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  1. re "a decision on whether the first large scale commercial demonstration project will be located in Australia is expected soon," from CWE's latest ann. Carnegie in a May 2009 release listed several potential wave markets for CETO technology, including Ireland, Scotland and France. Ireland's government has committed to $50m in wave energy funding. The Bahamas, (where Alan Burns currently is pursuing his oil interests), is also identified by Carnegie as a potential market. Burn's company, BPC, has a farm-in arrangement with the Norwegian energy giant, Statoill-Hydro, and exploration for oil and gas is expected to begin by late 2009, in the Bahamas. On BPC: "Run out of Perth, Western Australia but based in the Falkland Islands, BPC ... also points to earlier work in the Bahamas by several oil companies … The company spent more than £7 million amassing the data on its prospects, but, with Statoil as a partner, Burns boasts 'we'll never have to raise money again'. 6/8/09 – from sharecrazy.com Robert Tyerman" Also … "Bahamas are particularly interested in the desalination angle and has the advantage of Atlantic swells compared to the rest of the Caribbean." (from Motley Fool) As CWE now has rights to market CETO in the Northern Hemisphere, the world is its oyster.
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    In reply to: OILMAN1 on Saturday 07/07/07 01:11am I lost a heap on this but thanks OILMAN1 to your number-crunching and alerts in early Feb. not as much as I would have otherwise. Thank you.
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    WAS will hold 18.6% in Aviva Corp. (AVA) by purchasing Xtract's AVA shares in return for a new issue and options in WAS, to Xtract, if shareholders approve. Worth a look at the AVA chart rise since new management appointments lately! WAS will also acquire technologies held by Xtract, that have synergies with AVA's coal focus. Aviva Corp. has plans to build a 2 x 200 MW coal-fired power station near Eneabba in WA Mid West (yet to be approved) to produce regional base load power marketing to SWIS and the Mid West. AVA is looking at possibility to co-develop the power plant with a partner. AVA as well has interesting coal prospects in Botswana, with the focus on entering the power generation market. Eneabba Gas (ENB) is also a contender with plans for a power station for the Mid West, market focus leans to AVA atm. AVA stake may be a very significant asset for Wasabi Energy.
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    In reply to: diana on Sunday 01/07/07 08:41am See also cogema DOT com website - 15 Jun 07 - ann. re AREVA acquiring UraMin, offering US$7.75 per share! WME always said there was a high chance of new discoveries at Marenica, as much of it has sedimentary cover. So I take it the areas being revealed now by the radon survey, will be additional to the previous areas detailed in the historic resource.
  5. Mincor’s acquisition of GMM Pty Ltd is scheduled for completion on 1 July 2007. Payment of $68.5m will be paid from Mincor’s cash reserves. The nickel assets to be acquired include the producing Otter Juan Mine, and the McMahon and Durkin projects. The acquisition will bring added cash flows to MCR’s balance sheet, and strengthen Mincor’s position in the northern part of the Kambalda Dome. Mincor has set a production target of 20,000 tonnes per annum. The qtly will make a good read coming up.
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    In reply to: mme on Thursday 21/06/07 02:55pm That's good, mme! I didn't take Mel's hint at 5.1c! Luck to holders.
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    In a document “Energy Visions†addressed to Western Power, (11 Apr 07 - on the Net) Griffin Energy Pty Ltd. details just how crucial the construction of the 330 kW transmission line from Pinjar to Geraldton (that Griffin has argued long for), is to the progress of expansion in the Mid West Region of WA. Griffin stated that the region would need 300 MW power by 2012 – current supply 155 MW, and ADDED to this would be the power requirements of major industry at Oakajee (port, industrial estate). Construction of the 300 kW transmission line from Pinjar to Geraldton by 2010 would facilitate establishment of regional base load power – Enneabba Gas, Aviva Corp. the two mentioned in this regard, as well as wind farm proponents. On one side, rapidly expanding industry and enterprise generated by the private sector, on the other – a “regulatory regime†that slows progress. Let’s hope this line construction is fast-tracked. The incredible “window of opportunity†for Mid West development relies on it.
