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  1. Idyll, i noticed the 1044 seller as well couple weeks back while i was waiting for an entry point. i would certainly be interested in the reasoning behind the strategy.
  2. Anyone watching this one? Past 2 days don't seem so innocent now that its in a trading halt.
  3. andyc


    Oil Sales contributed to pretty much the entire lift if revenue. Infact Gast sales were down compared to 2nd/h/04. Can anyone enlighten me as to what these 'tarriff expenses' relate to? they went from 296k to 2.8 million.
  4. In reply to: andy20020 on Thursday 02/03/06 10:28am this the most recent AGM or the one the year before ? cause i was at the the one the year before and remember the exact things being said. nonetheless i still hold NRT.
  5. andyc


    quarterly report out. The paragraph on Waggamba Field seems to read like a delay is almost a certainty. Can only wait and see i guess... Dissapointing to see all these hiccups in production with such high demand/price. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sadsmiley02.gif
  6. Soy does help fight against disease Regarding the Monday article, "Soy questioned as aid for heart": Although it may not be the most appetizing item on the menu in a man's diet, soy does help in the fight against prostate cancer, contrary to how the Associated Press reported on a recent study by the American Heart Association. Quite simply the study states, "Soy ... prevent(s) the development and growth of prostate cancer in animal models. In prostate cancer cells, genistein (the active ingredient of soy) reduced the synthesis of prostate-specific antigen, a marker of prostate cancer development." To go a step further, the National Cancer Institute completed a study that shows that a soy-based drug, phenoxodiol, significantly delays tumor progression in men suffering from late-stage prostate cancer. Soy also reduces hormone levels and exhibits weak estrogen and anti-estrogen-like qualities that promotes hormone treatments for both prostate and breast cancers, according to researchers at the University of Michigan. Just look at diet. Millions of Asian men can't be wrong. Soy is a staple food in most Asian countries and it's not a coincidence that prostate cancer in Asian countries is a fraction of what it is in America. Prostate cancer is the second deadliest cancer in America. Annual early detection and eating nutritious meals with helpings of soy can make the difference in the fight against prostate cancer. Richard N. Atkins, M.D. National Prostate Cancer Coalition Washington, D.C. http://heraldnet.com/stories/06/01/25/100let_20060125006.cfm
  7. andyc


    In reply to: drarthur on Wednesday 25/01/06 02:28pm i dont think the phrase "on thin ice" really says enough...
  8. andyc


    these guys haven't said peep for a month now... maybe they clocked off early for the year... ?
  9. andyc


    steady as she goes... the business that is... cant say much for the share price...
  10. andyc


    In reply to: havago on Tuesday 06/12/05 10:33pm i suspect the 'potetial investor' completed their due diligence long ago... i find it hard to beleive they havent either... perhaps they are waiting for something now ?
  11. In reply to: oldsilver on Sunday 20/11/05 09:52am seems to be some massive gaps in the offer depth... didnt think it would make it back to 5.4 this quickly... but meh
  12. andyc


    In reply to: Dynaflow on Tuesday 22/11/05 01:35pm i dont beleive the efforts of MOS management should go unrewarded... i do however beleive it is premature to be asking for a large pay increase after ONE good year... despite forecasts for the next year being rosey it is never a sure thing... They may feel pretty happy with the results... and so they should... but they need to consider what the shareholders have gotten from this past year... effectively nothing... no dividend and a languishing shareprice... there is much potential here but little in the bank... I think these guys should have waited till the ball was well on its way before giving themself such a large reward... just my opinion...
  13. andyc


    let's hope the positive tone of this address is genuine... everything in here seems good and the "potential investors" will hopefully read this as a small company with good prospects... sincererly hope they've got their numbers right re the budget... i don't think the market will be keen to give these guys more cash anytime soon... but they shouldn't need it...
  14. andyc


    In reply to: healyn on Tuesday 22/11/05 10:18am probably AGM annoucnement stuff?
  15. andyc


    In reply to: vilmac on Tuesday 22/11/05 09:25am dont think anyone from here is going to the AGM are they ? wish i could make it cause there certainly are some questions worth askin'.
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