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  1. fraz2


    latest ann does not fill me with enthusiasm Mr Salomon commented: “I am very enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve as Managing Director of Oilex.
  2. fraz2


    That is 3c unfranked div & 12c cap return, and by my rough calc the cash backing is slightly over 8c after the payout
  3. a quick google search reveals full article here http://www.4-traders.com/news/Department-o...lion--19438146/
  4. fraz2


    A few facts about gold can be found here ; http://www.numbersleuth.org/worlds-gold/
  5. It certainly has and is continuing to develop. Not only does it hold a 1.5% royalty and 12.94% of VXL, it is in partnership with Monash uni and is going to spin off another company (Graphitec) to develop enhanced graphene products. http://www.strategicenergy.com.au/pdf/11-9...Sept%202014.pdf
  6. fraz2


    Is this the one? http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/multimedia/archive/00283/The_Economist_10508_283974b.jpg
  7. fraz2


    It looks like I will be a long term holder of Igas shares if I want to get a reasonable price for them(their last price was 101.75), and then if the Scots gain independence, there could be some negative exchange rate consequences as well. This would probably push the deal into the unfair and unreasonable category.
  8. fraz2


    Had held SER for a long time but sold on open today, but will buy back when price pulls back
  9. Can't hold my tongue any longer! After being so confident on the positives of this company for so long you sold too low (given a profit is a profit) you now buy back in? Where did the unbridled confidence go? I think these marbles I found rolling down the hall may be yours. It just doesn't compute with my small brain. I sold a few on the good news and am sitting on a 27% profit on the rest. I appreciate you may have been relieved to get your money back and bailed but crikey the upside of this new discovery deserved a bit of time to see where it will settle. Obviously a re rating. A long time ago I had concerns about the early influx of water in the volcanic structures in Thailand but was impressed with the management having gone to Perth for an AGM and have kept in touch with cvn and it seems they have diversified to our advantage. I continue to hold CVN & CVNO.
  10. fraz2


    I must be fey - I voted against it on Monday
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