Service Provider ("ASP") license from the Government, which allows the entity to provide Internet-related services in Malaysia. "Securing the government ASP license is critical to do this business in Malaysia," says Anthony Blass, Group Managing Director for SkyNetGlobal. "We were not confident that we could come in as a foreign company and secure this license, which is why we initially licensed the opportunity to a local partner (meaning Zelcrest). --------------------- The russian deal is to supply 10,000 apartments with home automation products at $2300 U.S. per apartment. imagine what they could do in Malaysia http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif why would a senior Moscow Government official fly to Sydney to witness the signing of a contract if he didn't have a vested interest ? According to the deal W Home Automation will receive full payment for the US$23 million in orders on or before 30 June 2005. Maybe tomorrow http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif http://www.skynetglobal.com.au/Skynet/newsroom.aspx?id=129 The landmark export deal follows visits in February to Moscow and Kiev, where three SkyNetGlobal employees, including CEO Jonathan Soon, solidified relationships with major property developers, key industry players and senior government officials. Among those contacts is Konstantin Danilin, 60, a senior Moscow Government official who is the city's head of relations with the Russian federal government. Danilin, who is a strong proponent of Asia Pacific -Russian trade, was on hand in Sydney to witness the contract signing ceremony Tex.
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    http://www.gemplus.com/pss/id_security/gem...r/solution.html http://www.itnews.com.au/newsstory.aspx?CI...8481&r=inbodylk enjoy.
  15. 11:32:12 6021 * RUGBY LEAGUE:NRL R13 NEWC-BRIS HH IncExT BRISBANE $100 @ $1.28= $128.00 11:31:25 6409 * RUGBY LEAGUE:NRL R13 PENR-PARR LINE IncET PARRAMATTA (+2.5 Pts) $100 @ $1.85= $185.00 END OF TRACE Another hard round to pick ! Tex.
  16. QUOTE (klmytech @ Thursday 02/06/05 11:02am) This article is nearly 12 months old, Now that they have finally implemented the VOIP I'd say that Video on demand is right on it's heels http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif ------------------------- http://www.skynetglobal.com.au/Skynet/newsroom.aspx?id=7 1st July 2004 To date we have been operating with a tacit approval from the ACA. The formal ACA permission will now pave the way for us to execute our plan to achieve a national coverage of 500 buildings over the next 24 months covering 100,000 apartments." "Based on the current average subscriber take up rate per building of close to 20%, we expect to achieve 20,0000 subscribers by end of 2006, generating approximately $1 million per month in broadband internet services revenue only. In addition to broadband internet, we also plan to offer IP telephony (VOIP) and video on demand, providing residents in W Home buildings with the ability to instantly hire a latest release movie over the powerline." -------------------------- Tex.
  17. In reply to: quiktrade_1 on Friday 27/05/05 02:51pm Quik The $850k is paid back in shares over a 16 month period. Compare this to BQT that raised $1.2 million at a discount of 12% to the shareprice with 5.5 million shares and no escrow in place. SKG could have issued all of the shares in one block, but it would have been at a serious discount, something that BQT didn't seem concerned about. To say that they have borrowed money at 18% is simply wrong. Skynetglobals view is the shareprice will be far higher in the future than it is now, if they issue $25000 worth of shares every 2 weeks for the next 16 months the nett result would be far cheaper than issuing 850,000 shares at $1. If BQT went from 22c (the issue price of 5.5 million shares) to 30c what is the effective rate that they were issued at ? (1) As the price rises SKG will have to issue less shares to meet their obligations. (2) As the principle amount reduces (only $700k in shares is now payable) so does the total amount of shares payable. So after two months should the line read $850K loan will COST SKG 18% p.a. or should it read $700K loan will COST SKG 18% p.a.. I don't think I can be any clearer than that. Put very simply, the issue of shares is very small over a 16 month period, and SKG have given themselves every chance to deliver the least amount of shares possible, to say that they have borrowed $850k at 18% p.a. is just plain wrong. Tex.