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    DMA is currently undertaking a seismic survey (6-week programme) at the Irwin River Coalfield, targeting Coal Seam Methane Gas. The coalfield is close to the region of Geraldton and Oakajee (20k n of Geraldton) in W.A. (DMA does not have rights to the coal itself, but to the gas.) DMA targets sales into Geraldton area if the coal seam methane prospect can be brought to commercialisation. Add to this Oakajee! In an announcement today of a JV between MMX and Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd, plans of a new infrastructure business - Oakajee Port and Infrastructure, were announced. The JV's proposals to build a port and harbour at Oakajee, railway, and iron ore mine, if progressed, depend on the development of infrastructure. A new power transmission line is planned to connect to the area by 2010. Coal seam methane gas is one of a range of options for production of electricity for the mid west region, others include coal, and wind power. (Wind farm at Geraldton.) (ENB has approval for gas-fired power station at Enneaba, AVA proposes a coal-fired power station.) Another note - DMA has a JV with Uranium International Ltd. a private company in which the MD Rita Brooks holds a major interest. This Company has plans to list with an IPO and will attain DMA’s Kunderong uranium prospect in W.A. Priority allocation of shares will go to Dynasty shareholders. (Qty, 30Apr07)
  9. In reply to: melanie on Monday 18/06/07 01:01pm That was Mel's patience I was talking about, Vegemite, just in case it was ambiguous. (See I talk to myself!)
  10. In reply to: wolverine on Monday 18/06/07 12:57pm Hi Claudia & Wolv I liked Jay's saying on another thread - stocks go up and down for no reason! Takes the worry out of it. Re that Harry Hindsight fellow, wolv, I know him well! MCR has good exploration upside, is profitable, cashed up, planning new mines, and its territory is the heart of Kambalda. It's got HH stumped.
  11. In reply to: vegemite on Sunday 17/06/07 07:29pm No negative sentiment at all, Vegemite, and most likely atrocious timing, (I have a talent for that), as development decision is just around the corner for Lucky Break, with positive news (expected) leading to commissioning of the operation, which will put Metallica in a new league. It felt a bit wobbly having too many paper profits on the board. Pangs already! PS I sold IGO for $1.50 so don't worry about the negs., just need to learn a little more patience. M. (Holding MCR MMX ENB AVA DMA WME)
  12. In reply to: vegemite on Friday 15/06/07 07:52pm Welcome, Vegemite. Have sold MLM, will peek in from the sidelines. M.
  13. Another 3,500 tonnes nickel per year, (MCR's share) for three years, as Carnilya Hill gets go-ahead - mine expected to commence Jan.08. $28m capital cost over life of mine, expects to generate cash $200m (before tax). Mincor's 5th new mine since 2001. MCR delighted with exploration success at CH, and enjoys good working relations with its JV partner View Resources. MCR expects exploration upside at Carnilya Hill. (Yawn)
  14. In reply to: Damon22 on Friday 01/06/07 12:39pm Haven't been near a computer for a few days, Damon, and read a snip in the Sat. paper! Your hot tip on the Low Market Cap big reserves thread would have been lucrative for anyone following up! Cheers to MLM'ers. M.
  15. An historic agreement has been signed between the traditional owners, the Wik and Wik Way peoples, and CHALCO, setting out terms for a 2-year feasibility study into a proposed bauxite mine on their traditional lands. with regard to the needs and aspirations of the Aurukun community. Metallica's 40% owned subsidiary, Cape Alumina, is holder of bauxite leases adjacent to those of CHALCO. That one of Cape Alumina's granted tenements (also following from an agreement with the Wik and Wik Way peoples) hosts a potential port site, is a coup for Cape Alumina, putting it in the "box seat".
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