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  1. In reply to: alonso on Thursday 14/08/08 10:14am i'm still a holder and will continue to hold.
  2. In reply to: alonso on Wednesday 30/04/08 09:39am Hey Alonso, Good to see a fund manager increasing their stake - it looks like the share price might be bottoming out - I have topped up my holding at a dollar as I think it is undervalued. I meant to ask who put out the buy recommendation you posted last time? Cheers Mike
  3. Yeah - no particular reason why this is sliding other than general malaise in the market. SFH continue to buy back stock and every time I go past one of their shops they seem to be busy but I guess we will have to wait until they give a trading update before we can expect any upward movement in the shareprice. If it goes much lower I'll be topping up my holding though.
  4. Yep - very happy to continue holding this stock. It has certainly turned the corner and there is a lot of potential upside.
  5. Be very interested to see what the results are like - should be out soon.
  6. snakecatcher


    I see from today's announcement that the Monoco deal is back on - no mention of the $millions this deal was supposed to generate though.
  7. Yep - looking good. Now all we need is the SP up past 2.00
  8. In reply to: albion on Thursday 02/08/07 07:06am I agree Albion, the Subprime market is a very small percentage of the overall mortgage market in the US something like 1 or 2% but given the population of the US this translates into a sizeable chunk of cash which is "at risk". Having said that there are 98% of loans which are not subprime and not at risk but reporting this isn't sensational and doesn't sell newspapers. I would be interested to know what percentage of subprime loans are in default at the moment, 5%, 10%, 50%? This would give a clearer picture of the scale of the problem.
  9. Im getting the same message - they better get it sorted out soon
  10. snakecatcher


    In reply to: Jay on Wednesday 01/08/07 03:31pm Yeah sorry should have been more specific in my post, what I mean't was that MBL itself didn't make an ASX announcement
  11. snakecatcher


    They didn't announce it to the market via the ASX but it has widely reported in the press. see below for an example SYDNEY (Dow Jones)--Macquarie Bank (MLB.AU) said Wednesday it has no direct exposure to its two high-yield investment funds that have been adversely impacted by price volatility in the U.S. credit market. Macquarie had said earlier that two of its funds that were marketed to smaller investors could lose a quarter of their value, or more than A$300 million, according to a report on The Australian newspaper website. A spokeswoman for Australian Bank told Dow Jones Newswires that the bank has no direct exposure to Fortress Funds.
  12. snakecatcher


    In reply to: Jay on Wednesday 01/08/07 03:07pm Now trading sub $74 - amazing what panic will do to the share price of a great company. They have no direct exposure to sub prime, are trading on PE multiple of around 13.4x current year earnings which is a discount to the rest of the market. The statement made at the AGM confirmed they had a record first quarter with strong prospects for 1H08. And the latest funds statement showed continued strong growth in its funds under management.
  13. snakecatcher


    In reply to: david_j_c on Wednesday 01/08/07 11:04am I can't imagine that the loss or potential loss of some management fees from one or two funds is going to make much difference to MBL's bottom line. Sell off today smacks of panic and is a good buying opportunity in my opinion
  14. snakecatcher


    IMHO MBL is cheap at these prices and has been oversold however if you think it has lower to go you can sell Aug $75 puts for around $1.50 which is a good deal
  15. snakecatcher


    I agree with you Lizard another useless announcement, $200m revenue sounds great but not if your costs are $210m! Looks like the rest of the market feels the same way with the SP now up only slightly. I am still a holder though and hope that BQT will turnaround
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