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  1. Im confused by market reaction. The announcement was great unless im missing something. we see other stocks go up by stupid amounts because of agreements such as these....but MTR didnt move. i dont think you could say the price was already and announcement was already factored in....the price just didnt go up before! Oh well....as i said onto the next one.
  2. Great announcement. Interesting reaction by market....ie none! Oh well. Im out....was holding for a trade I thought was there. I was wrong. Onto the next one!
  3. Hi all, I spoke to the CEO of Meditech, Chris Carter, late last week about the ongoing negotiations MTR are in with a 3rd party to license their technology. He was reluctant to say to much and at times spoke in riddles but he was a very very nice and went through a few things with me. I am convinced that there will be an announcement before the new year, and in my opinion before christmas, re collaborative agreement for HyACT technology. I am a big fan of the technology, simply, it makes chemo-therapy more effective but without the side effects (or minimal). I expect to see things hang around the 32/33c mark until the announcement. MTR do things very well. It will not be leaked, you will not see the stock rise 50% prior the announcement and then drop afterwards. My personal opinion is the stock will reach highs of around 45-50c after the announcement. After this, who knows. Biotechs have a habit of drifting into nothing afterwards. Long term though, i believed this company is very good. However, short term I honestly believe there is a good trade available. I hold....although admit, would most likely sell after the announcement presuming the share price responded positively. This stock does not have a big following, but in my opinion has as much potential as most of these biotechs that get discussed every 5 minutes! Good luck all, might be worth a look. Cheers.
  4. Announced this morning. All sounds good. Expect announcement within 3-4 weeks re commercialisation deal. SP has looked stronger and stronger in recent days albeit still on smallish volume. Regards. SUCCESSFUL SHAREHOLDER PURCHASE PLAN AND COMPANY ACTIVITY UPDATE $6.8 million raised via $2 million SPP plus $4.8 million placement. Commercial discussions advance. Majority of patients recruited for the first stage of the Clinical Trial. Second stage of the Clinical Trial to commence early 2004 ________________________________________________________ SHAREHOLDER PURCHASE PLAN Meditech Research Limited (“MEDITECHâ€ÂÂÂÂÂ) (ASX: MTR) today announced that the Shareholder Purchase Plan (SPP) had successfully raised $2 million which, when added to the recent placement of $4.8 million, brings the total raised to $6.8 million. Meditech’s CEO, Chris Carter, said that the Company was “very pleased with the success of the SPP and wanted to thank participating Shareholders for their ongoing commitment and continued investment in Meditechâ€ÂÂÂÂÂ. This has placed the Company in a strong position to move forward and focus on: Development of its core technology, HyACTâ„¢ for oncology applications and the development of HyAPEâ„¢ - another product incorporating the Company’s core technology with an antifungal compound to treat systemic fungal infections; The early stage development of a range of novel carbohydrate therapeutics via its research collaboration with Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics, and; Maintenance and development of the Company’s Intellectual property portfolio and provision of working capital for ongoing operations of the Company. COMMMERCILISATION DISCUSSIONS On 28th October 2003 the Company announced that it was in advanced discussions with an international biotechnology company with the intention of entering into a collaborative development and licensing deal. These discussions have continued to progress well and the Board remains confident that a deal will be completed in the near future. CLINICAL TRIALS The majority of the Patients have been recruited for the first part of the HyCAMPâ„¢ Clinical Trial. It is expected that this part of the trial will be completed in early 2004. Meditech’s Research and Development Director, Dr Tracey Brown said that; “the Trial is progressing very satisfactorily and as a result there will be an immediate follow-on with the second stage of the Trial that will see a further 60 patients with advanced colon cancer recruited for treatmentâ€ÂÂÂÂÂ.
  5. looking good today...albeit on low volume still. buying patterns just changing slightly in last couple of days. Still not big buying so not suggesting anything, maybe a few small buyers trying predict whats near. i hold with great confidence.
  6. nkarp


    im not a fan of this stock at all... but suggestion from ppl who watch it closely is that the sp was being capped bcos of this raising and now that raising has been annouunced, at 11.5 apparently, it might be able to run a little. wouldnt touch this one though.
  7. nkarp


    In reponse to a private message i got... they have been halted again now because the ASX queried something in the annonouncement made and i guess they need a little time to prepare a response. Unfortunately holders shouldnt expect another crack announcement! I do not hold.
  8. Was listening to Derryn Hinch (dunno why) on way home from work yesterday and he was talking to a man in England (maybe a doc...missed it) and they were discussing how big a problem TB had become there and that the government had announced it was committing $25m towards it and finding a solution to thier 'epidemic'. Apparently it had been brought into the country by the large amount immigrants coming into the country in recent times and now it cant be gotten rid of. Anyway, thought that maybe relevant to CST.
  9. nkarp


    MOD looks like a good buy at these levels. Previous announcement certain imply that there is substantially more to come. I will be looking to buy shortly but am happy with what I have now. After MTR does the job for me shortly (i hope!) I will look to take a position in this company. Definately worth reading through their profile and latest announcements. Cheers.
  10. Wouldnt PBL have an interest in every casino in Australia if they purchased TAH? It's a massive outlay for them. Would put a hold on the Burswood rumour thats for sure.
  11. So far so boring.....but trying to be patient. Can someone please tell me they have heard good things even it's a lie! Just to make me feel better! I have a lot of faith in this company. Nick
  12. nkarp


    Don't know much about it but they are running big time today on the back of what seems a very important contract for their company. Big by their standards. Might be worth having a look at. I dont hold.
  13. oops, i just posted something on a new topic that should of gone here. can u move it in here?! cant be bother writing it again. instant messaging would be great! ----------------------------------- http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/ph34r.gif DONE BY ADMIN http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/ph34r.gif
  14. It can be annoying when you post new information on a share that it gets grouped with a post that started 2 weeks prior. Having to scroll down through all the old and already read information. Why cant there be different posts for the same share? Maybe limit to one a day or something....
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