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  1. In reply to: macduffy on Sunday 27/07/08 01:04pm Roll on the reporting season so we can see real values KK
  2. kiwi kid


    In reply to: scully on Friday 25/07/08 04:31pm Why would you buy the options when the head shares are so low? Kiwi Kid
  3. kiwi kid


    In reply to: Robertmj65 on Wednesday 09/07/08 06:51pm The market was going down resources wise. End of story! KK
  4. kiwi kid


    In reply to: chimera on Tuesday 01/07/08 11:16am A lirrle optimistic expecting a takeover but it should be due to a real boost based on increased Tui income
  5. kiwi kid


    In reply to: chimera on Tuesday 01/07/08 11:16am A lirrle optimistic expecting a takeover but it should be due to a real boost based on increased Tui income
  6. In reply to: _DC on Tuesday 01/07/08 10:51am It's simple in New Zealand we don't have a capital gains tax or even stamp duty. There is no incentive for us to dump stocks. I notice before every quarter stocks are dumped particularly resource ones and go up after the quarter's end. Our IRD would have me up for tax as a trader if I chopped and changed however KK
  7. In reply to: watchmaker on Sunday 29/06/08 03:20pm PDN was up sharply also in Toronto late Friday their time KK
  8. In reply to: james938 on Wednesday 25/06/08 03:15pm So will I . I have over 500000 of them! KK
  9. When is BPT's result due http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/icon14.gif
  10. In reply to: triage on Thursday 14/02/08 03:13pm Well look at his track record. It is impressive for a small company http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wub.gif
  11. kiwi kid


    In reply to: henrietta on Monday 21/01/08 09:29am Should be a fun AGM. How far will it fall? Is it an overreaction? They just raised last month $62.5M from "sophisticated shareholders' I think it's a bit of an overreaction though but wait and see They have more wells planned
  12. In reply to: Brantley on Wednesday 05/12/07 09:50pm Brantley and Rooster, I've become very keen on this stock. Like you I see it as a puzzle. I find it interesting that Mark Stevenson the director of RMG and Hollomans has bought 600000 in his own name in an off market trade for 2.5cents encouraged me to increase my holding to a million at 2.1cents a share on Friday. Knowing the Steinpreis clan has stitched this deal together intrigues me more Did you buy back in Rooster http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/icon14.gif KK
  13. In reply to: rooster on Tuesday 04/12/07 08:12am Rooster I think this one's worth another look . Hollomans are a private company. I wonder how attractive a public listing on the ASX woulde be http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/icon14.gif KK
  14. kiwi kid


    In reply to: sky on Monday 17/12/07 11:31am Sky I hope you are watching the action now! Curiously where are the Tennant Creek results? They were due in mid December. Coupled with that look how right on Christmas [20 December to be exact they announce that option holders can cash in their options early and get a new free attached option but they have only till next Monday to do it. Great timing. How many will be on holiday still except those in the know Watch this space! Note how the share price is going skywards. Who are the lucky few who have most of these options http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/icon14.gif Yes the directors! Anyway maybe some good news coming for the bulk of us with the Tennant Creek results
  15. kiwi kid


    In reply to: towie on Thursday 03/01/08 07:09pm Why want a takeover ? The 15% holding in Tui is a real winner as this morning's New Zealand Herald highlights. What's more likely in my humble opinion is a stock merger
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