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  1. So we're meant to ignore a published book from a real scientist, which the extract shows in pretty clear detail how the models fail, and believe a hyprocrite like Al "there will be no sea ice in the artic by 2020" Gore who's made 100's of millions of dollars peddling climate fear. I've taken an interest in the climate for decades, its actually pretty interesting, and if anyone is aware of the dramatic changes in climate over the last 15,000years pretty humbling. I'm sure there were groups back then blaming everyone one else for the huge changes in climate before and after the younger dryas period. Human nature doesn't change. I speculate back then the rulers may of demanded sacrifice, or to hand over your slaves or daughters. Now they just want to tax us in ever creative ways - so i guess we've made some progress.
  2. below is an extract from a highly respected climate scientist - in summary it states that climate models are overly simplistic and are actually useless for climate forecasting. i was always a sceptic, but thought it would be obvious to most when they started calling carbon "polution". IPCC, whether deliberately or not, has chosen to use models that allocate 99% of climate change to human activity. I'm seeing papers coming out on a regular basis where scientists are pushing back. CMIP6 will come into effect in 2022 and this should start to remove the over sensitivity to CO2 in the models and start to introduce energy from the sun. Couldn't agree more about polution. Just because someone doesn't buy the CO2 narrative doesn't mean they don't care about the environment.
  3. Mork


    I for one haven’t dismissed those claims so easily. I’ve heard many virologist and biologist's who specialise in bat populations state the same thing. Included is Professor Luc Montagnier, winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine, who co-discovered HIV. https://www.ibtimes.sg/here-why-french-citi...ampaign=related For anyone interested, HIV has another link with the pandemic in that Dr Fauci was intimately involved at the start of AIDS in the 1980’s and his role with the drug AZT shows what a scum bag he really is. While it is only a false positive HIV results with the potential oz vaccine, i guess the bad publicity surrounding this is a little too close to some skeletons lurking in the past around this pandemic.
  4. Mork


    I'd like to know who the 31,000 "Volunteers" in the UAE we're. Foreign workers in the UAE make up approx 90% of the work force and 80% of the total population. Any takers for a bet on who the guinea pigs were. Kind of strange that China couldn't find anyone to trial this in there own country.
  5. You'd look good cruising around in one Mick.
  6. No reason to trust Zuck, but it probably gets even worse. The CIA invests in various social media platforms. the attached is an old article, but it would probably be hard to find a mainstream source these days. In the old days the FBI routinely illegally opened the mail of its citizens as part of a mass survelliance program. It took years to shut this down. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/social-media-i...-cia-seriously/
  7. Mork


    Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests "Unreliable" & Quarantines "Unlawful"Via Off-Guardian.org, https://www.zerohedge.com/political/portugu...ntines-unlawful
  8. I don't think nuclear is the way to go either, I definetly wouldn't want to live near one. Imo the change in policy looks like the government is slowly pushing nuclear by slight of hand. Cheers
  9. Mork


    Thats my concern with a coming change. A new administration may seek to esculate conflicts in the middle east and a worsening conflict between Amernia and Azerbaijan, and crank up the US war machine. This is in contrast to the present administration that is bringing troops home and brokered multiple peace deals in the middle east. President Trump was actually nominated four times for the Noble Peace Prize. One of the greatest ironies in all this was that Trump was a live long supporter of the Democrats and helped raise money for them in the past. He only ran as a Republican as it was his only possible path for him to win in the 2016 election.
  10. Thats an interesting take on whats going on. There's got to be whole lot of stuff going behind the scenes that will never see the light of day. My understanding was the intelligence communities are the group that loathes trump, but he's generally well supported by the military? Don't think a pardon's on the table. Trump wins and the Biden's and Clinton's go to jail. If Biden wins it will be the Trump family locked away. Whatever ever happens, America seems more divided than ever before and its hard to see that changing.
  11. I still see no evidence of this uptrend being completed. Obviously wrong that this would be completed by the end of October. Absolute max time for the uptrend to complete is Jan 2021, then the downtrend needs to complete by the first half of 2021. Looks like were in for surprise in Dec / Jan. 6,900 +/- starting to look like a possibility. Big picture still the same. The lows get retested in the first half of 2021, then markets go to the moon in 2022/23/24?. However, when completed where going to give up nearly all of the gains from the 2009 lows. US market will correct nearly as much as back in the great depression. Buckle up for a wild ride, all should play out this decade. Cheers
  12. At least its not out of control here. Most people can see our politicians for what they are. Recently saw that large retail chains in the US are banning coconut milk and related products because these are products "of forced monkey slave labour" If people are not aware the US is becoming truely insane in some states with their woke ideology. Time to go back to school and learn how to count. Cheers
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    Thanks, glad your boy is healthy. Friend is much older, might be a case of bad luck. flu can cause long term side affects at times just like this covid
  14. Mork


    Hi eb, is there some good treatments out there? I know someone who got swine flu here in oz who got really sick and to this day has to be really carefully around people with the flu/cold. He was never the same. Thanks
  15. Mork


    More back pedalling from the WHO, where they've released a bulletin showing covid has a fatality rate less than the seasonal flu for those under the age of 70. Bulletin attached. Further, now the CDC admits that of the approx 210,000 death attributed to covid in the US, 80,000 were from pneumonia and seasonal flu, and 130,000 were people with life threatening terminal diseases. To be fair there is a lot of overlap in these numbers, as it is not unsual for terminal patients to become infected and succombe to pneumonia in they're final weeks. Increase cases - pcr tests are being cycled up 40 / 45 times to make the test meaningless. BLT.20.265892.pdf
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