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    I have been away from Sharescene for about 9 months. Had a number of serious health issues that saw me having 7 weeks in South Korea earlier this year. Health OK now. Also just about lost my shirt on my resource stocks particularly the IGR/ASLR thingie. Very painful. I've been topping up my NEN holdings over recent days. Looking forward to feedback from tomorrow's AGM in Perth. The key question is what is the SP going to do up until spud or even just before it hits the pay zone. My guess is 48c. A successful outcome should see us in the $1.30 region with more to come when the oil prospect is drilled. Any thoughts on these possible outcomes?
  2. Marsupial


    Pura Vida has turned on fire last few day. Was up over 100% on IPO price today. Good broker report out.
  3. Marsupial


    Hi Folks. I've been away from SS for at least 6 months. Also sold down my NEN to a token holding early in 2011. Not a good idea as it turned out. However, I've started re-building a decent stake as the risk: reward ratio is now outstanding.
  4. Marsupial


    Di. I'm still holding a swag full of IGR. Plenty of upside to come. Just read the AGM preso now out. Just spent two days with 800 others at an excellent Gold Symposium in Sydney. Top international and Aussie speakers were united in POG escalation to significantly higher levels. Gold equities will come into their own when their cash grows as POG increases. More and more people are buying bullion (including me). People don't trust ETF's as there is evidence that each tenth of an ounce backs more than one tenth. I'm 60% into gold equities, but will move to 20% bullion over next 6 months. My other gold plays are NGM; NCM; ABU with PNA opening their new Gold plant in early 2012.
  5. Marsupial


    Last day or two interesting. Good to see instos snapping up stock from weak hands. I have been a sizeable BOW holder since it started. However, I sold all my holding last week. This was after I had a face to face with one of the people involved in BOW: Arrow negotiations. This suggested to me that the chances of a higher bid were less than I deemed acceptable. Particularly, as I had a number of cap raisings to be involved in which offered 50% minimum upside in 4 months. Good luck to all holders.
  6. Marsupial


    Number of shares on issue not a big deal. Company can do stock consolidation any time they like. I believe IGR have 54kOz still to deliver into hedge at A$1360. I'm sure their directors are trying to close out hedge asap. Gold producers will all be re-rated in coming months. IGR should benefit from this more than most of their peers. I'm close to buying more. New drill results soon. Bear in mind gold buying season starts now: usually very strong in Sept to Nov period.
  7. I dipped back into TLS yesterday. Only with a modest sum. Still got lots in cash. Capital preservation important
  8. Marsupial


    Replying to you and Flowers. The Australian article included Havilah Resources on the list. Forgotten the others. Paper is in recycling bin. Went to Canary Resources Gold Day last week. It was supported by BGF Equities. Ben Klein from BHF gave an excellent gold presp. They have just finished a new Gold Review it covrts 20 emerging producers and Producers. It is very, very good. It picks IGR as its preferred producer in > 90kOz/a to 150kOz/a range. I'm a client of BGF, but email Ben KLein at ben.klein@bgfequities.com . IGR had big group visit Salt Creek yesterday.
  9. Marsupial


    In James Dunn's column in Australian today, IGR is listed as takeover target.
  10. Marsupial


    Went to Gold Day today which was supported by BGF Equities. They expect the POG to strengthen this year and see the gap between gold equities and POG to narrow or start to track each other closely as was the case last year. IGR were the last of 8 companies to present. Rowan Johnson, their Ops Director filled in for CC who was tied up in WA. We have had drill results; reserve upgrade and today the quarterly plus today's 25 minute preso by RJ. On Sunday CC are hosting a group of Diggers and Dealers delegates at the mine. CC is presenting next Wednesday. They also have an IGR golf tournament on Saturday. The plant upgrade is essentially complete and they hope to fire up the new plant this Saturday. Initially they will run lower grade ore through the plant whilst they optimise its running. This plant upgrade should see the facility easily do 100kOz Au per annum, which is no more than they have done year to date annualised using about 4g/t ore. (I assume if they are able to process, say 3.6 g/t ore for the next 12 months, they will far exceed the 100kOz in the next 12 months). The Q4 UG trial mining is a pretty important steep. RJ filled me in as to how they will do it, possible outputs; tonnages; etc. It might take nine months or more before they have a good handle on the trial mining. They continue to spend heavily on converting resources to reserves and on their newish priority one targets. They have a good RAB program running at Siro at Aldiss right now. A geo friend of mine found the IGR, the pick of the 8 presos today.
  11. Some interesting selections, but what were they thinking when they issued contracts last month. Talk about paying people for not playing.
  12. I think YTC has a strong future. Going up to Cobar for site visit in September. They are drilling in elephant country.
  13. I hold and will top up again on any weakness. Charlie Atkins of Bell Potter is a very big fan. POssible doubling of SP in 12 months.
  14. Marsupial


    Patience the SP WILL respond soon We will have quarterly later this week plus Sydney preso at Canary Gold Day on Wednesday. (I'll be there). CC presenting on day 1 of D & D in Kalgoorlie. POG is strong. So up goes the IGR SP.
  15. Marsupial


    I think reserve upgrade will be out before quarterly. So early next week should see reserve data out. I don't think it will particularly excite the market, but another quarters financials might.
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