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  1. misterious


    Fourth Quarter 2012 --- another great quarter announced today with staggaring revenue growth over this year. The NZ market may eventually recognise this and the true potential of Diligent.
  2. What's going on? --- interesting finish and interesting announcement.
  3. Looks good --- I certainly hope you are right!
  4. Good start for the week! --- plenty more to come perhaps.
  5. Yes, I have been watching CUE and can't believe why the SP has been going down not up --- however Wed announcement should help define the matter a little better.
  6. I am very interested in the CUE share price going well beyond .34c --- hopefully it won't take too long.
  7. misterious


    What a brilliant first quarter report from DIL released today --- it's onwards and upwards from here.
  8. Thanks for this post ---- you obviously think there are some very good possibilities! --- it would be a very pleasant change for long suffering NWE holders.
  9. The lack of detail while perhaps is a little disturbing does not necessarily mean bad news --- it may eventually contribute to a great result --- who knows!
  10. Annaliese's posts on this NWE thread and for that matter a number of other threads on sharescene have always been remarkably objective, informed, rational and most appreciated. Your "charged with emotion" comment is beyond explanation.
  11. misterious


    Areva will be appointed to market two thirds of SMM share of uranium products from its Aus projects. Areva will also be engaged to provide technical consulting services to SMM. Other SMM shareholders do not have these very commercially advantageous benefits included with their shares----so the question is: what are these arrangements that other shareholders don't have worth? ---if one could ascertain that we would know the true price they are paying for their shares.
  12. In reply to: annaliese on Tuesday 31/10/06 08:23am Slide rule, protractor and test tube packed---arrive China tomorrow night, will report exact reserves in Beibu Gulf---line up Rothschild '73 (north end yard) lunch Friday fortnight. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
  13. In reply to: annaliese on Monday 18/09/06 02:11pm I have taken your very sensible advice anna and lodged a complaint with the ASX.
  14. misterious


    There is no doubt smm is way undervalued as far as their resource is concerned, however the market has a great deal of difficulty valuing anything that is dependent on political processes---there is still a way to go before any okay to mine is concerned---we have an election and we all know when politicians get desperate they will promise anything, we also know that the whole nuclear debate is delicate to say the least. Imagine if there was a nuclear accident, or the Iran nuclear debate blew up as it were. The anti's would be on fire, and the "told you so's" wouldn't hold back.-----thus valuations are very difficult.
  15. misterious


    In reply to: Ooops on Thursday 24/08/06 10:25pm Surely it's no surprise that all the candidates for Mt Isa are backing Uranium mining, I would imagine if they didn't, regardless of party they wouldn't be candidates for this seat. The old rutine---"don't worry guys I'll persuade them to change but can't do that if I'm not in"----so vote for me!!!
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