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  1. Hi Mullokintyre


    Gee the resmed is doing really nicely; going to hang on to them at this stage. Bet you were pleased to grab some more a month ago. Most of the health stocks to expensive to buy now. In fact I find most of the stocks I like are too dear to buy at present and my specie is below what I paid for it.So only what low risk purchases











  2. Hi balance, Santos in real trouble. will /have cancelled their big gas project and will scap millions and millions of work done so far. Debt is about the current value of shares. Get out if you hold is my worthless opinion
  3. Arty,


    what does your graph reading say now? I,m not a good interp of the graphs but it looks like it could rise a bit further on this run


    Did you buy in at the bottom?




  4. Good Morning Melua,


    Your posts give the impression of well researched diligence on your stocks of interest. I have just entered SYR on the potential for graphite in batteries. But I wouldn't like a dramatic crash of the share price. Had too many of those I think I will have to put a stop after your comments around 3.50 for no particular reason this price





    Hi Ross, Blast from the past. You gave me my Avata many moons ago. Just decided to go back and have a dabble. See some of the old faces are still here, di, nifty balance. Do you guys have a life outside Sharescene? Just joking.


    I will need to watch Foxtel for some tips. I took VOC on a broker tip and like it Gee I had Awe 10 years ago, not done much has it.


    Nice talking









  5. Hi Di, How are things going in the shaky isles? I haven't bought a share for ages but have time on my hands again, so thought I,d dabble a little. A friend gave me three tips TNG ERA and this so I did a little reading and grabbed a small parcel. Just in time.


    Is there more upside or should I quit ??









  6. Thanks Flower, appreciate your charts whenever they go up. I cant make the fundamentals work for me in this climate


    A commentator on ABC national this morning said this financial system is going to play out for 13 years. Heaven forbid.

  7. Thanks for the chart Arty.


    If we do get a rate drop on Cup day What direction do you think the banks will move ? Its less profit from Housing loans. But they pay less to depositors and there are lots of them at present. Thought I might buy WBC on a down day and hold until after Cup Day.


    Been trading this but picked wrong om last venture and now back to only minus 2cents on price. We do need ASx to go a few more hundred points higher before we can say the downtrend has reversed.


    If i can get plus20 cents I ll go out again.

  8. Sensible comments from Chuk and Dayz. I pulled out. Does anyone really know which way we will go short term. One can really only do short term trades to try and make a few dollars and sleep at nights. I totally agree goldies in the long term are well worth having in the portfolio.




    Yes I wish we had a market where shorting was banned. But the shorters are playing a dangerous game. Look what happened just before the close in the US last night. There was a mad scramble to cover as the Dow went positive.


    Atlas up first thing this morning, so i took my 4% in a day and sold out yet again. Watching Bus news on TV this morning left me thinking a Greek Default is coming. If i am sensible probably these guys have no real idea but hey you do have to rationalise in these times and stick to some plan. Atlas does seem more volatile than a lot of other stocks that drop and rise more in Sync with the Index.


    Hi frodo,


    Dont know if its all that smart but at $3.40 ,s today I took a few. Trouble is I like this co. and will find it hard to sell if they slip again . Just have to crawl in your black hole and hope for a revival.


    I,m Still out guys. Wondering if it will go back to $3.20; methinks this week is going to be pretty red overall.


    Long term i would like to hold, the trick is when to get aboard the good ship Atlas; crickey it will be for the fourth time. It doesnt owe me anything; its a great company.

  9. Hi to any Legacy Holders. Its doing all right, ARTY did a chart on August 1 but i expect it looks a little different now.


    Its not too late to get on board before the possible takeover /restructure or whatever that is expected


    I am getting a bit tired of our gutless australian share investors. Not keen on money grabbing banks either.

    Whats left ? Gold under the bed/ :grrr:


    Greetings Men Of Atlas,

    When are we ever going to burst through 5000 and stay there ? Its a traders market and s longer termers are left treading water. At least I have you lads to keep my sanity. 3.60 seems Our next port of call; expect the ship will be nearly empty if $4 tickets ever get offered.


    Good morning Frodo and Captain.

    I note your harmless banter has incurred a reaction. Well I for one am not bothered; maybe because Ago has made me money.

    I see the Bull today likes Fortescue despite claiming Iron Ore prices may drop.


    As that applies to Atlas as well, this is definately a market to watch ; no set and forget in this market. Still thinking of departing


    A happy easter to all long termers :rolleyes:

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