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  1. Worth a listen for anyone holding, or considering buying, ALK : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i64GtCVBu6M
  2. Hate to think what would have happened if the earnings had disappointed
  3. Hi Livas et al, Do you think it's possible that maybe one ( or more) of the large investors who particpated in the last cap raising found out they were going down the debt path this time rather than another cap raising, and instructed their broker to buy on market at 15c?
  4. Looks like the troth giving went a little too far :-)
  5. Geez, it'd take a brave government minister to ignore Putin's 'suggestion'. Having said that, I agree with other posters that the market is waiting for details of cap raising and concrete proof of "material uplift" in sales before re-rate.
  6. I thought it was an encouraging announcement and bought a few today. We all know the main game for volume sales is getting Ropren on the Russian health benefits scheme and I'm willing to take a punt it's going to happen this year.
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    THE T.A. WAY

    Hi TA crew, I'm constantly reading that gaps need to be filled on charts. I understand the reasoning and psychology behind TA concepts such as support and resistance - i.e. support being a price level where traders/investors regret not having bought before and resistance being a price level where they regret not having sold. However i don't really understand the reason why gaps need to be filled. Would be grateful for any insights or explanation. Cheers
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    Hi Frodo, I think you'll be able to pick up the podcast from the website. The show is called Market Day. The show goes for 1 hour and has 4 15 minute segments. DF features in the 3rd segment. I'm not sure if the podcast is up already or will only be put up later or maybe tomorrow? http://www.businesschannel.com.au/podcast/
  9. dee27


    DF being interviewed on Sky Business Channel from 6 to 6.15 pm tonight ( eastern standard time) in case anyone is interested.
  10. Someone over at the other place is saying Charlie Aitken has just reiterated his eleven dollar price target for msb saying the Valeant situation has been completely misinterpreted I got in yesterday arvo after the announcement at about $7. Was initially a trade, but think I might just keep them for the long term. All my biotechs going gangbusters today (PXS, CSL, PRR, SPL and even SLA).
  11. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/c...j-1226031308772
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    When she runs, she runs hard! MGX up 2%, FMG up 4%, AGO up 8%
  13. Transcript of J B's interview with Alan Kohler on Inside Business: http://www.abc.net.au/insidebusiness/conte...11/s3168639.htm
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    "Bad luck Artys charts did'nt tell us to sell at $4.05 and buy back at $3.05 " He was pretty damn close though, calling a sell at around $ 3.80 -3.90 and a buy around $ 3.20.
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    l'd better stop panicing the captains got to keep a cool head in a crisis. Well said. Better not to clutter the thread with your hysterical commentary and leave the posting to those like Arty who have something valuable to contribute.
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