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  1. Hi Guys, just a scenario that happen to me yesterday that people may not be aware of. I had been buying and selling a stock throughout the last couple days as the stock rose and fell during the days, making a small but reasonable profit each day. On one occasion when I made an "at market" buy which went through ok, but was surprized that when I received the electronic confirmation of the buy it showed that it had been purchased at a higher price than was showing on the commsec site and this higher price according to commsec site was not reached until approx. 90 minutes after my executed buy. I contacted commsec and they advised that the shares were purchased on something called Chi-X market and that this is standard procedure sometimes. I asked for clarification as the price showing on commsec site didn't reach the buy price until 90 minutes after I submitted order. There response was that if you submit an "at market" buy or sell you may not necessarily get it at the price shown on the commsec site it may be higher or lower than that being shown. They advised I should always make it a "limit order" to ensure I don't get shares at a higher price than shown on the commsec site. This was new to me and I provide this to alert others. It didn't cost me a great deal but I ended up with less profit than I thought Cheers
  2. focus


    You cant get them right every time otherwise you would be followed to the end of the earth hahahah. I am still holder (+100% plus), although was tempted to offload a few late last week. I did like the media reports so decided to hold on for a bit longer as I am in no need of the capital to buy into something else. cheers Alan
  3. focus


    with a high 12 months ago of 40+, and looking at what arty has on the chart I am happy to hold a bit longer. I have a very good profit at moment so can let it drift down a tad before it hits stop loss. Hopefully by next week it will be a tad higher than already. Just need to keep my stop loss moving up but don't you hate it when you think there is more upside and you start debating with yourself should I jump.
  4. Sitting on a nice profit at moment. IVR has moved steadily up to 0.155 over last 6 weeks albeit slowly. But as long as it is going in that direction I am happy. Think 0.175 will be my out unless some other circumstance make me hang on cheers all
  5. focus


    After picking up 50K @0.11 couple days ago as stated in my post on IVR. The shares are making a good uptrend today. Shares up 16%with the buyer side increasing dramatically and seller becoming a bit thin. Might be some leak about a good announcement coming up, mmmm
  6. I seem to have pressed wrong key, 50T was meant to be 50k, but I guess you got the drift
  7. Decided to dip the toe in the water again. It has been a while since I have actually made a trade due to circumstances. Picked up 50T @0.105 I liked there tenements that they have and the work they have been performing. Good spin also from their presentation. I will hang on and hope to make at least 10% fairly quickly. Also dipped the toe in the other day on BND 50T @ 0.11 at least sitting on profit on this one albeit small hehehe
  8. focus

    BLY -

    Thanks for that article nipper, do you know when it was published, but to me 20%plus over last week seems to be excessive. I am going to keep an eye on BLY as it does look a buying opportunity as soon as resources stocks start recovery. BLY is hitting all time low over last 12 mths. cheers
  9. focus

    BLY -

    BLY is certainly taking a massive nosedive today. I am not a holder but was looking at it earlier in the month. Glad I have held off. It is however getting near a bargain buy I think. cheers
  10. focus


    (Have an awful lot of Hep B in China) Just what I want to hear Di, I am off tomorrow (friday) for 2 weeks holiday in china hahahahah Might need a doze of biosilicon when I get back lol.
  11. I have been having a good look at IVR over last day or so. The company look like they have good ground and are having some reasonable shows of silver. (any thought guys/girls). The price although has risen over last week is still below what it was 6 mths ago and considerable lower than 12 months ago. There is also more than twice the number of buyers to sellers (although I dont pay a great deal to that coz it can change in blick of an eye)
  12. Hi Flower. I havent been privy to all the discussion in regard to this inflation thread, but I can advise you on the difference in postal costs. I am a reasonable collector of carnival glass and carnival glass in america is relatively cheap compared to other countries (supply and demand I guess) and I use to buy on ebay from america and have it shipped over to me in Melbourne and still have a bargain. Getting to my point, back in 2010 the US postal service changed it's rate for overseas shipping. This change of rate generally only applied to international shipping costs. So it is not of value for me now to purchase any carnival glass from the US unless I get it for a real bargain coz the shipping costs are now a killer. So you scenario of the difference in your package cost is due to a change of the US postal service policy, (maybe a little bit added for inflation) cheers
  13. focus


    This is another stock that has today come up on my radar (chart). I remember this when part was Universal Resources and made a couple good trades back then. Any long term holders care to comment of this company. The fundamentals dont seem too bad, with generous cash in bank and a bit of profit achieved recently.
  14. After my layoff from trading, time to get back into the swing of things. Has anybody got PEK in their portfolio, PEK has come up on my radar (chat) as a stock that has some upside. I havent yet done any due diligence on the company at this stage , but am interested in people opinion of the company. cheers
  15. focus


    Thanks Arty, Yes it was one of my fav. coz I really believe the concept has much merit and it is a shame it hasnt progress in australia as it should. I was just looking myself at the chart yesterday and realised it had been sitting around the low 5's to mid 5's and then a sudden spike up on the announcement, (good you able to get couple trades in) I am a fan of the MACDline crossover up trend as a positive indicator as well as good perusing of the chart as a whole to see previous trends. I also considered when MACDLine starts to have downturn I use to get out never waited for it to actual crossover on the down. I then waited for the up cycle again. (of course this only suitable for a few stocks) Of course I missed the CFU crossover and should have got in at around 6, but as I am just starting out again I am slow hahahahahaha
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