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  1. Where's this DFS? I held through the recent market hissy fit and confident we've seen the last of the 5 and 6 cent range so long as the DFS comes soon.
  2. console


    and now its back to 2.2c again. OBJ won't go anywhere until they give us some $$ numbers and real timelines. When they do it will be fun...
  3. oh - I got excited... 20c exercise price might have been nice leverage
  4. Hi guys - Its been a while since I looked at SLA. Looks to be turning. Can I ask what is the option code that people are talking about. Thanks
  5. After holding for so long it seems to be a habit to check this forum each day
  6. I've been hearing that for years !! But you might be right and I'll buy back if it gets cheap enough
  7. Thats why they should release a proper press release. Not just rely on people making stuff up from asx releases.
  8. I agree. This wasn't wrong information due to wishful thinking, this was a deliberate play on words. I really feel uncomfortable with that. Will keep SLA on my watch list and buy back if sales really happen.
  9. I'm out for a loss to save my capital. Lies in announcements was the reason.
  10. Not only does that means sales decreased but also they are doctoring announcements with carefully worded sentences. I'll still hold but no way I'm buying more.
  11. A simple press release doesn't cost much to drum up business. Once they have a good case study plus a website to buy Ropren from, they could submit the story to BusinessWire or something similar. Hundreds of news and health sites would then reproduce it.
  12. Some sellers getting impatient this afternoon...
  13. console


    just buy more and average down I doubt it will be six months before the next move up. OBJ tend to be unpredictable and surprise..
  14. JORC just announced so hopefully some action today
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