  18. No it is not a loan of 18%. Tex.
  19. In reply to: LookingConfident on Friday 27/05/05 02:09pm 15:06:56 6404 * RUGBY LEAGUE:NRL R12 MANL-PENR LINE IncET MANLY (-4.5 Pts) $100 @ $1.93= $193.00 14:49:51 6412 * RUGBY LEAGUE:NRL R12 SHKS-PARR LINE IncET SHARKS (-5.5 Pts) $100 @ $1.85= $185.00 END OF TRACE I don't agree that the Warriors V Tigers game is cut and dried, in fact I have taken the Tigers 1-12 on the NRL comp, but you could well be right. Some hard games to pick this week http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/weirdsmiley.gif Have a good weekend, Tex.
  20. In reply to: quiktrade_1 on Thursday 26/05/05 07:36pm Quik, the email I have from Blass does not mention punative damages, it simply says "whilst all signs to date are positive, the deal is not in the bag until the cash is in the bank." I have NEVER said there are punative damages. I said: The contract is binding and they can take legal action for any damages that may arise. If SKG were to expend $1 to meet their obligations, and Techno failed to meet their obligation (that is to say not deposit the money) then SKG are able to take legal action to recover any associated costs. Techno imports have sourced the best possible price with SKG and the two parties have agreed (in writing) what their obligations are, which are 100% binding. The question is, are there any associated costs to SKG ? if the answer is yes then SKG have the right to claim damages. If Techno imports deposit the money and SKG don't deliver on time then Techo would have the right to claim damages also. SKG have secured two pre-paid orders, once the first part of the cash is paid SKG will place orders for the products to be shipped, this means that there would be NO asscoiated costs because SKG will not expend anything until they receive the cash. If however Techno was to increase the size of their order (which Soon thinks is possible), and SKG carried out the work then Techno imports would be obligated to pay. QUOTE To answer your questions about either you or Smuggler lieing on stock forums, well I can't say that I've seen any of that Well, I did ask you to read HC before commenting, so here's one example. ------------------- Post #597463 SKG say they will defer revenue and record it when goods are delivered. Post #602098 SKG said from Day 1 they will book revenues in this quarter. ------------------------ I know you're fond of him, but you're not being very objective are you ? I have always been truthful, but it seems that you and Bazzaroid don't know how to read, neither of you understand that damages can only be claimed if there are asscoiated costs. Bazzaroid also made the following statements on HC, every comment is wrong. ------------------------- Post #597463 Why if its prepaid, its not included in the current quarters results? Post #598222 Some contract with a Russian developer.....LOL Post #599349 SKG has taken on board a $850k loan at 18% and is payable over a very short period.....2 months i believe? Post #599349 I think this lender wants his money back quick......notice its is fully repaid before the market will hear about the Russian dodgy deal collapses? Post #598207 $200k in cash they do not have enough cash to last the quarter. Post #598218 Thats an effective rate of 18% --------------------------- QUOTE Having delt with contracts before, I can say that penalty clauses are quite common but not all contracts contain them Quik, must we go over old ground ? I have already stated that: I sign many contracts every year, one thing I can tell you is they are always in favour of the one that holds the cash. It's the old saying "he who holds the gold makes the rules". It's very difficult to get a client to agree to terms, but what risk is there to SKG if the client doesn't come up with the deposit ? This is NOT about the contract, this is about if the client can secure the funds from it's financier, if they can then SKG's price will go through the roof, if they don't it will not be the end for Skynetglobal, it may affect the share price, but my feeling is the bad news (if it happens) is certainly already factored into the price. If it does dip I'd say it will be a good buying opportunity..........is that what you call ramping http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif Tex.
  21. In reply to: chartdoctor on Thursday 26/05/05 10:38am I'll be watching with interest http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif Tex.
