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  1. QUOTE (ezinameriadu @ Monday 16/06/08 05:59pm) Mate I am the first to admit that I made a really bad call RE CUV when it was above $1. I expected it to pull back to the high .80's and then take-off to new all-time highs. How wrong was I! I hate to say it(for a couple of reasons), but I bailed out when it broke support in the low .80's and have only recently bought back in the low.30's. The second time, at virtually exactly the same price levels, that I have done this since originally buying back in '02.(who says history never repeats). Anyhow I am a little biased toward this stock due to personal experience. Apart from the minimal side effects experienced during the early years of trialing( facial flushing etc), when the only way to administer the drug was via needle, there have virtually been ZERO side effects since. I believe that to be an exceptionally high degree of safety that has thus far been proven and the chances that there will be any from here on is virtually nil. The efficacy of 1647 is beyond doubt. The drug on the surface does EXACTLY what it is supposed to do and it does it far better than earlier researchers thought it would ever do, thus dosage levels have been reduced/revised dramatically downward from earlier levels. Now all that is left to prove is, does this drug help sufferers of the current indications? If it does, then 1647 is a no brainer, NO drug authority will have ANY excuse to deny approval under ANY circumstance! Cheers
  2. QUOTE (jason34788 @ Sunday 15/06/08 08:54am) I can tell you all categorically that the TDT trials were ceased because of concerns RE abuse. It was not seen as an appropriate method of self medication. CUV had very good advice that regulatory authorities would have NEVER approved the delivery method. As far as 1647 is concerned it is SAFE and it WORKS, much better than any of you could imagine. I have had an implant injected at RPA, this drug will take the world by storm.
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    We have a double-top break out in Ag Silver now heating up, doubled Golds gain in % terms last week and four times the gain so far this week. Watch Ag surprise all in strength the next few weeks
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    In reply to: Andus on Tuesday 05/02/08 07:14pm What ever it is MK obviously likes it.. My bet is someting to do with TSX listing.
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    In reply to: alonso on Wednesday 30/01/08 03:26pm Too funny http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif
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    Well I am here to to tell you that I have been to more board meetings than I wish to remember., I stopped going to meetings several years ago as it became apparent over time that what I learned was not worth the time of attendance. When it comes to start-ups and Jnr explorers there is NO magic formula for success, I wish there was, but there is not. If there were then everybody would be be making the right call. Has anybody EVER been to a AGM where the executives were not overall optimistic? The only tool that I use, without inside knowledge, is just pure GUT INSTINCT, it is as simple as that. IF anybody does have a magic formula, for God's sake lets us all know. Gut instinct takes time to develop, some it comes naturally to, others have to work at it, others just never find it. For me, I fall into the second group, it took me time. So what is my gut telling me about MON?.....well let me say that I haven't thrown enough money at it to support me and my family for several years because I like to take risks. Gold IS going over $2000 in the not too distant future, MON have 5+ mill oz of gold, so what does it matter if it costs them $1500 to extract that gold...at the end of the day they have GOLD, GOLD IS GOING HIGHER.....ALOT HIGHER, SIMPLE http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/icon13.gif Sometimes investors are their own worst enemy, in their search for trees they glide right over the forest http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/blink.gif
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    QUOTE (tba42 @ Saturday 26/01/08 10:01pm) Well I am happy to say that I doubled my position on Tuesday last week @.35.....was I happy and comfortable and did I ever harbour ANY doubt over that decision ......... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif If they wanna sell em to me at that level again I am more than happy to accomodate http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/icon13.gif
  8. In April I said that Co was on its way to $100 p/lb sometime in 2008. I have been told by many that I am somewhat over optimsitic. Well here we are one month down and 11 to go and Co which was selling in the high 20's back then is now selling for $50. Demand is rising monthly and Russian and US defense stockpiles will be all but exhausted by mid 2008. Once that happens Co supply shortfall will become critical and the price will double in a few months.
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    Who had the B@#LS to buy at the lows yesterday http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif ...I had a bid in all day @ .50 but never got filled.......moved it up today and picked up just after the open.
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    QUOTE (dlux @ Monday 21/01/08 01:04am) QUOTE Whilst MOn appears 'good value; there are many other better buys around ADU for mine.  ADU is OK but how do you figure with similar market caps that ADU is better value than MON?....I for one am EXTREMELY cautious about ANYTHING with interests in Africa to begin with...political risk not withstanding, MON have no such problem a much much cheaper resource base and larger to boot, infrastructure....will I go on?......but let's compare apples with apples,not apples with potatoes.
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    Is MON good value...well based on in ground reserves and inferred resources MON is one of the best value plays on the entire planet! On current market cap every ounce of gold is woth just over US$16...if that ain't value for even a low margin producer then I'll give this game away. With MON set to list in 12 months on the TSX and Gold set to head north of $1000 US I suspect that a rerating is on the cards VERY soon that see a 100-200% increase in the share price and it would still be undervalued. NMM...I am surprised that one as yourself sold considering the value in this company. In 2 years time .65 will look ridiculously cheap.
  12. Yep as I alluded to at lunch time folks.......today was about as close to a bottom as one can get. The fed is in relaxing mode and that means ONE thing...markets will end higher at the end of 2008 rather than lower! Step up and BUY your favourite commodity plays!
  13. In reply to: triage on Friday 18/01/08 01:49pm Sometimes it's not prudent to wait for blood on the streets......BHP @ sub $35 for instance...............back it up, I'm in...I suspect Wall Street will tank on the open tonight and finish strongly up...if I'm wrong who cares....BHP and sundry are CHEAP!
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    In reply to: NightStalker on Wednesday 16/01/08 08:07am NS, each to his own, like I said I was buying CDE back in 2003 just before it took a large run and nobody wanted to anything to do with it then, just as investors want nothing to do with MMN now. Oh let me see, that's right I was buying MMN back in 2001 for .04 and everybody told me I was mad then as well... Like I say, each to his own...CDE will do very well, but I bet MMN outperforms by a country mile over the next few years. Cheers
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    In reply to: N.M.Mer. on Tuesday 15/01/08 07:31am NMM. as a rule I don't like consolidations either, but if MON are to list on the TSX then a consolidation was necessary, 100 odd million shares down from well over 300 m and they'll still have one of the largest floats of any junior listed on the TSX.
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