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    This is one of a few stocks that actually has a valuation attached to it. 76 cents i think it was, following disclosure of a whopping $10 gas price.. Why I sold half at 37.5 I don't know. This is going to attract a 60 cents plus bidder. This is cheap for supply security. At least I have half left.
  2. Flower, The Gasland movie gained emotional and long term support until the oil industry also showed a clip of burning kitchen water fawcett taps. This oil industry clip was taken 26 years before fracking was even heard of. It was lost on the audience. Methane has been bubbling up through pristine aquifers for 150 million years plus. Fox, from Gasland said this fact was irrevelant. Emotion has taken over. The water requirements do need addressing but quite often natural unusable saline water is used.
  3. bermuda


    mme, I have been having difficulty signing on to SS but got through this time and saw these posts. I too have a swag and it has been a long time in the doldrums. Times are a changing. Citibank and others are now directing funds into the Junior resource sector. WCL are sitting in a beautiful position. The promised gas for Gladstone has not arrived. Let's hope we get a decent GSA.
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    mjwk, I really thought this was going to deliver. It had everything going for it. Proximity to large gas fields, ENI as operator and some good hits on the way down. But alas I lost a bundle. Re entered yesterday at 3.7 to see if I can get some ( a little ) back. Nothing is easy.
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    I bought SEH a while ago after hearing an O&G preso. It was an outstanding story and it has not changed. I got in and out at 3 cents and 6 cents respectively within a couple of months. And always regretted selling. Well done to the guys who are still holders. This is a growth stock.
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    To all longs. Well done for having the patience. We are not quite there yet but initial results are very satisfactory. Love your rhythm Nifty.
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    mme, I am still holding a sizable holding and hoping that in time WCL will be able to shine through. I rang Angus Karroll yesterday and had a chat. He still has 22.9 m shares and is not selling.. He said they were at the 'pointy' end of putting a plan in place. Yesterdays little rise may be the forerunner of something bigger. I certainly hope so because based on rudimentary fundamentals WCL is well and truly undervalued. As you know WCL has contracts at $3 coming to an end. Karroll was hopeful of renegotiating them at $7-9. Which seems to be achievable. But hey, nothing is easy in this game. I was encouraged by yesterday's movement. All the best.
  8. Great success with the Namur formation It was interesting to read about the Primary target, the Murta . They found free oil over a 14 metre section. This is very exciting and is additional to the Namur. Hopefully we will hear some more info this week. Looking very good overall.
  9. Great success with the Namur formation It was interesting to read about the Primary target, the Murta . They found free oil over a 14 metre section. This is very exciting and is additional to the Namur. Hopefully we will hear some more info this week. Looking very good overall.
  10. Very pleased to see the CEO buying at 3.2 cents. Well done PM.
  11. Very pleased to see the CEO buying at 3.2 cents. Well done PM.
  12. bermuda


    I see I made a post last May criticising the company. I had the pleasure to meet both John Phillips ad John Ellice-Flint at the Noosa O&G recently . Phillips gave an excellent address. Afterwards I had a chat with them. The recent fall to 3 cents was due to Matthews selling out. This was nothing to do with BUL. Matthews are highly leveraged and had to sell out. The Opes and ANZ fiasco has been settled and ANZ are retaining a shareholding. Expenditure is being trimmed. The Marburg drill will be interesting. ( The drill bit does the talking but they were quite bullish on it.). The biggest impression they made on me is that BUL's inherent strengths are very well understood by Phillips and JEF. These guys have a very deep perspective of what is going on in the Eastern Australia gas market. BUL's best days are ahead of them. Please see the latest BUL preso.
  13. The Middle East is in turmoil .Not only are the Majors withdrawing personnel but Marathon have their sizable Libyan interests up for sale...notwithstanding they will find it hard to find a buyer. The easy fruit has been plucked. Conventional oil production is falling at 5% per annum .The world needs all the shale oil and gas it can get .I might start looking at nuclear.
  14. Libya looks as though it will drop below 1 mbpd ( down from 1.6 ) and now Egypt has fallen from 0.9 mbpd to below 500,000 bpd. The Middle East is in Turmoil. This is really serious.The Saudi's employ 35,000 to guard their oil.I hope they are vigilant because this Sunni - Shiite thing is going to end in Shite.
  15. Blues, The word on the street is that we might be talking big numbers. Have a look across the road at the STX and WHN sites. I tend to take these sort of comments with a grain of salt but I am desperate for a win in this market. Can't take a trick. With a falling A$ surely the market will promote those with USA interests.... and btw the oil price is still about $100. Not long to go now...I hope. Good luck all.
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    I first saw Bond in action at the Sydney O&G in February. He impressed me. With his boldness. And his contacts. This guy is impressive. I think the sp was 240 then. It climbed to nearly 300 and then caught the ASX disease ( aussie dollar decline ). I can't believe it hit a low of 90 today. Russian roulette? I don't think so. Just the market absolutely hammering aussie resources. I have never seen anything as bad.
  17. I bought in a few weeks ago. Before the RI. I am out today for good. I just could not work out what they are up to. It could all be good news. Good luck all.
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    Crooky. Nice post mate. Thanks. Loved the date. Based on that I reckon the deal is still very on. The last few days have born that out. Ain't over yet.
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    mme, Been wrong before but it is " game on" in my book. I am a bit nervous. I am hoping for 250 bbls per day plus.
  20. SXY's oil margins are one of the best in the business. Low cost drilling. New Pipeline infrastructure. Their oil production gets better and better . Even Cuisiner is getting better. They could put a whole lot more drills into this area. I know we only have a minor percentage but this is a valuable contributor. Their oil is wonderful but the jewel in their crown is their massive tight gas reserves. Massive.
  21. bermuda


    mme, This is a hard market indeed. One guy even reckoned the photo of the new tanks was a fake!! Words fail me. I am picking this well will flow over 250 bbls per day. If they do a full perforation it will be a lot more. Plus I think this can be repeated nearby whereby they will take extra precaution to test the main objective which was abandoned last time due to an high pressure gas kick. Think I will have to top up.
  22. Trade Surfer, TNP gave a very good preso at the Sydney O&G conference. This has all the hallmarks of a rapid rise .The recent downturn was due to factors outside their control. The Chinese want this to work. Have a look at that preso. I met Paul Underwood ( ex TAP ). He studied 50 O&G opportunities before embarking on this. Get on board now before their imminent program gets started.You have a couple of weeks so make the most of it. As Always, DYOR.
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    crooky, The more I look at this stock and the apathetic ASX the more I think that the market is missing something. Topped up with another 5m TTEOA today. At least Maverick is growing some more legs. Up 11% to 72 today. I really think this Allen Salt Dome is going to fire TTE up in a big way. But the proof is in the pudding.
  24. bermuda


    bb, A nice early jump to 3.8 and then a drift back to where we started. This ASX market has truly got me stuffed. Perhaps I should just sell everything up and invest in Telstra for the yield??? At the recent O&G conference ( which was shale focussed ) many presenters reckoned Tight Gas was the next big thing after CBM. SXY and OGY are very well positioned but the market yawns or is manipulated.
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