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    For three years, PPP have been looking for new opportunities to replace their rapidly diminishing Tui production. This latest quarterly states that their quest is still ongoing, while we shareholders hold and hold and hold. What a mistake that has proven with all that lost opportunity cost in other ventures. The directors have both massive holdings and cash monetery returns while they procrastinate and we vegetate. What to do?
  2. What a dismal record this company is compiling. Endless delays, failure to communicate with its shareholders, multiple failures, and a management that seems incapable of improving its credentials despite every attempt by interested parties to make progress. Tony Radford at 75 still hangs in there despite proof of his failings. What does it take to turn this company around to realize its potential? Success at current and imminent drills will help but it needs a cornerstone shareholder to move in and take over management. Any bidders?
  3. The D & M report on permit 0037 answers my previous query showing extension of the turbidite fan and greatly enhanced prospectivity as a result of the Walvis drill. The permit is now assessed as an 8+ billion oil prospect. All that is needed now is for a major to take 50% plus costs to date and a free first drill. Shouldn't be too difficult with Barry an honest well respected ceo who will certainly seek the best deal for shareholders. Can't wait! This is likely to be one amazing company within the next 2-3 years and I wish I had the cash to buy some more!
  4. With PCL immediately north and also east of this well, how does the geolgy, depth, seismic, relate to any likely indicators for future prospectivity?
  5. dolor


    Thanks for the info and your optimism. I have been holding for upteen years and am still well behind but nevertheless ever hopeful on the basis of the many potential game breakers. With this better management the prospects are likely to be realised and despite the massive dilution my long term sizable investment should one day see me to retirement prosperity.
  6. dolor


    Sad that this has come to an end. The flagship of NZ biotech floundering on Chinese medling. A profound lesson to those seeking future ffunding, as exemplified here, with F & P, and Crafar farms. They want total control and are patient until this is achieved by fair means or by foul.
  7. My Nov 2011 post has come to bear. When will this company come to its senses - common ones?
  8. dolor


    Fortunately everybody ignores his rantings.
  9. dolor


    The collapsed house of GEN has their AGM tomorrow. With directors up for confirmation there is a chance for announcement of activity. Will we see a closed and impenetrable edifice, an open door to a new collaboration and business venture with the Chinese, a futive back door entrance shrouded in mystery and intigue, or will this be a last dying gasp of impending demise? Surely the retention and costs of retaining dual listing must be indicative of ulterior purpose? Others must be of similar mind given the recent upsurge in price.
  10. Latest venture into Tunisia seems an act of desparation - seeking redemption from the string of failures these past 3 years. Salisbury has made one bad decision after another and now the company is diversifying by shifting interest to the other side of the world, to an area of political and financial instability, where the co has no other personell, where adjacent oil pools are small, with a 5 year horizon to any potential find. Is this the hallmark of successful business practice? Seems time to abandon ship.
  11. dolor


    Something is afoot in this space, with Gen delaying the AGM while awaiting nomination for new directors. Any interest Plastic?
  12. dolor


    After searching for two years to find a new field and income source to supplement the declining Tui oil income, it seems odd that the co has been silent regarding Kaupokonui with NZOG seeking futher partners. Could it be that PPP are now shy of involvement with a team that has failed all too often of late, or are the terms too onerous for participation?
  13. dolor


    Still no news after 3 weeks of testing. What could possibly be happening other than technical difficulties as encountered in the first drill which precluded and conclusive flow data? The cumulative costs must now be very substantial and the only consolation might be that PPP only have to bear 5%. Sad that they have no control over events or news releases as the lack of reporting reflects badly on the company's standing in the Ausie market. Even if the well is a success the loss of support within the investing community is so great as to cause an almost irrevocable downgrade of the confidence in the board and administration. The solution? A merger or T/O with another oiler.
  14. dolor


    What could be happening with drill stem preparations in Viet Nam? Same message for the past week as though the team fell asleep on the job. Must have been the same team as those on the board. At this rate declining cash will be the only company movement.
  15. Two years since the last post on NZO with only negative events to report. This co has been stumbling under the Radford factor with little or no control over virtually all its activities. Massive staff increases and endless 'we have many exciting plans for the future' have been all talk and no action. What with the run down of Tui, failed drills x 5, relinquishment of permits, the PPP fiasco and Pike River explosion, no partners willing or able to undertake new drilling, and now the cancellation of dividend despite good cash reserves, it's a wonder that there is even a semblance of any market. After holding for years I have lost any confidence whatsoever in this board and am selling down progressively. Previous good prospects have been destroyed by endless bad decisions. The only salvation would be a take-over - perhaps Todd, Contact, Mighty River, Infratil or an Ausie oiler. Shouldn't be too costly at this time with poo so high and cash in the kitty.
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