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  1. After being a big marker for this stock, I also dumped. Trading halt today looks interesting. Somethigns wrong if its trading at 40 cents when its actually producing and not exploring. Woof woof. Have a good one all.. I am goooooone
  2. frenzal1


    its been awhile since the sp has headed past 2 bucks... more aquisitions maybe?
  3. Ill thank myself here...dog down ald and get a big spike in SP and volume ...rumours are about regarding takeover
  4. yawn... love the communication about this stock from management... whatever happened to barrick.. judging by the sp and volume, you could say the insiders dont have any good news coming out still trading less than what it was as an explorer
  5. Please... someone take over ALD to get it back up to a dollar. pretty please
  6. and now the trifactor.. 3 good solid announcements in a row possible merger mentioned... hello barrick or Lihir? or someone else?
  7. typical... buy on rumous, sell on fact
  8. frenzal1


    amazing... we still profit upon the suffering of others. ah, capitalism at its finest
  9. appreciate all comments... with your input, the buzz in ald continues and hopefully resonates
  10. it has doubled from its sickly low of 18.5cents, and it is trading 50%below previous highs of $1.03 (achieved during exploration). there is just no investment or buzz in this stock, even though on paper things are looking sweet. ...as mentioned beforehand, i always remember the chinese deal and how theyhave pulled out without exploration
  11. the good news is out in regard to the gold reserves, gold is edging closer to 1000k (currently $957) ..SP is still at a sickly 42cents and still no buzz on this forum. Whats happening
  12. might be buy on rumour and sell on fact
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