  22. QUOTE (quiktrade_1 @ Wednesday 25/05/05 01:02pm) I spoke with Soon on the phone and I also had an email sent to me from Mr Blass. My statement was this: The contract is binding and they can take legal action for any damages that may arise from Techno imports not honouring their side of the deal. It was a priority to have the contracts signed by an Australian company so they could enforce the terms. This statement is exactly what Soon told me word for word. The problem with the bozzo on HC is he doesn't understand contract wording. The contract is binding, and what that means is two parties have signed an agreement defining their obligations. If SKG were to expend $1 to meet their obligations, and Techno failed to meet their obligation (that is to say not deposit the money) then SKG are able to take legal action to recover any associated costs. The key word is damages Bazzaroid is confusing this term with punative. Damages are claims that a company can make for associated costs or damage to it's reputation. Penalty clauses are another kettle of fish. I sign many contracts every year, one thing I can tell you is they are always in favour of the one that holds the cash. It's the old saying "he who holds the gold makes the rules". In Hind-site it would have been best if SKG secured some sort of deposit up front, this would have given the market more confidence. The problem with most contracts of this size, is the whole deal would be dependent on finance, I seriously doubt if many companies would have a lazy $29 million sitting in their bank account, which means this deal with be settled by bankers. Techno imports have sourced the best possible price with SKG and the two parties have agreed (in writing) what their obligations are, which are 100% binding. This brings us to the second part of my statement: Both Soon and Blass have confirmed that whilst all signs to date are positive, the deal is not in the bag until the cash is in the bank. What this means is their client has to clear some hurdles, If the deal is worth $29 million AU then what is the total project worth ? Obviously anything on this scale has red tape attached. The client obviously wants the product, or they wouldn't have placed the order, but will they come up with the cash by June 30 ? No one can say for sure if this will happen, and this is why the stock is priced at a serious discount. I have Challenged Bazzaroid to send my text to Mr Soon, and ask him to confirm it for two reasons. (1) I am sick of doing the leg work for Barry, he is a raving lunartic. If he doubts my words then he should do his own research, the best way for him to do that would be to do what I told him to do. (2) I don't like bugging Directors that help me out, what sort of an idiot talks to a director....asks him several questions, and then sends him an email asking him to confirm the conversation. I have Spoken to Mr Soon for years, and I'd like to preserve that relationship. Their is no need to have this conversation confirmed, because I have not said one thing that the market doesn't already know. Now that I have taken the time to answer your questions Quik, will you answer two for me ? Have you ever known me to lie on a stock forum, or do I tell it like it is ? Have you ever Know Barry to lie on a stock forum or does he tell it like it is ? I invite you to read through the posts on HC, and voice your comments. Regards, to you and your wife http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif Tex.
  23. Just spoke to Mr Soon and he has confirmed that they have no reason to believe the deal will not go through. He also said that they would have prefered to wait until the cash was in the bank before announcing the deal so as not to leave the market hanging for another 8 weeks, but once they had signed the contract they were legally obligated to inform the market. The contract is binding and they can take legal action for any damages that may arise from Techno imports not honouring their side of the deal. It was a priority to have the contracts signed by an Australian company so they could enforce the terms. The deal is to supply 10,000 apartments at a cost of $2300 U.S. per unit. the products are a broad range of wireless automation systems including security. There will be 4 suppliers of the products including X-10 and D-link. Both Soon and Blass have confirmed that whilst all signs to date are positive, the deal is not in the bag until the cash is in the bank. They are both of the opinion that the market has already seriously discounted the shareprice for that exact reason ! They have done all they can to secure the deal, the final step is the client parting with the money in 6 weeks time http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif Cheers Tex. (p.s. Bazzaroid, stop stealing this information from Sharescene, I did the research not you !)
  24. -----Original Message----- From: Tex [mailto:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX] Sent: 23 May 2005 01:24 To: Simon Bloomfield Subject: skynetglobal Dear Simon I’m an investor based in Brisbane, Australia. I also hold stock in Skynetglobal. Your name appears on the press release from Skynetglobal in relation to a multi million dollar deal with techno imports. Can you tell me what your position with the company is and if you think this deal will go through ? Any comments appreciated. http://www.skynetglobal.com.au/Skynet/newsroom.aspx?id=42 Regards, Tex. --------------------------------------------------------- Simon Bloomfield Partner, Bankside Consultants St Mary Abchurch House, 123 Cannon Street London EC4N 5AU Tel: +44 (0) 20 7444 4177 Email: simon.bloomfield@bankside.com Sent: 23 May 2005 5:22 PM Hi Tex Bankside is the financial PR agent in London for SkyNet Global. As such, you will appreciate that I cannot provide you with unpublished information. As you know, in the announcement of the Techno Import deal, it was stated that the company will be paid in full by 30 June 2005. I am not aware of any reason why the announcement should be changed. Regards Simon
  25. Lunch sounds good mate, but too busy this week. Hows that for good going, could have taken the sharks and Bulldogs outright, but felt it was safer with the starts ! I scored every game by the correct margin on the NRL comp, giving me the maximum 48 points, and putting me in 10th postion for the highest weelky result. Still a long way off the overall leaders, but I'm chipping away http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif Tex.
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