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  1. wow! now thats a boat! You can just feel the excitment in that picture. Then again... i did hear about a boat that had a submarine docking bay and two helicopter pads soo..... i guess that puts things in perspective
  2. I am thinking of buying a book on self managed super. I found this old book club topic for "Self Managed Superannuation Fund Handbook, a practical guide to starting and managing" http://www.sharescene.com/index.php?showtopic=9575 The book is probably a bit old now. Anyone know of any better (newer?) guides / books that are worth buying? Any suggestions appreciated :-)
  3. Anyone have any opinions on GFTforex.com.au (currently advertising on ShareScene)? I'm curious as to popular opinion.
  4. Just wondering.... are there any other people out there who love the idea / smell / taste / culture / everything of coffee.... but is SUPER sensitive to any cafeine. Even decafe coffee has too much caffeine for me (they remove most, but not all). As Im sure many would agree.... pretty frustrating. Anyone gone through similar experiences and found a solution? Strange thing is I can drink a few cans of coke and I dont get the dizzy / blurry / confused feeling I get from coffee.
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  6. Hi all, I strongly reccomend you all to visit http://www.techeblog.com/ Its a simply amazing site, with strange, curious and almost unbelievable stories about gadgets and technologies. Hope you enjoy the link :-)
  7. My post below mainly talked about the social network part of your question. I forgot to mention more about the trading tools, software etc. Your best bet is to look around ShareScene and see what people talk about, with regard to software, brokers, tools etc. Here are the two forums that will have the topics you are looking for: Investment Discussion Forum http://www.sharescene.com/index.php?showforum=38 Off Topic Chat http://www.sharescene.com/index.php?showforum=20 Hope that gets you going in the right direction. Cheers
  8. Hey renai42. Very interesting question you pose. I've been around on ShareScene for quite a while so I hope I can offer some insights. One of my favourite topics (thus the size of this post) is the role of 'the wisdom of crowds' for information gathering, processing and decision making. One thing that I have found time and time again in my research is that the most efficient information processing is performed by a group of contributors with a diverse set of experiences who are abile to share their opinions without overpowering and abusing the opinions of others. In my view, ShareScene (in stark contrast to that other site you mentioned) is just that. ShareScene really is one of a kind, in that its members encourage and enjoy differing opinions to be discussed... as opposed to believing that any view other than their own is dangerous. Amongst the 13,500 investors on ShareScene.com there is a great diversity in trading styles as well as research / analytical methods. Throughout our community there are countless combinations of tools, software, trading rules and systems, beliefs and interest. But there is one common aspect that combines all the 13,500 intelligent, information hungry, highly analytical members of ShareScene: they have discovered the power of working as a team on ShareScene.com and use it every day in their trading. The key difference between ShareScene.com and practically all other websites, newsletters and tools (which usually promote one belief or one method) is that the ShareScene encourages and respects diversity of opinion. Varying views are discussed openly and intelligently in a friendly and professional way, resulting in the best information result possible. Ask 100 people how many marbles are in a jar and the average number from the varied crowd will always be better than the guess of any one expert. The reason why the ShareScene.com community is of such great value is that all the different trading systems of its members have become merged into one HIGHER LEVEL information processing organism. Yes, I said organism. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/graduated.gif Some laugh when I describe ShareScene.com as a living, thinking organism, yet I can't help smile when in the same breath they comment on the market's mood today, or mention how 'the market' is responding in a certain way. The 13,500 individual traders that make up ShareScene.com combine their knowledge, beliefs and experience through a common platform. Just like the individual neurones that make up a human brain, each ShareScene member is a small part of a greater whole. Alone they are small, but linked together into a structured network, amazing things start to occur. The union of ShareScene's members really is a living, thinking being that is highly proficient at processing a wide variety of information and stimuli and increasing the information's value through 'the wisdom of crowds'. Now let me throw another spanner in the works. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif ShareScene's members are some of the most influential movers and shakers in the retail investor demographic. They are respected for their intelligence and experience in both the online AND OFFLINE worlds. Many members trade quite significant portfolios, and when you factor in that thousands of these key 'opinion leaders' use ShareScene religiously for hours every trading day, you can start to see the affect ShareScene can have to CREATE the market as it is each day. One aspect that has always interested me is ShareScene's uncanny power to PRE-EMPT / PREDICT the market. Some say "predicting the market is impossible". But when you look at it, 'the market' is simply a crowd of traders who's changing opinions and feelings drive a company's value UP or DOWN. Anyone watching the market depth and price movements of a stock is seeing the AFTER-EFFECTS of an opinion being acted on. Anyone reading ShareScene is watching OPINONS BEING FORMED by opinion leaders in real time. By reading ShareScene have the opportunity to see the discussion that finally results in a trader opening their brokerage platform and putting in a real bid into the market. The only way to predict the market is the capture MARKET SENTIMENT before it ever occurs on the market. Reading ShareScene helps information gatherers to see the true investor sentiment before their trade is made. Any price or bid change on the market is instantly outdated information as soon as it occurs. Those who solely rely on market scanners and analysers are always going to lag behind slightly, as they are basing their research on the after effects of changing opinion, rather than catching the wave before it starts to swell. I am a believer in that power of ShareScene as an information processor and trading tool, and could go on and on. If any of the above needs clarification or you would like me to expand further, it would be my pleasure. It is great to see such important questions being asked. It is the power of ShareScene that connected your question with my possible “answerâ€ÂÂÂÂÂ. I look forward to reading other people’s opinions so I can learn and further refine my experience. Nice to meet you renai and welcome to the community.
