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    yeah, yeah... 3-1... Everything else is noise... Ok... to be honest, you're right! From the radio stations here in Melbourne you'd think it was St Patrick's day... bloody bogtrotters...
  2. J.Fo


    Hi Di - check the BSM thread - that's what I assume it relates to.
  3. I enquired about bridging finance recently - the bank was only too happy to offer it but the real kicker was a $1500 govt fee on top of the already penal bank rates... fortunately the vendor was happy to accommodate our request for a license agreement for the 2.5 weeks of overlap.
  4. just in case anyone really believed it... http://www.snopes.com/racial/humor/housefire.asp
  5. and while you're there... http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2010/jul/21...urray-interview
  6. had the misfortune recently to be on an overnight flight and sufficiently pickled/ drowsy not to know any better and so I sat through this drivel. a commendable directive at the end for anyone contemplating watching this. http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2010/jul/22...und-film-review
  7. Loving this one atm... Melbourne outfit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTtsSHKKAKs
  8. hi henrietta - hope you're not expecting a blend of the two for my next avatar - Richo in a mankini might do it for some but not I!
  9. funny bloke http://www.27bslash6.com/p2p2.html
  10. NSE featured on the ABC - audio interview with Sam Willis is good too. http://www.abc.net.au/rural/news/content/201003/s2845952.htm
  11. J.Fo


    Interesting they've stopped publishing the Top 200. My formatting below. "Intec's executive management has for some time been ambivalent about the value to Intec's shareholders of the weekly publication of Top 200 data, recognising both pros and cons arising from the practice. However, given that there is no ASX requirement to publish this data, management considers that it does not serve the interests of either the company or its shareholders to continue with this practice. As such, the decision has been taken to cease publishing the Top 200 list. Any questions or comments regarding this decision may be directed to Kieran Rodgers, Finance Director, via Intec's Investor Q&A Forum." General scepticism about the incongruity of a cornerstone investor repeatedly selling down wouldn't have prompted this would it?
  12. The doctor told me I had to stop masturbating. I said, "Why?" He said, "Because I'm examining you." [Credit: Steve Coogan]
  13. J.Fo


    "whimper" Just don't want to let them expire without one...
  14. J.Fo


    not at all dazaa - i broke the twat-o-meter the first time I topped up! Only myself to blame for believing the hype...
  15. J.Fo


    not holding my breath with this mob - I've tipped in more than you over the last 3-4 years dazaa (on current exchange rates...) and that's all i've got to show for it. Lessons learned the hard way. Cheers...
  16. J.Fo


    maybe I should become superstitious - the (paltry) market value of my RRS holding prior to halt was $888
  17. completely agree Lamare - I fail to see how yesterday's announcement identifies any ways in which they are working together. Being one of those that topped up after the former announcement, I share your bewilderment and frustration.
  18. Fantastic. Reminded me of this as featured on the Graham Norton show yesterday: http://upsidedowndogs.com/
  19. J.Fo


    So's Greeneer V1. He's strategically allied with himself it would seem. I guess that's better than not being strategically allied with himself .
  20. nice technique to fend off the boss who keeps asking for status updates: http://vimeo.com/3718294
  21. J.Fo


    super slo-mo surfing footage - very cool
  22. Tour de France-inspired flash mob hilarity...
  23. thanks arty - sadly they didn't capture the emotional build up and the stunned mullet reactions...
  24. anyone got a link to the belated bridal waltz from Dancing with the Stars last night? I can't stop chuckling every time I think back to it... dunno how McPherson managed to keep it together at the end. PS - I know I'm a bad person and I'll burn in hell...
  25. J.Fo


    lol that's pretty funny. Although if I did a spot-check of past status reports on (IT) projects I've worked on I imagine there would be a number of things that have sat in the 'Plans for next week' category for a number of weeks... 20/20 hindsight and all that.
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