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  1. Turnbull is out Vote very close. Now we have Abbott Probably means Senate will vote against Rudd scheme Hooray hooray.
  2. I,m in too if I can get to the bridge you have in mind. Storey bridge ;harbour bridge; westgate bridge; handy for me would be London bridge; thats the one in Portsea. I,ll bring a naughty little gerwurtztraminer I just picked up on greysonline for $24 a dozen. Think the other bidders thought GT stood for a car race. Your goolies look safe now Balance; mine disappeared when Kagara Sank in the GFC
  3. Cant buy window dressing for months end. Simply a bounce back from the bear trap of Friday once it was realised the Dubai debt reality we just had to go up today . It would have happened regardless of the date But this week is going to be hard to predict where we are by Fridays close.
  4. Nice Rise today Wolverine; now can it keep going higher . Perhaps the day of rekoning is approaching ; could be the potential dividend thats attracting some buyer interest. Who cares; Go JRL higher please.
  5. Me too Nifty Dont have a lot but its sit and forget over the next period with them even if we tumble back to XJO 3500. Continue to be impresed with the Adams 3 wood. It launches higher than other 3 woods I,ve tried to hit. Tried to hit being the operative words.
  6. oldgolfer


    All alone I think; and lots of 1 share trades going through yesterday . How do they do it / ? Certainly managed to take a couple of cents offf the price. They have cash and expectation is will give some back to shareholders next year resulting in a reasonable yearly yield for 2010.
  7. oldgolfer


    You are dead right Rod; I meant Kimberley must have had a brain fade. Thanks for replying anyway and are you going to take up your SPP on Kimberley ????
  8. oldgolfer


    Now the spin off Magma metals wants money. Anyone think its worth a punt?/
  9. Well there,s no market rush to buy these; could be quite a wait but surely by the easter bunny we will know the what and when
  10. oldgolfer


    Hi ross; Macquarie very keen on Awe; preferred stock in the sector. They have underperform on Woodside expect it to fall back Your avatar still going strong after all these years.
  11. oldgolfer


    Hi Guys, My apologies if you know this back ground. KZl was over $6 before the crash, they offered shares to holders at 30 cents after the crash and then again at 60 cents a few months later. So their are some people out there with nice paper profits all ready if they held on. Perhaps this is a reminder to all of us. DO your own research You guys have and are now happy holders. Another old adage is to buy a favourite stock when unloved . Feel we have a good chance this will rise from the ashes of GFC
  12. oldgolfer


    Milroy; Guess you read flowers comments. He thinks debt big and some due in Nov.. Perhaps arty will do a chart prediction Probably better things to buy but if you are holding I would wait and see at present
  13. oldgolfer

    BLY -

    Compliments Arty, I only had a few and sold them at 34 for a profit. Everyone is confident they,ll go higher but at what rate is the question. Hope for holders its soon. Dont know why; but wasnt emmotionally tied to BLY
  14. oldgolfer


    Hi Nifty, How is the club swinging? I admit to holding some of this, its oblivion or a party if it crawls off the ledge. Been making enough lately to shout some new clubs. Bought PING And a nice Adams 3 wood with a 1.5 inch shorter shaft as I,m a pee wee. The courses down here on the Mornington Peninsular are in carpet green condition at present
  15. Thanks for all the comments and the charts Arty. Surely its still a big mystery what was behind such a big unexpected rise Its holding in early trade today but US was up again last night. If you start drawing patterns on charts it could go to mid $3,s . I,d be out then. All the best to holders, remember its an old ICI company probably not many of those staff left I guess but they were well run businesses ;capable management
  16. Hi Balance; The OZL has been Ok; and I,m back buying and selling; missed the enjoyable past time during that horrible period of get out ; sit and forget or whatever. Yanks still a big big worry always more debt coming to fruitition or pay up or die. day. They talk about "fire ready" for the bushfires. I,m "GFC ready" if I get wiff of another correction I,ll run a big percentage back to cash........
  17. Phew That was a solid Jump. Now we go ex div about Nov18 , need to be on the roll until 24/11. Should we stay for that ? Seen somewhere a prediction that divvie will not be much A pleasant surprise today. But what lies ahead in the short term ????
  18. oldgolfer

    BLY -

    Not a chartist but seen lots of charts probably 38c is next stop but not sure what will happen in the next while Feel it is to some extent depending on if all the spp is out of the way and what Us does Lots of churning at 33.5
  19. Just Voted and Sharescene has nose in front at 21%; Do we want to let the world know what is obvious for us ? Pile on the votes boys.
  20. oldgolfer


    Hi Marsupial, What do we do withis poor excuse for an investment ?? At least I,m glad my lifestyle doesnt depend on my INL shares. There does appear to be some nice blokes holding them; what a dissapointment they have been.
  21. Thanks Wolvey and Balance. Dont think the news however good will bring me black ink but the expected improvement will be nice to see Could never understand why this was always lower than "valuation' a real unloved stock I,ll just keep them anyway. Dont have enough for it to be a significant hassle.
  22. Talking to myself on this fellow. When this week will the halt be lifted. Been a long halt. Does that mean bad news boys?//
  23. Thanks Balance. I,d like 30 cents plus Sitting here wondering whether to run for cash in my super fund. Trouble is the really low interest rate, now if reserve would just bump it up a bit it would make the decision easier in times like this. I see we have Rosskend posting again; he,s from way back too; he actually provide me with the avatar I use. Must be 10 years ago or more.
  24. Is That it today? Or will we go past 30 cents next week. Tempted to bail out now.
  25. Hope everyones optimism translates into a SP rise of a decent size. Had this in big blotch of red ink for a long time.
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