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    Back in black I hit the sack I've been too long I'm glad to be back...
  2. I thought there might be a little bit more excitement here upon the latest announcement and subsequent spike in share price..
  3. still here, still holding, still positive...
  4. In reply to: gliontos on Tuesday 08/07/08 04:17pm I read a report a while ago that showed that listed nanotech companies that didn't have reference to nanotechnology in their names performed better than those that did... sorry can't provide link... would like to know how they came up with Antaria
  5. In reply to: gliontos on Saturday 26/04/08 12:38am this news is a week old but hasn't been mentioned here... ADVANCED NANOTECHNOLOGY LIMITED COMPLETES FIRST MAJOR ZINCLEAR®-IM SHIPMENT TO DOW AMERCHOL Advanced Nanotechnology Limited today announced the completion of its first major commercial shipment of ZinClear®-IM to Amerchol, a business of The Dow Chemical Company, under the recently announced distribution agreement. This order was shipped from the Company's Western Australian facility in full and on time. Last month, Dow (via its Amerchol business) became Advanced Nano's exclusive marketer and distributor within North and Latin America for Advanced Nano's patent-pending ZinClear®-IM products. This multi-year, renewable distribution agreement provides personal care customers with a leading-edge sun care technology combined with the technical and marketing resources of Dow to ensure formulation, technical and logistics support. Since becoming Advanced Nano's distributor in April 2008, Dow has purchased US$329,000 worth of ZinClear®-IM, and paid the US$650,000 working capital deposit as per the agreement. Thibaut Mortier, General Manager at Advanced Nano, said, "We are delighted at the support and commitment demonstrated by Dow in the North American and Latin American markets. Dow is providing the critical marketing and technical support required by customers to maximize ZinClear®-IM potential in their formulations. ZinClear®-IM, used in beach wear, daily wear and colour cosmetics formulations, greatly increases skin protection from both UVA and UVB rays. ZinClear®-IM combines the safety and broad spectrum UV absorption properties of zinc oxide with superior transparency and improved aesthetic benefits.
  6. here's one for K1 even though he's left the building... http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/gove...st=MostReadHome
  7. Nice to come back from holiday to some great news and upswing in the sp. I guess the US$650,000 capital advance will be elaborated upon in the next quarterly...
  8. In reply to: gliontos on Monday 24/03/08 12:17am I'm happy to speculate...major announcement within the next couple of weeks... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
  9. escobar


    QUOTE (rumour @ Friday 01/02/08 06:49pm) trading halt for strategic review = gone...
  10. In reply to: gliontos on Wednesday 27/02/08 07:22pm Excellent summary as usual Gliontos. Still excited by this company and management is top notch. Would be nice though if they did more PR via ASX - such as protective coatings for electronic equipment, first sale of AI pearl, establishment of offices in Singapore and manafacturing plant in US etc. Good to hear ceramics get a mention again as that area could be massive.. Looking forward to an announcement regarding the major global players... All good in my book...
  11. In reply to: gliontos on Tuesday 26/02/08 09:41pm Hi gliontos, it is unusual for a company that is normally very diligent with their reporting - especially since they've got good results to highlight from the quarter. Likewise I've been wondering whether there is more significant news about to be anounced...
  12. In reply to: gliontos on Sunday 06/01/08 08:27pm It's been a bit quiet from the Co of late. Would have thought at least a quarterly activities report would be out, highlighting an increase of sales of 60% on the previous quarter...
  13. escobar


    have dipped my toe in the water cheers all
  14. escobar


    In reply to: radd on Sunday 13/01/08 02:29pm Hi radd Here's the news you were looking for... http://newsstore.fairfax.com.au/apps/previ...803298GRK&f=pdf some pretty cheap options available at the moment if yr game...
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