  9. There was some interesting super discussion in the ShareScene book club.... around a new book about super that just came out. Talk about CFDs and super etc check it out http://www.sharescene.com/index.php?showtopic=9575 but best to reply in this topic (unless you want to chat about the book itself). Cola
  10. I dont think Educated Investor has the book avaliable online yet. You wil lhave to buy it direct via Jown Wiley. Go to http://www.johnwiley.com.au/trade/engine.j...3=9780731404926 and click ADD TO CART. Hope this works.
  11. Similar to "The Little Book of Common Sense Investing" this book is obviously not targetted to Australians. But what I have learned from this book "A Random Walk Down Wall Street" is that the lessons that occur overseas are (pretty much) exactly applicable here in Australia. The key thing to mention with this book is it isnt an "academic theoretical how to text book". This is a commentary on REAL LIFE history, looking at real examples like the tech boom. It does take you through some theory (Dow, Efficient Market, Life Cycle) but its always looking at history and real current examples and showing how they apply. To be honest, I didnt "love this book" but I dont regret buying it. It was too American for me (mutual funds, US indicies, US tax) but thats not to say I didnt learn some good things. This book is NOT reccomended for early investors. It is perfect for share trading history buffs, and people who enjoy reading an almost "biographical" look at wall street. Best for people with 5+ years of investing experience who just want to broaden their horizons. If you are looking for a HOW TO book this is not it. If you are the kind of person who has read "Reminiscenses of a Stock Operators" you will LOVE THIS.
  12. ok, I have to get something off my chest before I start with the review... I really dont like the small size and hard cover format of this book. Its not comfortable in my hands, and hard to hold. but on the other hand... it really is a quick, practical GEM full of advice that makes you go "huh.. why hadn't I thought of that already". In my opinion, its targetted more at the investor who has already been trading for 5+ years, and wants to supplement their education with some "interesting points". Its by no means a comprehensive book. It just covers some interesting and very valuable tidbits. One thing I didnt like about it, is its obviously not an Australian book (its US) and talk alot about things that arent so relevant here, like bonds and American indicies. I wouldnt say its a book for US people only. Its an international appeal book. But certainly not for Australians who are just starting investing. I would say this book is a big thumbs up for experienced investors + investment book lovers.... but I would advise very early investors to consider other books such as "Share Investing For Dummies" or "Bullseye Top Trader Thinking". In short, a GEM if you want to expand your already solid knowledge.
  13. Good to see ShareScene.com mentioned as one of the reccomended internet websites to check out if you are starting trading! I've always loved the style of the "for dummies" range. Really, theres nothing "low level" about it, it has real solid top level concepts. The key difference with these books is its set out so well. I love the tips, and the definitions, and the examples. Its like being back at school (only less whispering and messing around). The book really takes you through the concepts nice and easy and makes sure you get the points. Very little "expert academic" language. Share Investing for dummies covers practically every topic you could ask for. At 490 pages, its not a small book, but then again the font size is a bit bigger than normal, which is easy on the eyes. My only negative comment is that it spends too much time on derivatives (I dont think people new to investing should even try to think about these) and not enough time on tax. I just love this book.... Share Investing for Dummies and "Bullseye top trader thinking" are the perfect combination to give to any investor with 3 years or less experience, or anyone willing to make sure their education and life goals are on the mark. On the cover it says "your plain english guide to success on the sharemarket" and this book is just that. Its great content (some things ive never read or heard of before, completely new) in a great format. Well done James Dunn! Keep up the good work.
  14. great to hear back from you oversold. I also found the coverage of LICs and ETF to be interesting. They are a fantastic instrument for some who want to diversify, and for some even better if you trade them on margin (with special management so you dont hurt yourself due to lack of liquidity). I really agree, this book is useful even for those without children. The concept of "saving" and investing for a PURPOSE is the main key of this book. Maybe it is a holiday. Maybe it is for a new house. Maybe it is for retirement. Me personally, my "children" that I am saving for isnt a real child (not yet at least!) but financial stability and having a safety reserve. but yes..... this book does beg the question (but it isnt the right book to answer it) should we be giving such large amounts of money to our kids!? I guess that is a question of parenting choice, but I would have to say No it isnt wise. Money needs to be earnt to understand the value, and you learn so much on your journey in aiming for weath. What do others think about this? Do you think its a good idea to give your kids $1 million in a lump sum?
  15. Its interesting that you say that Jesse Livermore's life could be turned into a movie. I couldnt agree more. Has anyone seen Persuit of Happiness... I know there is only a small finance link there, but something of that theme would definitely work. His life truely is inpirational! What a complex man!
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