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    Anyone able to explain what this corporatisation means to the company and to the share holders please. Is it just consolidation or are there other implications?
  2. Agrees with balance - the best thing about sharescene WAS the favourites subscription list along with the well known top posters who are now mostly invisible to mere plebs (no offence intended to existing top posters who are visible. Please consider bringing it back along with making those other invisible posters visible to all. PLEASE (begging)
  3. smee


    I echo many of the sentiments expressed here. As a past shareholder and true believer I could not make myself re-buy into the stock because I had no faith in the way it was run, excessive remunerations, lack of information, the way it traded, total suspicion with management attitude to smaller shareholders and the final straw was the bonus payment in the event of a sale of the company. I am mortified the technology will be sold off as I am also with goings on at AAH. The total disregard to shareholders and destruction of wealth in biotech stocks is sickening and the credibility of all stocks in the sector is in question. This sector needs attention to resore investor confidence in my opinion. Smaller shareholders need a louder voice in these stocks. I guess if it came back on the boards with a better management team I'd reconsider. smee
  4. In reply to: fraz2 on Wednesday 03/12/08 12:08pm AIMDA reorganisation of capital
  5. smee


    Change of name to 4C security solutions limited
  6. smee


    In reply to: drg on Thursday 06/11/08 12:08pm Hi drg Agree with everything you say If a VCR board member will not sacrifice $5000 to take this SPP up, they are surely showing the market they are not confident about VCR's prospects. It is such a small investment and would show drained investors some sign of confidence. I have the same thoughts but considering they are already so well rewarded maybe they don't need the risk. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/mad.gif I can see this company being sold off overseas too cheaply where the only winners are management and money managers unless some restrictions are placed on executives profiting so average investors can get a chance at it. They have stacked too much risk on small shareholders IMO. Hoping they will reconsider the strategy to include "unsofisticated" smee
  7. smee


    In reply to: veeone on Tuesday 28/10/08 10:25am Maybe they should ask the shareholders for a few suggestion on how to cut costs!!! It seems obvious to me and I am sure to others (who would love to but won't invest in Australian technology companies) what they need to do. Without trust - there is nothing
  8. smee


    QUOTE (boo @ Wednesday 22/10/08 11:03am) Thanks boo "nice work if you can get it". Doesn't appear to be any incentive for ordinary shareholders to buy the shares if it all goes out in bonuses. I can't see any reason for the share price to go up. Not sure I understand the double speak in these documents. I feel these compensations undermine the confidence of the small investors and not just for the short term. Maybe other investors feel this way. Without trust we have nothing. smee
  9. smee


    Does anyone have a link to the information about the performance bonus structure/conditions please? smee
  10. smee


    Will this appointment support the share price in any way? smee
  11. They're not dead. They probably like a hit of adrenalin like the rest of us. smee
  12. smee

    Bank guarantees

    In reply to: alonso on Friday 03/10/08 04:40pm I agree - deposited funds should be 100% guaranteed in Australia. $20,000. is totally inadequate. The cost of litigation and time delays in winding up a bank and making distributions would be enough to destroy some smaller investors and we all know in this country unless you have funds for litigation it's hard to get justice. Pressure should be brought to bare? on legislators in this regard IMHO. smee
  13. smee


    In reply to: Clocker on Friday 03/10/08 05:00pm I'm sure asx would "have a look at this" they are good at looking out for manipulation in the market and protecting shareholders from illegal activities - we know they want a fair and honest system to maintain the confidence of market participants. smee
  14. smee


    Hi all, Any chance of HTW & VCR merging or HTW taking over VCR? Maybe this is a silly notion? Just asking. smee
  15. smee


    In reply to: marleon on Tuesday 30/09/08 05:30pm lol http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif that's very good "divesta da investor". The biotechs started of so well but too many on the gravy trains and screwed over the investors - the egos must be huge not to mention the arrogance can't put a price on reputation. cheers smee
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